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There isn't anything too complicated here, it's a nice watermelon candy with a kiss of cherry.

MB Red Cherry is pretty amazing, it doesn't have any of the weirdness that most cherries have. It's not a black cherry, it's a sweet red cherry as described in it's name. It does have some candy properties, but it will work well in a juice or anything else that calls for a bright cherry. Best of all there's no medicinal qualities. If you're a fan of cherry, you should definitely have this.

The watermelon is simple enough, the new CAP watermelon candy reminds me of watermelon bubble gum on it's own. I don't exactly want the gum, just that candied watermelon it does well. Adding some PUR watermelon helps push that candied note further to the top.

The TFA strawberry here doesn't lend any flavor. It's only used to help drive the candy home and give that cherry a boost. It helps the cherry linger on the back end of the vape so this is what remains after the exhale.

Its solid right after the shake, but I always prefer at least an overnight steep. The sweetener isn't mandatory, but it's a candy profile so I highly suggest some. FW at 1% was perfect for me.

With the weather changing and the holidays not too far off, I wanted to start working on some seasonal recipes. The first that was on my mind was a nice spiced vanilla cream.
As much as I love custards, I didn't want to go down that road, I wanted something different. What I envisioned was a creamy vanilla, and just kissed with a bit of spiced. Like if you were to take a thick vanilla icing and add a holiday spice blend to it, and after working on different bases, I was able to create one that gave me what I wanted.

Bavarian Cream & Vanilla Pudding:
Really make a nice thick base for this to set on with a that plays right into the profile.

French vanilla deluxe:
If you're ever looking for a rich vanilla that can punch through a heavy base, I suggest trying it in your next recipe. It's not that vanilla TFA uses in other flavors like VBIC or swirl, it's different and perfect in something like this where you want a vanilla to stand out while adding a thickness...that isn't a custards.

VT Buttercream Frosting:
This is a wonderful flavor, and at 1.5% I was able to get the flavor out of it to blend with the cream base. There's room to go higher, but I wanted to keep it even with the next star of this, and that's the Milk & Honey. These together add such a great element to this mix. You get that Frosting note I was looking for and a sweet richness that goes well with the cream.
Now this all by itself is honestly very good and could be an ADV for me... however, I wanted spiced vanilla cream.

FLV Eggnog
The easiest part of creating this was which spice to use. FLV does spices better than anyone, and eggnog is no exception. It's not crazy potent like clove or rich cinnamon and 1% here gives me a smooth spice kissed vanilla cream. It doesn't turn this into an eggnog by any means, so don't think that at all. I used my vanillas and creams carefully so this didn't happen. There's no egg, we only got the spices from it here and it's delicious!

Sweeten to taste. I mix with 1% FW sweetener but you can adjust. I do suggest a little for the profile though.

Let it set for at least 5-7 days, it allows the creams get in place and the spice to smooth out and warm up.

I hope anyone that mixes this enjoys it as much as I've been

Here's a nice flavorful blackberry lemonade. This lemonade base can be used with other fruits, just respect the balance and have fun playing with it. I used it here with blackberry because I like the depth a dark berry gives to something bright like a lemonade.
The FW blackberry at 1.5% is more than enough to add that sweet, mashed up blackberry flavor. This is one of my favorite blackberries. It can be a bit candied if used higher, but I used a touch of Forest Fruit here to add a bit of complexity and keep that candy note in check.
This 3 lemon combo is so good. CAP Lemon Sicily helps drive the lemon. It's not tart and whispy like FA (although I do like FA too) and it has more staying power. You could use something like FE lemon here to do the same thing.
The FLV & VT lemonade as a team make the perfect duo for a lemonade. I could have went simple and used FW lemonade at 6% or LA, or even PUR which has a solid lemonade...but none of these by themselves gives me what I wanted. This combo has a nice brightness, and the flavor is undeniably lemonade. It's not lemon juice, or lemon's lemonade with no off notes and no harshness. Also, this won't cloud up your juice.

*Add 0.25-0.5% WS-23 for a nice chill.

Give this a shot, and don't be afraid to try different fruits to throw in there. Have fun with it! It's good off a shake but even better the next day.

