(WF) Boysenberry Raspberry SC

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refreshing summer drink to beat the heat! Made for this week's mixin vixens.

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Bubblegum, a bright pink bubblegum at that. This is a pinkier than pink bubblegum.
Excellent summer vape with a floral hint, grapes and a small touch of raspberry (WF Boysenberry Raspberry is really like a tart raspberry to me). The TPA marshmallow works as the sweetener here and brings a touch more mouthfeel to the recipe.
The flavour stays in your mouth long after vaping and the Ws-23 really adds a punch. The way the flavour hangs about it's going to suck if you hate it. 😁

Developed 2 Banger Challenge
Pushing the Boysenberry Raspberry def surprised me also with a nice steep time of the Lemon Tea it will comes out stronger after a weeks steep.
Crazy how simple it is to turn out to be a really good vape

Also can add 1.25 % Fa Polarblast for a nice cooling effect.

Straight up Dannon yogurt with raspberry and boysenberries. Excellent simple mix. This 2 flavor yogurt base combo of ooo and SSA yogurts is one of my favorite yogurt bases that I have come up with. If you try it out, feel free to give me a shout and tell me what you think

I also like to add 1.5% WF Blueberry Jam into his mix for a mixed berry "fruit on the bottom" Dannon yogurt

My Attempt at a Raspberry Jelly Belly, made much simpler by the new WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean.

My Attempt at a Blueberry Jelly Belly, made much simpler by the new WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean.

A blue raspberry green that's super reminiscent of a blow pop . For a sweeter version , cotton candy and sweetener can be removed for super sweet 0. 5. * Note LB's Blue Raspberry is mixed in 50/50 pg vg so you need to alter the pg vg ratio slightly to accommodate accordingly .

What a refreshing set of wonderful berries with the crisp clean tinge of sour lemon lemonade. FW Blackberry is a gem. It’s very unrealistic yet delicious. Added some FM blackberry for the tangy sour blackberry that kind of just sets this off, and a bit of blackberry raspberry for a more realistic dark berry addition to this trifecta. I wanted to go with FLV lemonade in this and still may as an adaptation, but i was testing a new batch of nic against my old one to find out if it was bad (plot twist: it was.. a whole gallon of nic completely un-usable) so i wanted to make the same exact recipe to test back to back. If you don’t have LA lemonade (why the hell wouldn’t you?!) you can sub for FLV lemonade with ease @ about 2-2.5%. Enjoy!

SIDENOTE: Please keep in mind all of my mixes are made for MTL as I do not vape DTL for any reason other than testing for MTL. Most of the recipes I share ARE tested at lower nic and higher VG%, but not all of them. Thanks!


Hello everyone.

My name is Rafael and I am from Portugal. I smoked two packs a day for six years and I have been vaping for almost seven years now, three of them mixing my own liquid and buying mixed liquid only now and then. I consider my vaping journey to be quite long. I have vaped on CE2, CE4, Genesis, tanks, rta's, rda's, pods, low end, high end, you name it... I have accompanied the industry almost from the beginning once it has become a massive industry.

A while back I was looking to my shelved gear and liquid and I noticed how "off track" I was. I had forgotten the reason why I started to vape and, to be honest, I think most of us experienced vapers have. Vaping has made a lot of enthusiasts, either for the gear or the mixing, but we all started for one thing. To stop smoking. From super expensive gear to extremely sweet juice, the market is over-satured.

A while ago, DIYorDIE has interviewed Tom Klark (https://youtu.be/IS8Twv5ODk0) and if you are into mixing, I highly advise you to watch it. Tom Klark's point of view about the industry and mixing made me realize even more how off track I was. With this feeling and strongly inspired on Klark's work, I have decided to create my own DIY line, SLIM. A DIY line bringing me back to the roots, when there were no super saturated liquids but yet incredibly satisfying, satisfying enough to make me stop smoking two packs a day at a time I thought I would never stop smoking. SLIM was not only a challenge but also a goal. Having 1% total flavoring target with no added sweetener on the recipes and still achieve a balanced and saturated flavor.

SLIM is a line of DIY liquids with the core idea of being starter liquids. With all recipes with 1% total flavoring, SLIM promises to deliver you an authentic and genuine cig-alike/shisha experience. All SLIM recipes have been designed to be vaped on MTL devices. SLIM recipes are simple and shake and vape ready, allowing you to quickly get your fix and/or quickly mix it for a friendly smoker in need.

SLIM is a different point of view from the current state of the industry but looking to please every ex or current smoker.

Important note: Since all the total flavouring percentage is 1%, VG and PG play an important role on the mix. All recipes were created with Chemnovatic's VG-0 and PG-0, topped with our dear NicShots (18mg/ml) also from Chemnovatic.

Important note 2: WS-23 30% from Chefsflavours

SLIM Black is a virginia tobacco mix with some hints of berries and licorice. SLIM Black is best fit for someone who smokes/smoked mint/menthol cigarrettes.


Stay away from the light... What was I thinking Black liquorice and berries and creamy vanilla.

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