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I started with my cereal base and for that I used Cap Cereal 27 and WF Puffs Cereal (Cocoa). Then to add more cocoa flavor I added in VTA Swiss Chocolate which isnt a chocolate but a dry cocoa flavor. For the milk to go with the cereal I went with my go to milk base of FA Milk, TPA Meringue, and TPA Vanilla Swirl. Then because Cocoa Pebbles make the milk somewhat chocolatey I added VTA Chocolate Milk with FLV Sweetness. This does needs a couple of days to settle.

Created: June 11, 2021 (about 2 months ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(CAP) Cereal 27
(VT) Chocolate Milk
(TPA) Meringue
(FA) Milk
(WF) Puff Cereal (Cocoa) SC
(FLV) Sweetness
(VT) Swiss Chocolate
(TPA) Vanilla Swirl
Total flavoring: 14.0% Steep Days: 7 Best VG: 80% Temperature: 0
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