I wanted to do something tropical, and while going back through my notes I came across INW Cocopilada. The first thing I had written down was "very nice tropical blend of pineapple and coconut, reminiscent of a Pina Colada." Then right below that I had notes on INW Cherimoya which is a lovely flavor that screams tropical so I figured this was a perfect fit for what I was shooting for. There's notes of banana and pineapple in this, with a creamy richness most fruits just don't have.
For me, a mix has to be more than just a good flavor. It needs to match that profile when you actually vape it. Something like this I picture it as being thickened up from the banana, so I needed to build the body up a little more. Plus I like a dense satisfying vape!
TPA Banana Cream actually does a good job of this, and at 2.5% it gives this a nice richness and helps accent the banana notes I get in Cherimoya already.
Now, the only thing left to do is to sweeten up the coconut note and find a contrasting pineapple so it can stand out a bit more. I used TFA coconut candy only because it was a sweeter type coconut. That candied coconut helps it show up better in this mix. I tried a couple versions with FLV coconut and sweet coconut, but TFA just worked better for what I was going for.
FLV pineapple here was a pretty simple call. At 1% there's zero throat hit, and it adds a hint of tartness that helps stand up against the thicker banana. CAP golden pineapple is too sweet and it lacks bright top notes. When the majority of the fruits are base notes, I needed that pineapple to be bright so I didn't get buried.
This mix came out beautifully! It checked all my mandatory boxes to qualify as an ADV. From flavor to mouth feel this has it all.
You could add 1% of VT Light Rum if you want to give it a banana kissed pina colada vibe which is what I'm vaping right now and it's damn good. Or you could try adding your preferred coolant if you want to chill it, this works well there too.
This wasn't an overly complicated profile, but to get the body I wanted as well as getting certain notes to contrast one another was a bit tricky. It was fun to do though and all the testers were good.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I have been, I'm due to mix another bottle now.
You can S&V this, there's no harshness or anything but I find it hits the best balance after about 3 days. Banana Cream usually needs a few days to settle down for me and get in it's position

FLV avocado isn't exactly a realistic avocado, but they did a very good job capturing that fatty thickness you get from an avocado. The reality is an avocado isn't packed with a ton of flavor to begin with. You get more of the actual taste as it lingers rather than when you vape it, but none the less this is the closest to avocado out of the others I've tried. This flavoring is actually fairly strong and can be used lower depending what you're doing, I liked it most in this at 0.75% to stand up to the creams. It needed to separate itself rather than just thicken things up, which you can also use this for lower at around 0.25%.
I initially created this using VTA creamy avocado because I had it first, and while that was also very good, this was more in line with the actual flavor. The VTA offering is also nice and fatty, but I get a heavier nutty banana like note from it. FLV also has a bit of this going on but not as much. I like the VTA offering a lot as a sub, but it's completely different from this even though it's very good in here as well. If that's all you have, throw it in at 1.5% for a really good recipe of it's own.

This is a nice rich ice cream base to go along with that fatty avocado. It will need a good 4-5 days for the buttery note in the creams to tone down and let the coconut come out a bit more.
The coconut is a nice and sweet layer that lays in here underneath all that thick goodness. I know this is an odd profile, but I can tell you it's very good and I can't get enough of it.
If you like thick creamy mixes this is right up your alley.


Yep, the 90's are back baby

Remember all those great kool-aid flavors growing up as a kid. This is was one that I liked a lot, but haven't thought of until a friend mentioned it. I went out and got a few packs to see if I could get a recipe out of it, and here it is.
This isn't anything fancy, it's a simple 3 fruit profile but they were made for each other. Once I figured out the actual drink, it was just a matter of finding the right combo of orange and strawberry...then hitting the correct balance.
The orange sits on top and blends with the strawberry through the vape with a light banana note on the back. It's a nice juicy mix that's full of flavor. Creating a fruit body isn't always an easy task, you can end up with a thin recipe that's all top notes. The banana cream helps solve that by creating a nice base for the others to sit on and the juicy strawberry adding a wonderful dose of moisture that wets your mouth. If you liked this kool-aid, or love a good fruit mix I suggest giving this a shot. It's well balanced and you can taste each layer individually.
You can S&V this one, but I find a solid 24-48 steep gives the banana time to get in it's role and the orange will tone down a bit.

