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Mixer's club July 2020

JULY THEME: Minimalism with a Message

here we have 3 ingredients, each impactful to a mix in their own right.

FLV Guanabana comes damn close to being a one shot on its own

FLV Sweet Coconut is here to really lean into the coconut vibe buried in Guanabana and push the idea of tropical

INW Pitaya bends nearly everything it touches to its will. It is a wholly distinct flavor that almost cannot be ignored once it finds its way into a mix.

Combining these 3 it is my hope that guanabana and pitaya are battling it out for supremacy on the palate while the coconut acts as a base upon which the battle can be waged. The premise is simple, the mix is simple, the flavor is (hopefully) complex.


Some might say that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, others refuse to acknowledge that. What I believe to be indisputable however, is that Die Hard’s antagonist Hans Gruber planned nearly every detail of his heist perfectly. What detail did Gruber fail to account for? Lunch.

When you’re hungry, you’re distracted, and when you’re distracted you make mistakes. Gruber was no exception. Underestimating John McClane might be something we all chalked up to hubris. Then again, it could just as easily have been that Gruber was trying to expedite things as his stomach protested the long day at Nakatomi Plaza. Gruber needed to pack himself a lunch, and what is the single most American lunch he could have packed to further solidify his claim that he was a hostage and not, in fact, the leader of the criminals who had stormed the plaza? Peanut butter and jelly. That’s right. I submit that the key to preventing the Die Hard franchise from making it past the first installment was little more than a quaint sandwich that could have helped sell Gruber’s claim that he was an american, and further prevented him from making non-trivial mistakes that cost him his escape in the end. This… is that sandwich.

So lets break down the actual recipe, yeah?

Okay, so there are 3 things I was absolutely certain of going into this one: PB DX, Concord Grape w/ Stevia, and INW Grape(s) would be core to success here.

I was absolutely certain from the minute that I tasted CAP Concord Grape that the Concord grape and Grape(s) would be enough to sell grape jam authentically. A light touch of FW Sweetener really helps push the sugary sweet jam aspect and separate it from the other two elements.

Peanut Butter:
TFA's Peanut Butter DX is still, in my opinion, the gold standard for Peanut Butter flavors, and in this case it needed a little help from FW Hazelnut to help it remain present, and FLV Beer nuts to add a touch of salt and to help it stand up separately from the jam and bread.

Plain ass white bread, this should be simple, right? This was honestly where I struggled more than anything else. I came to the conclusion that WF Croissant would be too dry and flakey on its own, a little too authentic to an actual croissant. So I needed to make it a little chewier, a little gummy. FLV Starch base brings the croissant back down from its high horse and turns it into a much more authentic bread rather than pastry.

I'm calling for a 7 day steep, but I can't say I feel it needs the extra time, if you're impatient it's good right off the shake but it should fully come into its own in the course of a week.


Mixer's Club Oct/Nov 2020 Find an old recipe and update it

I took my own Blue Eyes White Dragon and took some two and a half years of mixing knowledge, and access to some 500+ more flavors than I had when I created the original and decided that there were exactly 2 aspects that could not be removed. INW Pitaya and WS-23. I didn't touch the Pitaya, 1.5% is perfect to give it all the pitaya weirdness without it taking over the entire recipe by force. I did reduce the cooling by 1/2 though, in part because I acknowledge others will be trying this and not everyone wants their "cold" to be bracing and in part because I didn't want to bury any of the flavors that I used.

With that in mind, I chose to stay with the inherent weirdness of the original when swapping things around. That made Hangsen blueberry the natural choice, ironically for its utterly unnatural "electric" blueberry flavor. That is paired with the fairly recently released FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe which is, by all accounts, fantastic. In this case I feel like it sorta tamps down the inherent weirdness of Hangsen's offering, but that's not, strictly, a bad thing.

The peaches I went with here are JF Honey peach, because it's fucking brilliant, and CAP juicy peach because it is nominally very similar to TFA peach juicy, but more importantly because it's all sorts of fakey peach rings without much body.

