(WF) Mascarpone Cream Cheese

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The idea for my recipe came to me when I drank a coffee one afternoon and ate a pudding.
I found this flavor combination very interesting and have also remembered that I once ate a pudding that had a hint of coffee intus.

For the coffee I went with Dark Bean (FA) because it is my favorite coffee, it is present in low doses but does not dominate.
From HICˋs notes and from some other recipes I knew that Dark Bean (Fa) harmonizes very well with Rum Jamaican Special (Fa) it makes the coffee sweeter.

For the Custard I took Vanilla Custard 2 (TPA) because it goes best with the coffee.
I also tried all the other custards I have (Cap, InW, FLV) but none were as on spot as the one from TPA, to support the Vanilla Custard I added a small amount of Mascarpone Cream Cheese (WF) to make it a little creamier.

I could have used Cream Fresh (FA), but I wanted to play around with the mascarpone, which was not wrong.

And last but not least I added a little Sweetness (FLV) to make it a little sweeter.

Have fun testing, I hope it tastes you as good as it tastes me.

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This recipe gives you a great opportunity to use those ripe bananas nobody wants to eat anymore.


Vanilla custard meets cheesecake filling on a crispy wafer base topped with a mix of bright apricots and juicy passionfruit to make for a thick, satisfying, juicy vape


What you see in the picture is pretty much what you get here.
A bold vanilla ice cream boarder line melting with those extra dairy and rich notes coming through more with support from mascarpone cream cheese and frozen yogurt.
Then fresh strawberries saturated in a syrup glaze ontop.

VT Cinnamon Donut|WF Cinnamon Pastry - Cinnamon part of Cinnamon Roll.

WF Glazed Donut|VT Croissant|WF Shortbread Cookies|FA Cookie| JF Yellow Cake- Our Roll's bakery part.

WF Mascarpone Cream Cheese|CAP Ney York Cheesecake - Icing.

Supporting Flavours - CAP Vanilla Custard|TPA Marshmallow|Saline

Pre-Steep this in PG for some days may help the bakery notes be more balanced.

Rate and Comment if you like that recipe.

Yellow Cake as the cake note/lady fingers. I wanted to use FW Creamy Sponge cake (Twinkie) or whatever but I couldn't find it. I have heard Mas. Cream from WF needs a long steep so this was made about 3 weeks ago, tested about 2 1/2 weeks in. Not sure if it does anything since I used it low. I used the Mol. coffee for the espresso note as it is a strong coffee and I personally have not liked any of the actual espresso flavors I had tried thus far. Cocoa WF is a nice chocolate so I added a touch of that but the main note is the Irish cream/ cream in general. I used FA because it is my favorite Irish cream, layered with FLV cream and whipped cream. FLV Cream adds a nice bodied cream note without adding any other inherent flavor. FLV whipped cream adds a more vanilla heavy cream note.


Got Cap CDS, wf angel cake and fw yellow cake as my base for this delectable dessert. Cap cds at 3% was just SLIGHTLY unbalanced and cinnamon foward over coffee so i dropped it just a smidge. You can bump it back to 3% if you want though and it tastes amaazing! I changed my mind 3% is perfect.

My coffee layer here is wf roasted pecans and cream, and at 3% for that flavor it bring a really good roasted coffee note, bolstered by wf smooth cappuccino cream (both are very dark flavors, this juice isn't light by any means)

And for my creamy cheesy layer we combined fa custard premium at 1.5% with wf mascarpone 1% and that just wasnt shinning through so we bump em up each a bit and we landed where we are at time of public release.

If you like what i do please mix and review!!!
Love yall

always sweeten subjectively

this IS a cotton killer after about a day lol but worth it

Vanilla custard meets cheesecake filling on a crispy wafer base

A nice rich triffle with multiple layers of lemon, cream, custard and cake rolled into one awesome vape. Im quite lemon sensetive in regards to throat hit so ive made this one where the lemon is present but rounded and creamy. A real change to normal strawberry type trifle juices


The INW Raspberry is Malina and it wasn't showing up in the database. Breaking it down. Eton Mess is a delicious mix of strawberries, raspberries, mascarpone, meringue and heavy cream. The Strawberries and raspberry in this recipe are self-explanatory. We use the Vanilla custard cheesecake and mascarpone to give us that vibe of delicious cream cheese. The Whipped cream is an emulsifier. The sweetness there to add the sweetness needed to make this taste like the glorious dessert it is.

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