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I've used these 2 flavors in recipes and I have sft (OOO) Marshmallow (Vanilla). I haven't pushed the %s very high though so I wasn't sure where to start. The (WF) BB Gummy Candy is a great flavor also! It was difficult for me to know when to stop raising the %s and doubly difficult to decide where to balance and not kill one or both flavors. I added EM to add sweetness throughout the mix and it works for me. I have a feeling the mm will grow slightly as this has only set for 2 days. It tastes accurate to me....but what do I know. I do know that it was bound to taste good due to the fact I'm using 2 pretty (safe) concentrates meaning it would be pretty hard to screw this up...hahahaha. I tried 3 different fruits and 3 different mm before settling on this combo. Thank you to Developed and the entire mixing community as a whole for pushing me to explore my concentrates further. Enjoy.

Another mixer recommended Inw Green Joy and I went to work trying to make this profile. I am a fairly new mixer and not a lot of notes on Green Joy so here is what I came up with. All input is welcome.

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I steeped this mix for 4 weeks just because I've never had any banana recipe reach it;s full potential without a long steep. This tasted good snv but after (my unnecessary long steep) this is a very smooth, sweet, enjoyable vape. To me, it's accurate to the description and delicious. Thank you for your time and sharing this gem with us all.
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This recipe is a delicious peach yogurt to me. It reminds me of the kind of yogurt with small pieces of peach mixed in. I can't emphasize enough how spot on this is to the real thing. We did a good thing here!...and by "we" I mean the amazing mixers that surround me when Developed has interactive mixing because I am still a mixing freshman. Thanks to everyone involved.
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I made this and set it aside for over 2 months. Off the shake I knew when the edges rounded off some it would be delicious. I was right. This is the best sb cheesecake recipe I have had.After the ridiculously long steep it is a rich, creamy full cheesecake. The bright sb sits right on top (maybe a little sb syrup also) just like the picture infers. Thanks guys for another banger of a recipe!!
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I have tried using WF Cookie Dough on several occasions and it never translates to cookie dough in the mix. I seem to get a muddled sweet flavor and I can't pick out what it's bringing to the mix. THIS IS FANTASTIC!! I'm going to be fleshing out this recipe ( Thanks Deftohms!!
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