Enjoy 😋

This is a simple profile that jumped out at me after testing TFA cherry extract. This flavor is definitely on the weaker side. I had to push it up to 5% just to get that light accent I was looking for. I could have gone higher, it
didn't get weird or anything, but I didn't want it in the front. I wanted there to be a kiss of cherry sweetness, and with sharper citrus flavors I needed it at 5%. Once I started to play with different lime layers to hit the notes I was looking for, what I found was limes by themselves can be a bit thin and hard to use as a base. This is where the JF juicy lemon comes in. This gives that lime layers something to set on, and at the same time filling out the mix with a nice juicy vibe. This isn't a sharp lemon like you'd get from something like FA Sicily. It's a sweet, juicy lemon that as a stand alone has a nice mouth feel and solid body for a citrus. At 2% I can steal those characteristics without pushing too much lemon into the recipe. And why not, a little lemon plays perfect with a sharp lime.
Now the lime combo I settled on was from FLV, and while you can get away with subbing out the lime wedge for FA lime cold pressed at 1.5% and still being tasty, the FLV lime at 0.5% is needed. It has a candied lime note that pulls that sharp lime wedge back a little bit and rounds that layer out. At 0.75% that lime wedge is a boss and demands some attention. The sweetener helps push the profile and you'll need a little, but feel free to adjust. I like mine a little sweeter so I use 1% FW.
This is super simple, but it's well balanced and hits what I was looking for. So if you want a cherry kissed juicy lime with a full body...mix this up.
You can S&V this (I do) but it's best after 2 days. It gives the sharp lime time to fall in it's place and that lemon move further back.
I'm not crazy about coolants, but feel free to drop you're preferred additive in here to really hit that profile


This is a baked custard filled pie that's wrapped in a sugar cookies rather than a pie crust. I got the concept from the holiday pie they sell at McDonald's. It's nothing fancy, but damn is it good. That new custard is pretty much CAP V1 but without the sharp vanilla. If you sub it out here, this will still be good but it's not close to the same thing. The actual pie isn't full of vanilla, it's just an egg custard with sugar cookie and that's why this FA premium works wonderful in this mix. It fills out the INW and takes that dryness it has out and leaves you with a rich egg custard with a full body and buttery back note. If you like custard you need this new custard for sure


This is essentially a chocolate custard style dessert with a caramel sauce. It's not a thick caramel, but more of a brown sugar and butter mixture type sauce.
The custard base here is a combo of both CAP and INW. The INW is more of a realistic egg custard that's true to the dessert. I add the CAP here to lend that buttery note that it incorporates with that rich vanilla. This worked better than trying to add TFA or CAP butter in this mix. That butter note lends to authenticity of the caramel sauce.
FLV Cream helps build on the cream note, but it also works to blend the custard and the chocolate.
JF milk chocolate and HS Australian make a great pairing here. If you have the OG INW feel free to sub that for the JF but the new version doesn't work. The buttery note that's in CAP custard also helps the milk chocolate here. JF milk chocolate is pretty good but it needs some sort of fatty richness to help cream it out if that makes sense, and that's what happens here. The HS gives it a little darkness to the chocolate layer so it's a bakers chocolate and not a Hershey bar.
Overall this is a very decadent mix. It has a balanced creamy custard note with a nice chocolate and caramel back note. If you like chocolate or custard then you need to give this a shot. Best of all it you don't have to wait weeks, I've vaped it after just 3 days but it's blended at it's best after 5 days. I've gone through 3-30ml bottles of this so I figured I'd share it with the world. Enjoy!

This mix was adapted from Adam Biondo's "My vanilla custard" submitted in the first DIY or DIE comp and was a final 3 contender. I don't know how to link the recipe, but definitely check his out. I didn't have to do too much to it so he definitely gets the credit. I see a lot of people asking for custard recipes so I wanted to share this. His mix was what turned me onto this profile. It just needed some changes to better fit what I wanted.
If you don't have the Cream Charlotte you can just leave it out, it's good either way. I like it because it helps push that dense bakery note and has a rich quality I haven't found in another flavoring, it's one of a kind...and no doubt loaded with DA/AP.
I vape this mix more than anything else and I'm constantly tweaking it is why I never released it. The CAP graham cracker with the butter pecan adds perfect dimension to this and can't be subbed. The original uses TPA brown sugar at .75% but I prefer that dark note that this needs from FLV Milk & Honey...brown sugar can be obtrusive. Don't be afraid to play with this, or any recipe you like. That's why we DIY, to get exactly what we want. If you love custards and bakeries as much as me, I suggest you get cream Charlotte. Mix this up my custard's seriously amazing!
The FW yellow cake can be subbed for JF if you don't want to use it.
As with all heavy mixes, they get better with time. I actually like this a lot at one week, but if you can push it 2+ weeks you'll love it even more.

