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(WF) Peach Gummy Candy SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 98 recipes at an average of 2.585%.


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Not for vaping you would be surprised what other usage VG and flavors can be used for 😘😁 This is my big fuck you to New Jerseys flavor ban. www.change.org

Peach is up front right away, strawberry will become more prominent at around the 3 day mark. Creamy strawberry peach with a hint of bakery lemon.

Marshmallow to help with gummi texture.
Shisha helps with strawberry flavor.
Strawberry gummy helps with strawberry and texture.
Red lic helps with texture and lic feel.
Sweeten it up with some supper sweet.
Peach gummi helps with gummy bit and peach helps make strawberry a bit juicer. Mix on my friends rate and comment thanks to all

This is a "in yo Face" candy/fruity/gummy flavor bonanza that'll make the ANTI vape folks cringe at how much candy/gummy sweetness is available in this mix. Tried it on a few people and all of them have came back for more. Thought I'd make it my first share. The flavor volume is high due to pod system usage and high nic content. I used NicRiver 250mg 50/50 VG/PG nic salt base.

This is the second of the 3 mixes I took with me to Vape Expo Nantes in March 2019. I was kindly offered the possibility to go sponsored by Wonder Flavours and I took the opportunity. The best part is, Frank also made sure I received the whole line of Wonder Flavours flavorings.

This mix being for the second biggest French expo, I decided to only use Wonder Flavours TPD ready flavorings. If there is one thing that Wonder Flavours does really well, it's candies. This peach gummy candy flavorings is quite successful and even though it needs some support, I think it comes out pretty real.

I want to thank MB ( https://alltheflavors.com/users/MECH_MOD_RN ) who helped developed and test these recipes !

WF Peach Gummy Candy/WF Tangerine = the peach gummy flavor is quite high here, I wanted to make sure it would dominate the mix and be the main profile. It's a little thin, so the tangerine comes in and brightens it.

WF Sour Gummy Candy = I wanted extra gummy-ness and some sourness. This one comes in strong but fades pretty quickly. So if you want to taste some sour in this mix, vape it within a week. If you want to have extra gummy mouthfeel then vape anytime.

WF Lemon Lime Soda = It's the juicy mouthfeel of eating peach gummy candies.

Who doesn't like a Peach Ring Gummy Candy?

Enjoy, be queer & vape on !!

[Photo credit: Wonder Flavours]

Ring My Peach

A peach ring recipe, gummy and peachy, slightly tart, and topped with sugar crystals.


This is my custom Jam Monster flavor.
Peach + Jam + Toast

Delicious strawberry peach gummy candy.

Really good on it's own but
add sweetener of your choosing for that sugary lip coating :)



A bright peach gummy candy. A nice mouth feel, on the wetter side.

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