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Bread (sweet):Fluffy White Cake, and glazed donut make up my donut base here. Sweet bread and flufdy white cake naking the base bakery, and glazed makes it a donut.

I add some buttercream frosting on top bolstered by some wf vanilla cream extra and flv frosting, and cover it with wf lemon orange rice candy which, to me, tastes/smells a LOT like fruity pebbles, but without any of the berry pebbles. So in comes fruit circles. I used FW here because it has less of a sharp citrus note than tpa, which i am already bringing with wf.

Give this a week so settle the sharper citrus notes and bring balance to the vanilla, buttercream, and bakery notes

I will be adding some CAP super sweet into this, probably around .3%, but as always sweeten to your individual tastes!

I used VSO blood orange, not FA

Off this you get a HEAVY delicious omg sugar cookie, with a sticky Orange Glaze, not a hard frosting. Ho boy this is yummy.

i add 1 drop cap ss per 10ml unless otherwise specified


A refreshingly unique blend. You get a darker cherry with some light floral notes, dunked right into a delicious southern sweet tea. Floral's are not overbearing and this is not medicinal as you would think. It is slightly floral so some may confuse the two, but this is a delicious vape!! I add 1 drop cap ss per 10ml, sweeten to your liking!!

This is good as a shake and vape but as always i recommend a short 3 day steep.

An apple jelly wrapped deeply with a thick, warm, eggy custard with LIGHT vanilla notes and nuance from the aged burbon cream.

As always sweeten to your desires.

I test on a hadaly .35ohm at 45w
1 drop cap ss per 10ml

Mixing this for a friend who wants the Grape Aloe puffbar flavoring for her subohm. I'm just assuming here that "eucalyptus" is close enough to aloe, as when i vaped her puff bar thats what i tasted. Inw eucalyptus and mint. And grape juice. Enjoy!

Easy all WonderFlavors Arnold Palmer, a Lemonade+Sweet Tea mixture that is sooo deliciously refreshing.

You could def add some ws23 to this to twist things up a notch!

Also flv lemonade subbed at 1% works wonderfully as well, per BubbasBrewz!

Samuel Thierstein you fucking asked for it...

Major Filth relaxed at last. He'd been in space with Colin his co pilot for six days and he'd been incredibly tense the whole time. Something had shifted in his psyche, it may have been the fact that he'd been able to hit a deep sleep for the first time the previous night, or it may have been the three skin space reefer Colin had convinced him to share, but he definitely felt more at ease. His trademark white spectacles pinched his nose and he removed them momentarily and giggled as they floated before him. Colin sidled up behind him and poked a finger through his flesh tunnel. Filth spun around angrily and was taken aback to see Colin wielding a tube of KY jelly and a hopeful look on his face...

;) Thanks Dean

A fluffy Pancake spread with Butter and mixed Berry Jam, melted under delectably sticky Maple Syrup.

1-2 weeks for the cake to come through and the syrup to soak into it. Very delicious.



Everyone is releasing a donut so here is mine that I've been working on.
Blackberry Ice Cream deep fried inside a puffy doughball of bready deliciousness. Dusted in powdered sugar. Deep fried btw. As all donuts should be you heathens.

Got some awesome ideas from recent donut recipes!! Shoutout to those mixers whos names i will search for and then credit lol. The pretzel dough works so well here as a yeasty dark note. The sweet bread is AHMAZING....VSO blackberry is otherworldly.

Give this about a week. Its rich and delicious. I sweeten with 1 drop cap ss per 10ml. As always, sweeten to your tastes.

Okay guyyyys, 3 day steep before test. What I'm getting is very good. An underlying flakey pastry, with a buttery, fudgy, chocolate icing that is very rich and somewhat milky.

I was right about egg yolk and buttermilk working magic with chocolates. This is a great vape.

I 1 drop of cap ss per 10ml

This is a tart and sour Blue Raspberry Lemonade.

With wf rhubarb and vta sour lemon this does give off real tartness and I'm loving it.

User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
This is very tastey pip! That passionfruit really plays a part next to the pineapple and its for sure a fizzy drink its yummy thanks for this one
User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
I fuckin love this after a few days it all comes together soooo good wayne you done did it again. I get the banana in the back i get the citrus and the cream and the cereal notes. I love when a recipe like this is soooo good.
User: EyeM2sRus Score: None Entered: 3 months ago
Man looks great, can i use key lime pie?? Tpa?? Imma do it anyway. See you soon!
User: EyeM2sRus Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
This just looks AWESOME
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