User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is a very good strawberry vape. Strawberry is one of my favorite profiles and I'm seriously digging this. It's a well balanced recipe...great job!
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is one that I just can't stay away from. You knocked this one out of the park. Anyone that has taken an interest in viewing it should do themselves a favor and mix a 60 up. It's earned a spot in my rotation. The Guanabana is perfect in this, very well done JBird...take pride in this one!
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Very well balanced and full of flavor. The tartness and sweetness are layered together perfect to enhance the experience of vaping this. I have to point out that this has the best white chocolate flavor I've had in a mix. Anything I make that has white in it, this is now my go-to combo. Awesome job!!
User: Gachatay Score: 4 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Very good recipe and extremely accurate to the description. The only thing keeping this from a 5 star for me is the amount of sucralose. I know it's minor but I don't have the option to give it a 4.25 and I try to be as Fair as possible so I had to go with a 4. I find in mixes that have an overall minimal flavoring percentage (which is completely fine), the sucralose needs to match it or I can actually taste the sucralose and it's a bit distracting. I did mix this again with only .20% super sweet and it got rid of that off note and I'm loving this mix. I'm excited to see more mixers using HS creams, I feel they don't get enough love... they're so rich and some of the best IMO. Great work as always Wayne, I thoroughly enjoy your work my friend, and this is no exception.
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
You did an amazing job with this. It's easily the best sweet potato/pumpkin recipe I've had and for that you get 5 stars. Pumpkin pie isn't a simple profile, but then you turned it into a sweet potato pie which is one of my favorites. Nice Job!!
User: Gachatay Score: 4 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is a well balanced mix. I just finished my 15ml tester and it's time to give my thoughts. I want to start with the vape experience. This has some nice volume to it. It's rich and full, the mouth feel has a nice dense almost chewy quality that is important to the profile. The zeppola that's in FA wow does a great job of blending with the CAP glazed doughnut and hiding that play-doh flavor so what you're left with is a nice sweet doughnut and no off notes. So if anyone reading this is concerned about that, no need to worry here as long as you let it steep the recommended 5 days. The strawberry combo was the right choice and is one of my personal favorites to use. The cream is binding this mix well, it was a good choice here as it's helping separate the strawberry from the doughnut so you're left with a filled doughnut and not a strawberry cake type doughnut. The only thing for me personally I would change is the CAP CDS. I completely understand why it was used, it does a great job of filling this out and that pastry note is great in this, but the cinnamon is a bit distracting from the profile. For the most part it's hidden but I can still pick it up. I'm not saying that it's bad, I actually enjoy that bit of depth it gives. It just pulls me away a bit from that clear distinction of a strawberry filled doughnut. All in all this is a great recipe and I'm really enjoying it. I'm glad this is the one you suggested, and if anyone likes a doughnut vape I'd recommend they give this one a try. An easy 4/5 for me.
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
I actually forgot I had this mixed, I knew it needed a bit so I put it in the back of my drawer. This is based on an 18 day steep. The Tahitian vanilla is a darker vanilla (by taste not color) and WF did an excellent job with this flavoring. You get the robust dark notes that I haven't found in any other vanilla creams and it works so well here. The blueberry combo here was interesting, you get that blueberry glave from FW with a brighter note from FLV that makes a pretty damn good blueberry for creams and I can see this doing well in bakeries too. It's sitting nicely in here and isn't your average top note blueberry. I'm getting some nice texture from the crumble base with a slight touch of coconut just to keep things interesting. I really love what you did here, I have another 30ml steeping, my tester never stood a chance. Best believe I'll be playing with this blueberry layer tonight to see how it goes in my cake base. As always, great job bud!! Look forward to the next one
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Nice job with this mix. I wasn't really sure at first on that banana combo, and while I do get a slight banana candy the buttery notes from the biscuit and VBIC work well to smooth that over. The use of toffee ice cream here is what sparked my curiosity and I'm glad I gave this a try. Its a great flavoring and that toffee really fits in here quite well. You definitely hit the profile...well done! I'm gonna have to try that banana combo more often now, thanks for sharing.
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
For a mix on the fly this turned out to be really good. I tried it after 3 weeks and it has a rich, dark sweetness, with a hint of cinnamon, and a good waffle body. The sugar cookie does a nice job filling that Belgian waffle out. The flavor is pretty accurate, you did a great job. There's a slight dryness to this, but it's not overbearing and to be honest if it didn't have it you would lose that bit of snap it has. I'm curious to see how this will do in an ice cream base next. Solid job!!
