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This is my version of obsidian tweaked by the mastermind diyordie (Wayne). I personally get an off note with the flv cookie that the fa cookie doesn't have. I also use vanilla custard 2 because it's an amazing revamped custard. And last I just turn everything up slightly. This is my ADV and it's absolutely delicious. Thank you Wayne for all the inspiration and amazing recipes you put out.

This is a simple and delicious blue raspberry. The LB blue raspberry and the WF sour Blue Raspberry is a great combo. The WF boysenberry raspberry gives it that extra stickiness. I don't think I have seen a simple blue razz with this exact combo. Mix it up and tell me what you think.

This is a super simple Fruity rings cereal and vanilla ice cream. This is my first recipe that I am sharing. I took ideas from other recipes and simplified it. This turned out super good for my taste. Might need some steep time but off of the shake it's really good. Let me know what you think if you mix it up. Thanks!

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Just mixed this up and wow off the shake it's really good. I'm definitely going to let it sit for a couple of days though. Awesome recipe!
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