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Beating the Odds: Kindground’s Battle Against Cancer

Scott Phillip Brown, aka Kindground, has been a central piece of our DIY community for years now. He’s contributed countless hours coaching new and experienced mixers alike. He’s written extensive reviews, articles, and recipes that have helped to shape the way we approach flavoring. He’s done so much for us, and now he could use some help.

Kindground has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer, which is incurable but treatable. Treatment will entail long chemotherapy sessions paired with radiation therapy. It goes without saying that the treatment will both be expensive, while severely impairing his ability to work and provide for his family. We have a plan to help, but we need as many people as possible to make this work! I cannot think of a community member more deserving of our support.

The DIY or DIE network will be hosting a marathon stream and raffle in the coming weeks. Content creators from all across our community will be participating throughout the day. There’s a wide range of prizes available, from entire lines of flavoring from individual companies to gift certificates and store credits. More are being added by the hour and a prize list will be available in the coming days as details are finalized.

Every donation to  this GoFundMe  of 5$ or more will qualify you for entry into the raffle, with every additional 5$ counting towards another entry. You can email your screenshots or proof of donation to  daytimefrank@gmail.com  to enter. Every dollar counts, and I’m counting on our community to show Kindground that we’ve got his back through this!

For more info, or if you’d like to donate a raffle prize, please email me at  kopel.christopher@gmail.com