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Melon coconut cream, accidental find trying to make something like sb madrina, this is my adv now

So I've been in the holiday mood, and I've seen multiple Gingerbread recipes out there, but whenever I tried to make them they were just way too potent and harsh, a little off putting. /u/billgarmsarmy from Reddit has a Gingerbread recipe that I started with, it had a really good base to it, so I incorporated that into mine. He used 5% of the Gingerbread by TFA which I think was waaaaayyyyy too much. I toned it down a shit ton, and I really like it. I also used /u/meanrockSD's idea of using chai tea for a more creamy, almost like a glaze of icing on the top of the cookie as well as Brown Sugar for a little more moisture and sweetness. It just fits really well. After tasting a longer steeped version, the Chai Tea is pretty distinct, and without the heavy gingerbread % I decided to just cut it out completely. The AP might be unnecessary, but I think it adds a little more breadiness to the whole thing.

JF Bavarian Cream can be swapped at same % for TFA Bavarian Cream, it's just what I was working with.

An alternate version:

Add TFA Peppermint - .75%
Increase Gingerbread to 1.75%
Add LA Cream Cheese Icing - 1%

For a pepperminty Gingerbread!

You can S&V it, but it may have some balance issues, give it a few days and it should be nicely mixed and tasty! Happy Holidays!


Taken from Magnus8wood on reddit from the november 2016 recipe thread:



I concocted this recipe from memories of my mother's failed Spiced Apricot Jam from my youth. While making the jam, my mom decided that the recipe called for way too much sugar, so she cut the sugar by a third. Well, as any experienced jam and jelly maker will tell you, you cannot cut any of the sugar from a recipe because the jam won't set. And of course, my mom's Spiced Apricot Jam did not set... So we took that syrupy stuff and poured it on pancakes, waffles and ice cream and Wow(!) was it ever good! But my memories of it mostly consist of sitting down in front of the TV to watch Fantasy Island and The Love Boat back to back on Saturday evenings with a humongous bowl of vanilla ice cream and (failed) spiced apricot jam. So now I give you my first ever recipe (based on, you guessed it),...

Spiced Apricot Glaze On Vanilla Ice Cream

* Apricot (TFA) 5.0

* Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 2.0

* Greek Yogurt (FLV) 1.0

* Fresh Cream (FA) 1.0

* Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA) 4.0

Steeping: At MINIMUM one week, but two is much better. [EDIT: One week of steeping seems quite nice, and I'm not sure I can tell a discernible difference anymore from a two week steep. Maybe my taste buds were being rather exuberant on that second week steep. Whatever. Just wanted to add that I find it too bad that only one person has tried this recipe - that has commented, at least. It turns out to be a really solid recipe and I wish that more would find this out for themselves. It has been my ADV for several weeks now, and I'm not getting sick of it yet. Two weeks lets the Apricot settle into its creamy base, and also allows the Greek Yogurt, Fresh Cream and VBIC to meld together nicely. Heck, guys & gals, one week gets them all out of the school at the recess bell, but two weeks gets them playing nicely together in the schoolyard. How's that for an analogy, eh?

So enjoy it, all! And please, I do hope some of you will try it, and if you do, hopefully some of you will comment back.



  • I personally tried this with 1 drop of flv rich cinnamon and it was phenomenal!

Inspired by the "Feeling Peachy" recipe by /u/grant_hatcher of reddit. (https://redd.it/5azrq8) With his permission, I made a couple tweaks and posted it here.

I'm typically not a huge peach fan, but this mix of fruits blends together very well to make a very nice authentic peach flavor and irresistible cream combo. The peach flavor becomes smooth and relatively mellow after a 5 day steep.

I vaped 100 mil of Lucky SOB and felt like it needed to be smoother. Shisha vanilla and butterscotch ripple add sweetness and creaminess. I like this much better.
Good as shake and vape. Even better after 2-3 weeks.

Hazelnut coffee cake and ice cream. I am trying to make a hazelnut coffee cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It tastes good after a couple hours but is much better after a week steep


I have a buddy who loves fruit vapes but isn't a fan of cream or bakery flavors at all. So this is what I came up with for him. Not my personal favorite but if you dig fruit vapes then this might be for you. Enjoy ✌️️


I know there are tons of different apple fritters out there, all very similar, this is one of my favorites, and it was suggested by my friend. It's just a simple apple fritter, or bearclaw as called in the south-western part of the states. It's very similar to /u/returnity 's Cinapple Fritter from Reddit, but made simple. It can be shake n vape'd, but the Fuji tends to calm down from the harshness after a few days, and the CDS fills out a bit. Doesn't seem to stick around on your coils or change the profile. TFA Dragonfruit absolutely makes this recipe, it helps bring out the Fuji while simultaneously blending it with the danish, I wouldn't recommend making it unless you have this. Using a richer, stronger cinnamon such as FLV Rich Cinnamon (.33%) might make it a more robust cinnamon fritter is always an option as well. This is also similar to /u/1D10-T 's Apple Danish, but in no way a direct copy.


This was to see if I could make a cinnamon bun custard. It turned out differently than expected It tastes like a very strong cinnamon bun with almost a caramel flavor backing it. I really enjoy this recipe, and I hope you do too! Everyone is free to edit this recipe and change it!

It turns out that this actually makes for a great shake and vape! 3 days later is when it is best though.

Profile: A sweet, buttery Pound Cake with a slightly tangy citrus flavor.

The body: The FW Yellow Cake is the dominant flavor here with a little added CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 to soften the richness of the Yellow Cake. The TFA Bavarian Cream and CAP New York Cheese Cake V2 were added to simulate the moist dense texture of Pound Cake.

Supporting flavors: The combination of TFA Citrus Punch, CAP Sweet Tangerine and TFA Sweetener add a sweet but tangy citrus note that delights the pallete. It is noticeable on the inhale but much more present on the exhale.

Steep time: It actually tastes great as a Shake N Vape but really comes to life after 2-3 weeks. The depth of flavor and mouth feel are spot on with a full months steep