A simple premise, perhaps nominally more grandiose than it should be, but I feel like this is a respectable "re-imagining" of the original.


Took the base from DAAPled pears, swapped the fruit around to dark berries. @UnappreciatedRobot has asked me to make this public, so... here it is.


Mixers club: March 2020. The ice cream man @eyemakepizza is about to be a father. To toast this, I've mixed a blue "milk".

What fun would it be if we made a straight forward blueberry cream? It has to be more than that. So I chose to go for a less common fruit (the pun didn't hurt). But then I was stuck, do I really want to just have a milk or cream base under this gooey boysenberry? Absolutely not. So while staying in the spirit of milk I choose to do a horchata.

The recipe is pretty straightforward,

FLV boysenberry is delicious and pairing it with PUR boysenberry preserves helps push it a little sweeter, and give it a little more if the syrupy feel I wanted.

The horchata is a balancing act
FLV horchata bring a nice layer of both the cinnamon and rice flavors, but I felt that reinforcing it a bit with the rich cinnamon to stand up to the boysenberries and the rice base to help mitigate fading was prudent. TFA's Bavarian cream was chosen for the relatively neutral vanilla and just a little bit of DAAP-y creaminess.

Special shout out to @rainbowdragon for helping with the art(okay, that's selling her efforts short, she did all the work) in this month's series of MC recipes

Mixers club: March 2020. The ice cream man @eyemakepizza is about to be a father. To toast this, I've mixed a pink "milk".

Pink here is a true amalgamation of flavors. INW cherry and INW shisha strawberry are both syrupy by nature, and the FA red touch is helping reinforce the strawberry to stand up along side the cherry. Pushing past that CAP sweet guava helps crank this otherwise pedestrian fruit combo into an oddly tasty medley of red fruits.

Pudding in this case is pretty cut and dry with FLV vanilla pudding and INW custard sharing the duties while FLV smooth vanilla helps cut through the fruit with a sweet soft vanilla.

Special shout out to @rainbowdragon for helping with the art(okay, that's selling her efforts short, she did all the work) in this month's series of MC recipes.


Mixers club: March 2020. The ice cream man @eyemakepizza is about to be a father. To toast this, I've mixed a green "milk".

It's a monster alright? Neither a blue or a pink recipe. The pun wrote itself (okay, that's a lie. @nowar wrote it), and the cream base is ripped right out of DAAPled pears.

TFA honeydew is delightful if a bit pervasive, it's almost hard to keep this fruit down to a manageable level to let anything else shine through.

TFA key lime is basically candy lime, green jello type flavor. Distinctly green but different enough that it sweetens the mix and stands outside of the shadow of the honeydew.

FA Aurora is sharp, like lime zest sharp. In this instance something that can really make itself known and fight that bully honeydew to a stalemate was necessary. It was important for the sake of contrast to find something that would stand side by side with the honeydew without clashing.

Special shout out to @rainbowdragon for helping with the art(okay, that's selling her efforts short, she did all the work) in this month's series of MC recipes


I wanted to capture as much of a peaceful morning as I could in one go. Coffee, some sweet tobacco, something just a little nutty, and enough maple to really hammer home the morning time nature of the whole endeavor.

VT Caffe Latte is impressively functional for coffee to start, and doesn't need a whole lot of help there. It doesn't read as though there's as much milk here as a Latte would imply, but that's perfectly alright in this instance.

FLV Tatanka and FLV Red Burley are an unreasonably complementary pairing in my opinion. The sort of well rounded tobacco base you can build in a lot of different directions. it's a little sweet and has enough body to it that it doesn't get buried in everything else going on here.

TFA Pralines and Cream is adding some nuttiness, some body, and a little more sweetness

TFA Maple syrup is the icing on the cake here to me. It is just the concentrated flavor of the major brand "maple flavored syrup"s, the little bit here goes a long way to make sure this mix doesn't get mired in the coffee and tobacco's lack of sweetness and adds just enough maple to come through and make things a little more interesting.


