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Getting Started with All the Flavors

All The Flavors makes mixing your own e-cigarette liquid (eliquid, ejuice) simple and quick.

New DIY hobbyists, experienced mixers, and eliquid professionals can use All The Flavors to make recipe preparation, tracking, sharing and research easier.

With All The Flavors, you can easily

Types of users

There are three types of users on All The Flavors.

Guests have not created accounts and do not need to sign in. They can find recipes, research flavors and mix recipes created by others. They can read reviews and comments left by other users as well.

Free Users have created an account by clicking the "Login" link in the menu at the top of the site, but have not upgraded to a pro account. They can do everything a Guest can, but can also create up to two recipes and leave comments on recipes others have created and shared.

Pro Users have created an account an upgraded it to a pro account by visiting the upgrade page. They can do everything a Free User can, but can also create unlimited recipes, share them with others, sync them with the All The Flavors mobile app, review recipes others have created, work collaboratively with other mixers, create batches with detailed aging notes, add (private or public) notes to thier own recipes, and other additional perks, including tracking the costs of mixing and using customized flavor densities and dilutions.

Please consider upgrading to a pro account if you find All The Flavors helpful. It's very inexpensive (less than $2.00 / month), offsets our hosting costs and supports ongoing development. Pro members have a say in future features of All The Flavors.