(VT) Toffee Ice Cream

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I created this to challenge myself that Developed's Samoa Sammies could in fact be remixed. And I must say pretty well in fact. Samoan Dream are chocolate, shortbread cookie, with caramel and coconut, almost everything Developed used to create the cookie part of Samoa Sammies. I included the butter base just because well it's Butter Base.
The use of VTA Toffee Ice cream and LB vanilla ice cream made for an amazing ice cream that complimented the cookie part of the original recipe really well.

When you combined lovely ingredients you get a lovely result! A sort of creme brulee biscuit custard. Enjoy or don't!
This one is obviously a steeper.....at least 3 weeks more is even better....if you can wait 2 months you will want to shower with it haha.

This week on Tuesday Reviews Day fate blessed us with WF Butterscotch Cream Pie. This is an (un)surprisingly complex flavor. The butterscotch part of it tastes to me like really dark caramelized sugar. It's very unique as far as butterscotch goes. It's not astringent or burnt tasting but instead walking a really fine line and nailing it! this flavor is taking a risk and its just perfectly executed. I think this flavor would be a great accent to other butterscotch flavors, brown sugar or even bakeries to give them some real character.

We decided to make an ice cream with it. Pairing it with VT Toffee Ice Cream and VT Sweet Cream the WF Butterscotch Cream pie really accents the toffee note excellently. We even added a little rum for the adults.

Sweeten to Taste (I used 0.75% FLV Sweetness)

Watch the Replay here:



Here’s my version of a delicious,simple banana pudding that IMO is decent off the shake and ready to go. I prefer to add 0.5% cap SS to pretty much all my recipes (this one included) however it’s very tasty without so if you prefer not to use sweetener,this recipe is a banger without. Please leave your feedback if you give this one or any of my other recipes a mix, kind regards and stay safe people 💙

Built this based around David Marshall’s VSO Banana & VTA Toffee Ice Cream suggestion.

This is my attempt at a Barny Banana Ice Cream, which has some of that artificial banana flavour, that is why I used Loranns Banana Cream, added a small touch of VSO strawberry To bring the banana out more, (based on advice from Fresh03)

Mixed for DiyDownUnder FB group weekly challenge 24/01/2021

A peanut butter cookie & fudge ice cream

Tested on a Hadaly Rda
single coil Ni80 0.3 alien @40-50w

Sweeten to your liking. This recipe will probably change sometime later (this will of course be reflected in the description when it happens), this is a recipe in progress.

Cream with butterscotch and cookie layers. Minimal steep needed. Check out Mixin Vixens on YT, Sundays at 6pm EST

This is a remix using all Vape Train Australia Flavors (yes using VTA Custard Tobacco one shot) based off the Five Pawns E-liquid Black Flag Risen it mimics two tastes that go together like no other.
Featuring a creamy coffee flavor, this mix is enhanced with a creamy flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco custard for a full-bodied taste. Mixed with chocolate mousse, Devon Cream, Caramel Mocha and Toffee flavors and finally topped off with a touch of walnut flavor.


Got a request for a banana custard so here it is. Best way I can describe it is if you took the cream out of TPA Banana Cream and replaced it with a heavy custard.

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