This sort of came together as a bit of blind experimentation.

I've been on an unapologetic tobacco kick for a bit now, and I've really been riding Tatanka as an anchor point for myself with those mixes. It's sorta sweet and plays well with others, which had made it extremely forgiving to tie it into recipes.

Red Burley is just such a mutable base that it felt like the "right" place to go to tie in with the tatanka tobacco in an agreeable way.

Connecticut shade is an odd duck to me, there's a ton of depth there, but every time I use it, I feel like I've gotta take a leap of faith with it because the smell totally hides how tasty it can be when used to accent a mix.

With that, the horchata was chosen to help add the cinnamon spice notes and a touch of body in tandem with the magic that is sweet coconut, which was chosen for both the flavor and the density of it. I wanted a bit of weight to the mix along with that sweet coconut flavor.

Finally FLV smooth vanilla acts as something of a bridge between the tobaccos and the coconut-horchata mixture.


Pretty simple premise.

@ID10-T charged us with making a recipe that recalls a memory of a past Autumn. I have been working in kitchens for most of my life, and I love to play around with food. Last Autumn I made a bread pudding for work that included a whiskey flambeed green apple compote. I loved this dessert when I made it, and may yet make it again ahead of Thanksgiving.

Anyhow, this is my attempt at recreating this in an eliquid.

FE french toast and FA zeppola make up the bulk of the "bread" in my bread pudding. Conveniently the French toast brings along some extra spices, sweetness, and eggs.

FLV eggnog is helping in two ways, it is broadening the custard, but it is more importantly doubling down on the spices needed to sell the Autumnal bread pudding.

INW custard has one job here, and it's really straight forward, make sure the body of the custard is rich enough to stand up to the bread, apples, and whiskey.

FW hazelnut is just helping normalize the bready notes

PUR country apple is cooked apples, and absolutely necessary here. It has the sweetness you'd look for along with the "cooked" apples rather than something like FA Fuji which tastes much more "raw".

TFA Kentucky bourbon carries the flavor I want and doesn't have the bite you'd get from FLV bourbon, which is perfect for this application. Cooking with booze, especially flambeed the flavor remains but none of the alcoholic bite.

I've only had time to give this a shake and vape test, so I'm gambling a bit here but if this stays close to the shake and vape flavor without falling apart it should be a nice easy Autumn vape.

