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Just gotta have that cookie dough!!!

Very good cookie cream mix with flavorah cookie dough. Reminds me a little bit of an oatmeal cream pie and is very smooth

Fruit circles and royal orange go together well, fill in the rest to smooth it out and you have a perfect recipe for rollerblading...

This is a mild sweet tobacco that is very smooth but still has that satisfying tobacco feel. I've been messing with this profile for a while and its been difficult because a lot of tobacco flavors I've tried taste like green beans or have notes that don't pair well with my goal for this recipe. Also the majority of maple flavors I've tried taste like cardboard or are extremely harsh and unvapeable.
TPA Western is a flavor I've liked for a long time and i actually prefer it over RY4 double. it's a very hard flavor to describe, it doesn't have any real distinct characteristics but adds a mild "tobacco" flavor and has a bit of the same feel of RY4 without overdoing it. This flavor is best at low percentages paired with more pronounced flavors.
I just recently tried Soho and really like it as a mild tobacco that you can add pretty much any profile to and it will work. That's kinda what i like out of a tobacco flavor so it works perfectly for this recipe and my taste.
FA Maple syrup is by far the best maple flavor I've tried, and so far the only one i can stand to vape. I've tried a few others and although they all tastes great on the back of the hand, FA was the only one that doesn't tear my throat out.
I added the frosting to sweeten things up and toasted marshmallow blends it all together and adds those great toasted notes.
This is one of the most mild, smoothest tobaccos I've had but it still has that satisfying tobacco feel that keeps me interested in the profile. Enjoy.

It's where you go to enjoy your Apple Jacks.......and stuff......

I've been working on this recipe since the BB competition ended. Apple Jacks dry, it's just grain, frosting, and a little apple cinnamon finish. Most of my time on this recipe was spent trying to get the right type of grain. Corn flakes I've got down but there doesn't seem to be many flavors that have the oat/wheat profile that I get from a lot of cereals. For this cereal the JF biscuit and Fuji almost get it there but the biscuit needs help and the Fuji is too tart so I split the percentage 2:1 with double apple for more sweetness. If you want to up the apple stick to that ratio, but for authenticity I kept the apple subtle. The cinnamon at low % goes great with JF biscuit and just gives a light cinnamon aftertaste. I was stuck at about 80% on this recipe until I got Flv Frosting. This flavor adds that perfect sugar glaze. And surprisingly I replaced rice crunchies with apple pie and it added the extra boost I needed in the grain and is a lot more enjoyable to vape. If you like this cereal or just have a bunch of cds to use up (my original goal with this recipe) you should be all over this.... although it will take me 2.5L of this to use all my cds.... might need some other flavors first tho.

This is one of those recipes that worked so well on the first mix I didn't want to change anything. All I did was add 1% sweetener to get rid of some dryness from the crunchies but it's definitely not necessary. This has turned out to be the best chocolate I've tried imo. Always nice to have a new recipe that goes well with coffee too.

Sweet nectar milk this is good!!! My goal for this recipe was to make a honeysuckle ADV. It's always been one of my favorite flavors that i could never really get to work the way i wanted it to. At 8% the honeysuckle has a little bit of harshness but also has a very sweet nectar quality that i wasn't getting enough of at lower percentages. I went through a ton of different creams and found that some got rid of the harshness but most of them muted the honeysuckle flavor too much or just didn't pair well. So in my search for the least muting cream i think it was Thadentman that turned me on to the milky undertones. Seems to be a really good neutral milky cream flavor. I can tell this flavor is going to be a staple in my recipes for a while. It's sweet, creamy, and pairs perfectly with the honeysuckle. Bavarian is my go to light cream so a small amount of that and marshmallow smooth it out a bit more and add to the sweetness. Ends up being a very sweet and smooth vape, i can finally add honeysuckle to my daily rotation!!!

Great mix of fruits that all compliment but still stand out from each other. The blackberry stands out a little more than the rest but that's just how i like it. I used to make a similar mix with mostly TFA flavors, but now i have such better flavors i decided to update it. I'm glad i did I've been wanting just a straight fruit vape and this is pretty satisfying without any cream or bakery elements. I give it a day or two steep to let the blackberry and pear mellow

CANDY ROLL- I got this flavor by accident trying to find a good smartie flavor, not the candy roll i was thinking but when i tried it at 4% it reminded me of these strawberry fruit strips my wife would buy. I accused her of turning our kid into a hipster. This lays down a good base to make a more homemade version of that.

PEAR- With this pear flavor i was trying to get some of that grittiness you get from dried fruits and pear was the only thing i could think of that could convey that.

FUJI- This JF fuji is a great apple that really stands out and i wanted to get a little bit of sourness that you get at the beginning of a bite of these fruit strips, but keep it low enough to get more of the sweet apple flavor.

CINNAMON- The cinnamon at such a low percent leaves out the bakery aspect and just add a very light spice which is most noticeable on the exhale and aftertaste.

STRAWBERRIES- I wanted the sweet and ripe to come together to really solidify the strawberry on the back end and support the earthier strawberry from the sweet roll.

With a week steep you get a little bit of that upfront sourness of the apple and pear, followed by the strawberry sweetness on the exhale with a touch of spice from the cinnamon, while the sweet roll carries through from beginning to end.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Smarties was one of the first profiles I went for when I first started mixing way back yonder. It's only fitting this is the first recipe I post. I used to mix sweettart at like 10% when I was Vaping out of cartomizers so needless to say my old mix needed a little tweaking. After reworking this thing for the past six months i think i've come up with a pretty good representation. I wanted to capture that chaulky ambiguous fruit flavor where you can't tell if the different colors are different flavors.

Sweet & Tart- It's called Sweetangy on ECX, idk how many names they've had for this flavor but its the sweet tart candy flavor from TPA. A little of this goes a long way for me. This is really more like a sweet tart than smarties but at lower percentages adds that fruit flavor that you just can't get anywhere else. This flavor is a little bitter though and doesn't provide much sweetness, hence the sucralose.

FW Jawbreaker- Seeing this flavor was what inspired me to take another stab at this recipe. i was so disappointed when i cracked it open and smelled nothing but fucking juicy fruit gum!!!! Well i did a test anyways and figured out it was really just the smell not the taste when vaping it and at low enough percentage the juicy fruit smell steeps off and you're left with a chaulky candy quality that works great with the sweet tart. This can work up to .5%, after that juicy fruit stays.

Almond- This was the other missing link. One thing i really like about Wayne's marshmallow cereal milk is it reminds me of the white candy cigs i used to blow through packs of as a kid. I couldn't isolate what flavor i was getting that from until i noticed it again in Krucial's butter almond custard. Fantastic recipe btw. This flavor works some kind of magic to blend the other ingredients and add depth and density but doesn't steal the show in any way.

Everything else is pretty much to smooth it out and add sweetness. I tried my best to make it work without sucralose but my other sweetening option weren't working out. You could try jacking up the ethyl maltol and sub out the FA marshmallow for TFA or use whatever sweetener you like. It is a candy recipe though so sugar that shit up.

User: Crazyndalazdayz Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
User: Crazyndalazdayz Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I was looking for something to try JF dulce de leche in and this is pretty damn good. Well done. I let it sit for a week. I'll def mix this again.
User: Crazyndalazdayz Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I'm really liking this after a week, we'll see if the next one makes it to 2.
User: Crazyndalazdayz Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Finally mixed this up after getting the flavors and forgetting for a while and damn this is great!! Very much like a mix between strawberry and raspberry creamsavers. I also mixed up God Milk and unfortunately still don't care for dragonfruit or TFA strawberry, but this recipe is right up my alley. Well done.
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