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VT Banana custard is such a nice banana flavor, with the custard contributing to the entire pudding base.

The Devon Cream comes with a nice soft Chocolate note, teamed up with Chocolate mousse makes for a creamy mellow milk chocolate .

The cookies and cream also does contribute to the pudding with the cream portion and adds a mild bakery note in the back to keep it interesting at 1.5%.

My first version did not include the devon cream and was not nearly as flavor full or creamy. It also had Croissant for the little bakery I was looking for instead of cookies and cream. This version is the winner!

Really enjoying this one! First vape with chocolate that I can vape all day.

"Together lets discover" :)

I prefer this recipe with a small % of sweetener.it really helps the chocolate come thru in a more realistic way.


This is a really rich pudding pound cake with a bright sweet strawberry glaze. The banana custard adds a creamy sweet note that is at the end of the inhale and the strawberry pops on the exhale . This was made for Mixin in the kitchen on day time franks channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpzG9vsIgaCUzHVrUMHiV_g

Cake - Pound cake, cake dip and inw cake create the cake base. pound cake is a fantastic butter cake base, with cake batter added for sweetness and frosting. INW lemon cake was added to support the cake body and use the lemon to get the strawberry to really pop up on top, the lemon note fades a good bit and is in the background

banana custard, Strawberry custard - added to provide a pop of bananna and strawberry flavor profile along with a custard. This is not an EGG heavy custard and I would call it more of a thick pastry cream filling ( cause who does not like the straw - nanna combo) - WF banana puree could have been used as well but I wanted to add more of that rich custard base to the cake

Strawberry glaze - VT does jams and glazes really well and this strawberry glaze is just that and works perfectly here

Holy vanilla - is just my favorite vanilla it adds a body and creaminess with a vanilla that sort of settles into a mix depending in the percent you use - inw shisha vanilla could be used as well but is not as deep a vanilla

can shake and vape - and the flavors taste bright and forward with minimal custard notes as the custard notes develop the bright banana and strawberry settle down into a really tasty mix

if you want that commerical sweetness add the sweetener of your choice, although this mix is inherently sweet - sweetener will make the strawberry and banan pop a bit more

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This is a concept By Fresh03 & Alfred Pudding I mixed on our show :)
Full Description and how this came about is here: https://youtu.be/nvqlu_ZcqhI?t=4363

Having spent quite a while working on my DIY game by mixing other people's recipes, experimenting with percentages, building up my stash and mixing gear and starting to look into profiles, I have finally created something of my own which I feel is worthy of sharing!

I have been enjoying banana milks recently, but noticed a lack of available banoffee profile recipes when a friend asked me to make one for him.

I started off simple, but kept adding more to the profile until I had the complex beast you see before you (of which I went through 30ml in a day after a 7 day steep).

I won't do a huge breakdown of all ingredients and how they add to the mix as it would take way too long, but would love any suggestions for improvement.

Initially mixed with a milk frother in a warm water bath (not for speed steeping but because it reduces the viscosity of the base making blending more effective) in a 180ml batch, the recipe starts to get great at 7 days but is AWESOME after 3 weeks.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! 😊

Banana B Square
Bananas with double the deliciousness.
Bread Pudding and Butter Pecans
If you love bananas, feel free to increase the percentage on the Molinberry Banana.

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This is my take on this weeks photo. VT Banana Custard is by far the best banana cream flavor I have tried. Flv Cream and WF Vanilla Cream Extra make the perfect cream that is spiced with Flv Egg Nog. I added Flv Butterscotch and FW Butterscotch Ripple because I like butterscotch with banana flavors and I stole this butterscotch combo from Cheeba Steeba's butterscotch banana frozen custard. Its delicious, give it a mix.

swapped hs banana for tfa ripe banana

Smooth, sweet, banana milk.

WF Banana Puree - A new banana that I've been experimenting with.
HS - Banana - An old favorite.

INW Custard & HS French Vanilla Ice Cream - Make up the Cream/Milk

FW Graham Cracker & FW Hazelnut - To round it off

🏷️A rich and creamy Pacific Islander inspired 2 layer ice cream cake with a light sponge cake bottom.The lovely ice cream layer is folded with nutty Taro, fresh Banana, and sweet Coconut.


Vanilla Ice Cream in this mix is paired with creamy Banana Custard & a nutty potato-esque Taro. Balanced together they create a bright, sweet and tropical ice cream flavor.

The Sweet Coconut & Desiccated coconut in this recipe not only complement the Banana Custard and Taro, they add richness to the bottom white cake layer. Love's role has a dual purpose as a cake and ice cream enhancer. With its rich cream, light white chocolate notes, and accents of fluffy white cake it rounds out the base; adding dimension and weight to the overall mix.

This recipe is sweet on its own. If you would like to add sweetener, I would suggest FW Sweetener at 0.25% or under.

🔹Recipe created for: DOD's Noted. Ep. 62 - Yam / Ube / Taro (ft. Fresh03, Leilani, Slasha)


Tasty S&V Rootbeer Banana Custard inspired by Grimm Green & Fresh03.

FLV Root Beer is an excellent Root Beer flavor used it at 3% so it would still come through over the cream but not completely over power.

FLV Vanilla Pudding & LB VBIC is FRESH'S S&V Custard and it works well to bring a nice custard like base to the mix.

WF Banana Puree: is a good banana flavor but has some strange off notes if pushed too high

VT Banana Custard: is not a banana custard at all but it is a solid REALISTIC banana flavor.


I've been really enjoying banana vapes lately, Puff'd is one of my favorites.
The combination of cake and light banana gooeyness is just lovely.
If you enjoy it please remember to leave a rating.
Short notes for this one as it's Friday night and I want to play.

Pro Tip: To boost the cake note even more, Throw in DIYFS Pound Cake @ .25% if you have it on hand.
Omitted from the public recipe for the sake of availability.

CAP Sugar Cookie It's inclusion is intended to boost the bakery note. The sugary graininess really helps the overall mix.

TFA Bavarian Cream Playing as a not-so-shy emulsifier in this recipe as it serves to thicken and provide some vanilla boost, As well as providing a 'buffer' between the cream and pastry.

VT Banana Custard Brings a light but noticeable banana note to the party. It's a creamy banana, Suitable sub would be TFA Banana Cream @ 1%

JF Yellow Cake A little light handed here it serves as a cake backnote allowing the "cream" to shine a little more.

FLV Frosting Up front vanilla with a little texture to bring to the game. Provides an almost gooey sugary perception to the cream filling. Pairs incredibly well with 'cake' concentrates.

CAP Super Sweet When I mix this recipe I omit sweetener, But including it you'll find brings it more toward the traditional "manufacturer" variety.

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