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Brown Sugar Bourbon and Almond Ice Creams, folded together with chunks of Ripe Cherries and Toasted Almonds.

Inspired by a real life Ice Cream, not a direct recreation, as I have never personally tried B&J's Punch Line. Looks great though lol.

Anyway, here, LB is the base ice cream note. WF almond custard lies in here to boose the creams with an almond note, giving us the almond ice cream, and then wf aged bourbon cream and flv caramel give us the brown sugar bourbon ice cream notes. Simple, yet deep layering with great flavors.

Marzipan FA is here to act as a sort of bridge between almond and cherry. SSA Ripe Cherry gives us our little nibbles of sweet, authentic, maraschino cherries. And CAP toasted almond gives us exactly what you would think.

This recipe took some slight % adjusting to get everything to play at the levels that i wanted them to play at, but overall, i am quite happy with these results!

as always, sweetener is subjective, but here fw plays a solid role in keeping things authentically sweet yet not overly so as with super sweet would.


Butterscotch Cream Soda!! Or, Butterbeer!

Pretty simple layers here, fw butterscotch ripple and fa butterscotch paired together is a wonderful combo, and here i deepen that with the wf milk caramel candy.

Ooo cream soda is, in my opinion, more of a soda than vta creaming soda, but has that more bitter carbonated vibe, and vta is soda Creamy Vanilla, but both of them together is a match made in heaven, bolstering each other. And flv cotton candy here boosts the caramelization notes from both the butterscotch and the cream soda.

This doesn't necessarily need sweetener but if you did .5% ss should be plenty

Those little Debbie Vanilla white cakes with Creamy insides.

Fluffy white cake and rf sugar cookie make up my cake base here, rf sugar cookie is a more "cakey" cookie, like a cupcake, so here it fits very nicely.

For the cream notes i used vta sweet cream and vta love. The white chocolate notes in love arent too prevalent, but love acts as a nice bridge between the cream layer and the frosting layer, working both ways. Flv frosting and fa oba oba make up the shiny outter coating of this treat, and everything on this just adds to the whole vanilla aspect of things.

Steep this for a week for best results, 3 days minimum.

A chocolate and mint pudding pie with chocolate cookie pie crust :)

Wanted to take a different spin on this vs the usually mint chip ice cream.

With credit to ID10T for the inspiration, this needed a soda push.

I give you cherry lemon lime soda (akin to 7up)

This is so tastey and saturated and juicy idc if you snv it just mix this up

Ooohhh is this yummy.

I have an awesome all FLV eggnog stone, which is eggnog, cream, m.vanilla and p.spice, makes for a spiced, creamy, dilicious vape, but here we're gonna darken and richen this with flv caramel and butterscotch, and booze it up with some bourbon, like i always do at home ;)

The fun thing about this recipe?? Make it sweeter if you want by adding flv sweetness at .5%, or leave it as is (the caramel adds some already). Want this warmer?? Add .2 flv heat. Want it colder? .2 flv ice.

Boozier? Bump bourbon to .5% (it'll be real boozy there)
Spicier?? Bump Pumpkin Spice to .75%
Creamier? Take cream to 1%

This recipe is so easily tinkered with, making it a big winner in my book.

Tested on a pixie drop with some sort of clapton with a .32ohm at 50w. I did not add sweetener to this because it is delicious without it. However you may feel that a little bit of sweetener helps coat your mouth with flavor. But flv caramel is essentially brown sugar and butterscotch and marsh vanilla are already sweeter flavors so. It isnt necessary here :)


Got Cap CDS, wf angel cake and fw yellow cake as my base for this delectable dessert. Cap cds at 3% was just SLIGHTLY unbalanced and cinnamon foward over coffee so i dropped it just a smidge. You can bump it back to 3% if you want though and it tastes amaazing! I changed my mind 3% is perfect.

My coffee layer here is wf roasted pecans and cream, and at 3% for that flavor it bring a really good roasted coffee note, bolstered by wf smooth cappuccino cream (both are very dark flavors, this juice isn't light by any means)

And for my creamy cheesy layer we combined fa custard premium at 1.5% with wf mascarpone 1% and that just wasnt shinning through so we bump em up each a bit and we landed where we are at time of public release.

If you like what i do please mix and review!!!
Love yall

always sweeten subjectively

this IS a cotton killer after about a day lol but worth it

this was mixed live on Fresh03's channel on Saturday 9/5/20, on ELR it is called Martha Washington's Great Cake.

off the shake this is very good. that SLIGHT anise from nonnas cake plays so well with the bourbon, which is very light, like you cooked with it, and the fruits. It darkens them like they've been cooked...The fruit is lighter than the cake note. And there is definitely a solid nutty note as well. Will be playing around with this more, but overall I am very impressed initially. Will also steep.

v2 boosts all fruits by .5%

This is very good off the shake but would suggest a few days for proper homogenization.

AS ALWAYS add sweetener to your subjective persuasion

WHAT WE HAVE HERE, is A HYUCKIN HYOGURT lol or, as someone who isn't Goofy would say....A ..huckleberry yogurt.

I've turned Huckleberry up to 5 here to really play along with the creams, BC adds some depth and darkness to the berry. Huckleberry is like a mix between blackberry and blueberry.

For the yogurt base we take WF frozen yogurt which is creamy and just slightly tangy enough, and pair it with FW yogurt which isnt tangy at all but so DAAPy and delicious, so to get some more of that tang out we add in a smidge of FLV greek yogurt. Some shisha vanilla to smooth it all together into something i would imagine would be sold on shelves.

A vanilla yogurt infused with dark huckleberrys.

Enjoy! Probably my favorite yogurt recipe so far.

I used tpa v custard II in version 1 at 1.5% and felt that detracted from the profile too much. Inw shisha vanilla is a great supportive creamy vanilla without the intensity of the profile of tpa vcII lol


tested this on a pixie rda fused clapton idk what core .35ohm at 48w


Layering in sweet, juicy pineapples with tart grapefruit, and adding a touch of pixie stick candy and fizzy sherbs to put a lovely spin on this.


This is great as a SnV. But always suggest an overnight steep.


As always i add .3-.5% cap ss, about 1 or 2 drops per 10ml, and am testing on a pixie drop with a fused clapton .35


User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
This is very tastey pip! That passionfruit really plays a part next to the pineapple and its for sure a fizzy drink its yummy thanks for this one
User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
I fuckin love this after a few days it all comes together soooo good wayne you done did it again. I get the banana in the back i get the citrus and the cream and the cereal notes. I love when a recipe like this is soooo good.
User: EyeM2sRus Score: None Entered: 8 months ago
Man looks great, can i use key lime pie?? Tpa?? Imma do it anyway. See you soon!
User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This just looks AWESOME
User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
I saw Dave's review and couldnt resist mixing this up. Granted i homogenized this, bit even with that a 2 day bloom brought this into a whole new appreciation for a deep, sticky, delicious vanilla custard with all the DAAP i could want. I mixed a 60ml of this and it was gone in those 2 or 3 days, something i rarely do. Top notch luke you killed it
User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: 10 days ago
This stuff is so good great job dude! Full, rich, sweet, utterly delicious.
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