User: Foment_life Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is the first tobacco recipe I ever actually enjoyed. It is very true to a Djarum black. The only thing it is really missing is the ash. Honestly I don't know that missing that is really a bad thing, but given the inspiration it is the only real criticism I think I can leave for this recipe. This is potent enough to use in a pod, but not overpowering or lacking in balance when used for direct lung
User: Foment_life Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
It's creamy, it's sweet, there's vanilla, and there's cinnamon. It's firing on all cylinders in those regards. Something is just a little off about the "churro". I can tell there's something approximating the churro here, but it isn't quite clicking for me. might be that the texture isn't distinct from the ice cream, sorta like you found a little orphaned bit of churro in the bottom of the dish that's been sitting under the ice cream for 15 minutes and is fully saturated with ice creamy goodness. There's nothing here I actually dislike, and now I kinda want a churro. That's probably a good sign
User: Foment_life Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is really good, like unreasonably close to Hawaiian punch, good. I get something sorta chemical-ish up front, somewhere close to the vaguely plastic taste of some store brand Hawaiian punches. I feel that is likely tied into the cherry, but it's hard to say exactly. However, that little abnormal bite blends into the actual body of the main profile in a manner that is very forgivable. I enjoy this overall, I don't totally understand how you got here, but the more I look at the recipe, the more it feels like it all makes sense. Cherries, pineapple, peach, guava... it's all at least logically in the vicinity of the flavor you were aiming for. The only other possible point of critique I might have is that while the flavor is right where I want it, the mouth feel seems off somehow, a little too dry, like there might still be a bit of undissolved powder in the punch bowl and each vape is like getting the last sip of your cup where the powder settled. All in all, the flavor is really on point here and the complaints sound way worse than they are.
User: Foment_life Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
I dig what you've done on a broad scale, you've taken 3 things that have absolutely no business being together and made something that is at the very least palatable. I'm conflicted though about it, because I feel like I want "more". More white chocolate, more dirty tobacco-y stuff, this for me feels like the pineapple took the wheel and never let go leaving the VT Love and HHG RY4 to hang out in support but without a whole lot of room to shine. I feel like their contribution is primarily in the textural side of the recipe and less on the actual flavor. Making for a relatively sharp, yet somehow creamy, pineapple with hints of caramel and vanilla that linger on the palate but don't assert themselves until the pineapple has finally cleared out. I'd love to see a somewhat more robust version of this concept that allows all 3 elements their time in the sun, though I fear that the more balance that comes to the recipe, the less it will work in practice.
User: Foment_life Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
So, above all here, the Lychee is cutting through the mix. I can see where the rose is happening, and the cream is clear, but a bit subdued here. It's not off in any way really, but a little less of a fully formed ice cream, and more of a heavy, not-as-yet set cream. The light, delicate and floral flavors here are sitting rather comfortably in the cream here. I can absolutely see how the floral and the fruit flavors are intermingling to make a delightfully rich, yet delicate combination of flavors. I can't see this being something I want to vape every day, but something I enjoy on occasion, this is excellent.
User: Foment_life Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
Tested on: Vandy Vape Paradox Single 6 wrap 2x26/36 3mm ID fused clapton 65w There’s a bit of runts here, but not in a *bad* way. It’s definitely creamy, and it’s definitely a banana, but it’s not quite a natural banana. It is at the same time really enjoyable. It’s sort of like you took a ton of those fake banana candies and blended them into a DQ blizzard or equivalent milkshake kind of thing. I don’t really get anything super eggy here, but it is a weighty cream with some very sweet banana candy hanging out as well. All in all it’s enjoyable if not the very most accurate banana recipe I’ve ever tried. I believe the culprit here is the TFA banana cream, which I say having also pushed it fairly high in recipe. I still dig it, and I totally get why the INW custard is here, but I feel like you could probably adjust the recipe to live more on something like the VT banana custard and perhaps SA banana flambe with a more complex custard-y base to really get to a fully authentic banana pudding/banana custard type recipe. All in all for 3 ingredients meant to steep basically 0 days this accomplishes the job and it is enjoyable. This feels near what I’d expect a commercial banana custard to be, just short on a lot of sweetener. I dig it and I could see throwing it together again in a pinch if I wanted something for a day or two with no steep. For the stated purpose of bananas, heavy custard/cream and no waiting, it’s very good, but I think a bit of patience and a little more work could really elevate this into an absolute “nana cream” killer.
User: Foment_life Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I definitely understand why you've named it as such, though I don't quite get the separation you claim. The berry is jammy up front, but it has a means of carrying through the entire vape, and the lemon sharpness comes in right at the fore though the flavor itself doesn't exactly appear until the back end. It's sort of like a slightly sharp berry jam that reveals that there's a nice little bit of sharp citrus underneath as you exhale, This is right up my alley in the way it plays off its own weirdness and manages to stay interesting the whole time. I really dig what you've done here.
