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A lovely Peach vanilla mix, Peach is in front, vanilla cream in the back.

Sweeten to your liking.

Sweeten to your liking. This recipe will probably change sometime later (this will of course be reflected in the description when it happens), this is a recipe in progress.

If you really like it sweet, like commercial ejuice kind of sweet, don't be shy on the super sweet (1-1.5%). Add some koolada or WS-23 if you want the cooling effect, personally I like it better without it.

A sweet candy mix of banana, strawberry and bubblegum. Adjust the amount of sweetener to your own liking.

Add sweetener at your own liking. This is a simple Wonder Flavours recipe, with some marshmallow from Flavour Art for mouthfeel, moisture and sweetness.

Hope you like it

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I'm still waiting for a order with Mango Indian Special from FA, but subbed it with Mango from Flavorah in the meantime - and it turned out pretty good. Looking forward to my order gets here, and trying the recipe like it's supposed to be - will review it then.
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