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
This is a good recipe. The bakery layer in this complements the blackberry really well. The sugar cookie gives it a nice body, with the biscuit and graham cracker turning it into that baked oatmeal sort of note. It's also adds texture which is important here because cobbler has a nice crunch to it. The brown sugar helps give the bakery a nice baked dimension as well when it comes to the flavor. For the blackberry, this is a perfect combo. TFA blackberry in my opinion is perfect in bakery's, but it can go floral if used too high. At 1% and just a touch of FW BB it sits on top and has a good jammy quality. I do feel the biscuit is a bit too high, it kind of overpowers the sugar cookie. That's just my personal opinion, but even at 1.5% it still has a wonderful flavor and spot on texture. Anyone that likes blackberry and bakeries will enjoy this.
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Another great recipe from a great mixer. I always know it's gonna be good when I mix one of your recipes and this was no exception. The FW ice cream with HS was a good call, it brings a nice dairy note but doesn't have all the butter that TFA or LB comes with which I think would have weighed the fruit in this mix. Sugar cookie adds enough bakery to bring out the cobbler in the FW concentrate. I got the wild berry cobbler specifically to mix this and I'm glad I did, it's a great flavor. Awesome job my dude!! I'm mixing another 30ml now
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I'm really liking this. It's the first time I tried VTA Blueberry Jam and I gotta say it might be my new favorite BB. Paired up with the FLV really sells that baked quality and sits nicely in the back. The cream hear is thick with a light buttery note and some vanilla sprinkled in. This isn't a complex mix, it's just what it says...a blueberry cream, but it's balanced well and done right. Easily in the top 3 of the best BB cream mixes I've had. Definitely mixing this again. Great job!
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Let me start with saying, I've never had this drink, nor have I ever had Applejack so I can comment on how close this is. What I can say, is that it's another different mix from concrete that turned out really good. I'm getting a really nice distinct brandy, with a sweet tartness of the pomegranate & lime that all plays perfect together behind that cider. What I appreciate about this, is how two flavors are pushed to the brink where they begin to get weird, but did it on purpose and pulled it off. I never thought I'd use FLV cider at 1%, but here it is and that funk plays right into that liquid amber. At first I thought with having the lime at 3% that it was going to be overwhelming, but it's not even a little bit. Somehow the amber and cider bogged it down it's the back with the pomegranate and at the same time keeping separation. So is this an ADV for me? No, but it's a very interesting mix that tastes very good. I don't drink every day either but sometimes I enjoy sipping on a brandy and I can liken this to that. If you like the profile, it can easily be an ADV for you. It's a great flavor, has nice body and is pleasant to vape. I will come back to this multiple times throughout the winter though, it is a great play on a nontraditional holiday mix. My favorite thing about it is how well it was crafted and not with common flavors to get there. It's a work of art, great job Rick.
User: Gachatay Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
First off, I've never had a tart like this so I can't comment on the authenticity of the profile. I can say though that the description does a good job of explaining what the flavor is. I spent a day vaping this to understand it, so now for my thoughts...I'll start with the tart: The combo of Apple pie, biscuit, and zeppola does well here. Normally zeppola can be rather polarizing for me and demands attention from other parts of a recipe it doesn't do that at all in this. What I get is a baked, flakey pastry crust sitting on the back. It's nice and has a solid butter note that's backed by the butter from premium custard & Devon cream. The custard: Premium custard is just amazing, it's buttery, rich, full, and just plain magic. The DC and creamy custard in this adds depth and a dairy note that I'm picking up. The creamy custard does have a banana note but mixed with the bright top notes of the raspberry and the rich base of the custard it's a little tricky to find, but it's there if you look for it. I'd imagine in a tart like this it would be the same exact way so we'll done with the balance. FA coconut isn't an overwhelming coconut, but with the coconut note in zeppola along with this it sits there in the back with the crust and pokes it's head out on the tail end of the exhale. The raspberry: I never tried VTA raspberry jam until now. I've had it, but haven't got to testing it yet. I'm familiar with everything else in this mix so I was really curious to see what it would do here with the raspberry sweet. It definitely has a jammy quality as described in the name, with a slightly floral edge. Not floral like a flower, but similar to what a real raspberry tastes like. The raspberry here sits firmly on the top, it's bright but jammy and sells itself easily as the raspberry topping. Overall this is a lovely recipe, it's we'll balanced, well thought out, and I'll for sure mix this again. Thanks Nick!
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