User: Foment_life Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Midnight I'm really enjoying this. It's very much coconut and honeysuckle forward, the vanilla ice cream business is really acting as a base much moreso than it is acting as its own fully defined element. It really is to the benefit of the recipe though, there's very little need for a more defined cream or vanilla note to make this work. I know you were taking aim at Apothecary's spin on this profile to an extent, and I honestly think you've bested it having tried that one back when it came to market. I rather enjoy what's happened here with all of the sweet and floral elements in a very nice harmony. For a "new beginning" this is a more than commendable effort. Taking a little of what you are familiar with, the trinity ice cream, to allow you to build something wholly new is a brilliant starting block for this recipe, the 3 piece coconut mixture is in a nice balance to avoid dominating the mix outright but is potent enough to take center stage. The honeysuckle is really doing a very nice job cutting through the mix as well. I might like to see the creaminess of the whole recipe elevated just slightly, though I don't know quite how I'd accomplish such between adjusting the ice cream trio up by a small amount or adjusting the coconut trifecta to allow the sweet coconut's creaminess to push it a bit further. This is a really solid recipe. Thank you for sharing
User: Foment_life Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
It’s definitely pink, it’s definitely funky. The guava here is sharp, and I think that’s really what the milk is bringing to the table. Tempering that sharpness is the majority of how I know it’s there. I like this, I can’t exactly pin down much about it other than the guava though. The mouthfeel is very much sharper on the inhale than the exhale, which is really where the taste of the milk is coming through more than anything. Taking a peek at the recipe, either there’s room to push the creams up a bit for balance’s sake, or my tongue is broken from the sheer amount of creams I’ve vaped over the past 6 weeks.In either case, it makes sense. I might like to see how much that French vanilla ice cream can be pushed to give it something of a malted milk feel if I were to really try to change something here. I like the way this kind of comes at you in two phases, with the fruit predominant up front and the cream sort of pushing it aside on the exhale. I sort of see this as a jumping off point. One more component to bridge the gap one way or the other could push this into something I could vape all day.
User: Foment_life Score: 4 Entered: about 1 year ago
I’m definitely getting the cherry across here, “lime” might be a bit too strong a declaration. This is certainly a citrus mix but I feel like whatever’s being used to build it is falling a bit to the generic middle ground between lemon and lime. It’s still tasty, the cherry is a bit inauthentic, kind of a cheap cherry syrup more so than anything else. If ever you’ve had the mio cherry limeade, it’s somewhere close to there overall. The biggest thing that I cannot pin down is what the twist is. Is it a twist of lemon? Is there a tiny touch of cream of some kind here? It feels like there might be a touch more body to it than I’d expected but I don’t get any vanilla or a meaningful amount of DAAPyness here. Okay, so there’s condensed milk hiding in the background along with the bubbliness of the citrus soda. Now, I get why this is a twist, and I am impressed with how it plays, adding body without really forcing a “cream” note. The citrus base here is good as a mixed citrus, but the lime doesn’t dominate it enough to read “limeade” to me. It feels almost closer to a slightly too tart shirley temple kind of thing to me. Maybe it’s the bubbly aspect that really throws me for a loop there in a limeade but the lemon you’ve got here is distinctive, and makes it feel like it’s balanced much more so than that it’s inherently lime and using a little lemon to fill in the base. This could be a matter of the steeping time driving the lime down harder than the lemon though. I can’t speak to how it was in the first week. Overall, I’m probably being too harsh on the lime portion because it really is pretty darn good, I might look to re-build the cherry somehow but it does generally work quite well in its current format.
User: Foment_life Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
From the very first rip on this it’s a brilliant melange of spice and bakery. It’s not terribly sweet, more like a spiced bread, or a near-savory cookie to me. The cardamom and tobacco are distinctive and definitely carry the recipe as a whole The hazelnuts and cream and the caramel butter would be something I would have feared might make this too wet, but I’m not seeing that as an issue here. I really love how much this tastes like a lightly sweetened spice bread, the tobacco isn’t overpowering, this isn’t a “tobacco” recipe. This is a recipe that just so happens to use a tobacco for the spice notes inherent to it. This is a spectacular recipe, such that there’s not really much I can say about it. There’s really so much good stuff going on that tearing it apart to figure out exactly how and why everything works almost feels like doing a disservice to this recipe. It’s brilliant. It’s not my typical profile by any means, but dammit if it isn’t a great recipe. You’ve got me at a loss for words here doggo.
User: Foment_life Score: 5 Entered: 7 days ago
This is an unreasonably decadent butterscotch. The sugar cookie isn't fighting to the forefront by any means but it's helping to break up the monotony enough to make this incredibly enjoyable. I could see this butterscotch combination being really portable which is an added bonus.
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