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Basic Coconut and Pear mixed with Bavarian Cream

I used WF Bavarian Cream for this recipe because it's delicious, but it also doesn't have the stronger caramel or brown sugar notes you get with many of the other BCs.

For Coconut I'm using both FLV Sweet coconut because as it's named, it's sweet, and delicious, and a little Coconut Custard to help bring a smoother coconut flavor, and sit well with the bavarian cream.

For pears, I've got the SSA Ripe Pear providing a majority of the body for a fresh pear, and am using the TFA Pear to bring a little of the floral top notes you'd expect from a fresh pear, as well as FA pear to provide a little more pear flavor, and add some juiciness to the pear.

Super Sweet could be optional, however I like the additional sweetness it brings, and it also helps stave off a little dryness.

This tastes fairly good when vaped right after a shake, but after a week long steep you're left with a smooth creamy light sweet coconut and pear cream that I find thoroughly enjoyable.

This has been my go to coffee vape for a minute now. dark bean brings the rich black coffee notes I want (fight me), up and relax smooth it over, and french vanilla + bavarian cream add a nice milky top note, dash of super sweet cause apparently I like sugar in my vape coffee when I drink it black, go figure.

Had to get some jam monster out of an old squonk mod i purchased from a friend, this was the result. pretty tasty raspberry cheesecake, and inw rasp should obliterate any other flavors in your wicks but the strongest. always happy to hear feedback, enjoy!

An "everything but the kitchen sink" custard made with mostly new and newer WF flavors. AT 5 days, I could not put this down . . . unfortunately, I didn't make a big enough test batch. Off to make another, bigger bottle and let it sit before digging in. Lots of flavors . . . high percentage . . . blah blah blah. Again, took the classic vanilla custard route with new/newer flavors. Spurred to release this to show my appreciation for Frank and the folks at Wonder Flavours for their overwhelming generosity in the Developed WF giveaway and to showcase how Wonder-ful their Flavours truly are. This is a solid vanilla custard . . . I'm proud of it and stay impressed by the great things WF puts out. Add 0.5% of the sweetener of your choosing.

Tested on a profile 1.5 @0.13ohms approx 100w.

I wanted to showcase the WF Pitaya (Dragonfruit) and thought it would go wonderfully in a cream, used at 3% here to ensure it was present throughout the whole vape and not get lost in the creams.

French Vanilla (Thick) used to thicken up the whole mouthfeel whilst boosting those vanilla notes and adding some extra cream at 1% it does this wonderfully without being overly aggressive.

Bavarian cream used to add a pleasant stiff cream in the background and add to the Vanilla Cream extra to give a pleasant vanilla cream

Vanilla custard is used here as one of the main notes to really give a creamy mouthfeel, with the other creams used this stops it from becoming custard like but does give a wonderful thick and full tasting cream

A Wonder Flavours only recipe, created for the #DevelopedWF contest, April 2021

Sliced banana mixed into a gooey monkey bread with a hint of cinnamon a nice twist on classic banana bread.

The bnb is my base and quite a light flavour imo with the sugar cookie adding a bit more depth to the bread, cinnamon pastry helps the outside part of the bread and adds a light spice note.
Banana puree for the sliced banana's on top.
And bavarian cream and caramel butter combined for lashings of sweet sticky caramel sauce to drizzled over.
Sweetener can be left out but i feel i enjoyed it more with.

Mom says sharing is good, so that is what I am doing for the #DevelopedWF assignment. Gosh, that Cinny girl loves her late night Cappuccino with some spice to it. While this may appear to be a lovely bakery treat, it is in fact a nice coffee related vape experience not to be missed. The Chocolate Chucks can be on the dark side, which is ok, but Cinny likes chocolate a tad lighter in a cappuccino, so I added the Nanaimo Bar to lighten the chocolate. The Coffee Cake helps with a smoother coffee flavor as we all know one coffee flavor is rarely enough.
I wanted to have a cinnamon flavor and Apple-Cinnamon Strudel SC is all I have in stock that is Wonder Flavors at this time on Earth. I doubt you will taste any apple or strudel. The cinnamon can be very sharp if bumped up. Just a hint works fine here.
Who doesn't like creams with their coffee? The Bavarian Cream adds a nice soft caramel flavor.
Cinny and I both like our coffees to be lightly sweetened, you are free to add more to your taste. We don't mind a bit.

Developed WF challenge!!

Haoliyuan Chewy Strawberry Milk Candy

This creamy milky bold strawberry chews are to die for if have never had one its a must try.


Doughnut filled with Fruity Pebble Cream.

I ripped the doughnut base from Major to rework my first public recipe.

TPA Fruit Circles for for a clean fruity pebbles/loops/whatever.

FA Florida Key Lime for a nice lime pop that adds some funk.

FA Zeppola for body and over-all darkness

WF Glazed Doughnut/Crispy Wafer for the main body.

WF Bavarian Cream because it envelopes the cereal part more than CNV Vanilla Pudding.

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