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Developed 2 Banger Challenge
Pushing the Boysenberry Raspberry def surprised me also with a nice steep time of the Lemon Tea it will comes out stronger after a weeks steep.
Crazy how simple it is to turn out to be a really good vape

Also can add 1.25 % Fa Polarblast for a nice cooling effect.

its very nice blue rasberry bubble gum with a nice bright blue raz taste.
live mixing with #Developed

This was made to help and mix along with the guys from #developed during there live stream for S'mores. This mix came out very nice and balanced for a hard profile. Enjoy this mix!

Developed WF challenge!!

Haoliyuan Chewy Strawberry Milk Candy

This creamy milky bold strawberry chews are to die for if have never had one its a must try.

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Original not even close harsh and dry and some of the flavors will not hold up in time. Not a bad recipe needs some work to smooth it out a bit but a good try.
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