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I created this for a wedding I am doing the photography for today. Its gonna be a hot one and I wanted something light and refreshing to vape during my down times during my work day today. This recipe came out so much better than I expected. Its a refreshing tropical smoothie with Mango, Pineapple, banana and passionfruit very well balanced in this recipe. The banana custard thickens things up to give it a smoothie like body as well as add to the tropical vibe. The ripe mango also works to thicken this mix with its syrupy goodness. Multivitamin is used to bring out more of the pineapple in the FLV Mango pineapple passionfruit as well as add a bridge between the Mango, banana, pineapple and the passion fruits. I highly suggest this recipe for an amazing summer vape on a hot day outside, you wont be disappointed

Peanut Butter Banana Bliss.

This is just The Trinity with some stuff strapped on, and it came out great! (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/143364#the_trinity_vanilla_ice_cream_by_eyemakepizza)

I'm still messing around with this one, feel free to tweak it, review it, or give me some tips! Saint Tammany #0059 on discord.

A creamy peanut butter blended with fresh banana custard and then drizzled with velvety caramel flavor. With a light biscuit base.
I don't know what it is about peanut butter and banana that makes it so good. This original reminded me of a banana cream pie with a layer of peanut butter underneath and a caramel toffee drizzle over the top. So that's the direction I went in also. I started with the Banana cream pie and for that I used VTA Banana Custard with a bit of VTA Creamy Custard thrown in for extra creaminess. And because Creamy Custard has a banana note to it. Next there is a layer of VTA Peanut on top of VTA Biscuit Base. And finally the sweet top note VTA Creme Caramel paired with VTA English Toffee and Sweet Mate.

A Delicious mango sorbet, sweet mango mixed into ice cream, thick and tasty the Wonder Flavours island mango is the ultimate star of this recipe, it's sweet and fleshy. The FA Costarica Special (mango) offers some more authentic mango flavour and candy side from the Cap sweet mango. The VTA Banana Custard just adds, extra thickness and I think Banana just really goes well, with mango. This is possible the nicest tropical style recipe I've ever made add 1% WS-23 30% dilution if you like it colder but it's great without. 😋

My try for a decent Moon Mist ice cream, a blend of banana, grape and bubble gum flavored ice cream. Vapor Junkie Moon Mist ejuice is the only Moon Mist I've had in real life, this winds up somewhere between their Master Sauce and Moon Mist.

LB VIC and TPA Vanilla Swirl are a great vanilla ice cream mix for those of us that don't like the various bean versions. Part of the VIC trinity, without the HS malt. https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/143364

MB Bubble Gum is a nice fruity sort of gum, I've tried pink gum like SC Bubble Gum in this and it works but not nearly as well as MB.

INW Grapes+FA Bilberry is a wet dirty sock with bright grapes... at first. With the EM in Vanilla Swirl the off notes blend into something much better down the road. FW Grape Soda brings some grape sweetness and a soda syrup body to the grape aspect. Make Purple Grape Again is where the Bilberry experiment came from. https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/173135

VT Banana Custard carries the banana and some vague spiciness in the background, works really well here.

Cap Super Sweet, I found 0.5% a little too sweet with the FW Grape Soda, but at the same time I tend to find ice cream similarly too sweet. Feel free to reduce to preference, just don't sub with a sweetener that adds more maltol, Vanilla Swirl already has enough.

In the first couple days it's mainly the VT Banana Custard, this tones down over time. It does fade a bit after the 3 week mark, but even 4 weeks on I enjoyed it quite a lot. By the time it's all steeped I don't get a defined grape, banana or bubble gum but a mix and hints of each as I vape.

Shout out to all the comments in an old reddit thread and to Harusai for asking, gave me a leg up when picking flavors to order. WF Banana Puree wasn't nearly as good in here as VT Banana Custard.

No thing great is created in an instance, any more than a fig. Tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen as it falls...
A tasty mystical brew crafted into unique aroma, flavor and experience profile into each vape. A new flavor with character and dimension.

*** NOTE: FLV Rich Cinnamon 10% Dilution was used!


This is a profile I adore. Banana, biscuit, toffee.. whats not to love?
My partner is a baker and she made me the most amazing personalized banoffee pie with extra extra bass bass, biscuit base, buttery biscuit base.
It was phenomenal, and the way she used lots of fresh cream with the banana sooo perfectly.
I wanted this pie to live on in my memory forever.. or.. my RDA.

Its a banoffee guys, nothing ground breaking, but its lovely if I do say so myself, and nicely balanced with the banana and cream being upfront and the biscuit making its appearance on the exhale.
Wonder Flavours cream filling is absolutely perfect for this mix, such a brilliant cream!
At 2 percent VT English Toffee really sits back and just compliments the other flavours on the main stage, and WF Flapper Pie adds an overall pie "vibe"" to the mix tying everything together and giving it more context.

I find the use of Winder Flavours makes the mix very sweet so I skip on sweetener in the recipe, but if you want it extra sweet maybe add no more than a 1/4 percent or it will become very cloying.

The VTA Banana custard is great, and much much better after a 3-4 day steep, but you can shake and vape this for the most part.
Also another note of VTA Banana custard is that if you add sweetener to it it tends to stay artificial for longer in my experience, but without it feels more like a natural banana sits nicely atop bit of aul pie!

This being my first ATF recipe, unfortunately not my first public recipe as i posted some of my first mixes that steeped in to a vinegar.. but mixing is making more sense to me now with practice and better flavours in my stash.

Testing notes-
Citadel RDA with a single Flat 22 guage Ni80 clapton [outside being 38 guage] 0.28 ohms at 70 to 80 watts.


OOO Cream (MU), FA cream fresh along with TPA Vanilla Swirl and CAP cake batter makes up the creamy milkshake taste and texture. After many attempts at getting the banana right, l settled on a trio, VT Banana custard (it's a cream NOT a custard) pairs well with TPA Banana Cream, I added just a touch of MB Soft Banana because I just love the extra it brings. I'm very happy with how it turned out, I find it difficult to put down. Works straight off the shake but really comes into it's own after a couple of days.

******** Mexican Fried Ice Cream in this recipe is OSDIY (One Stop DIY brand concentrate)********* All the Flavors does not have OSDIY Mexican Fried Ice Cream as an option to use so I had to use what was available.

I used the OSDIY Mexican Fried Ice Cream as my primary base for the recipe. Its a pretty good "One Shot" fried ice cream flavor.
I added VT Banana Custard to this to get the banana flavor I wanted in this recipe (Its my favorite, I rarely use any other Banana concentrate in most of my dessert recipes that have Banana).
I used Vienna Cream FA to get the slight spiced note I wanted to add to the banana flavor in this recipe while adding to the creaminess of the recipes ice cream notes.
Lastly, I use Custard Premium FA to give the recipe more richness, body and depth to the ice cream flavor as well a boosting the vanilla and butter notes of the OSDIY fried ice cream

Why do mixers write descriptions the same way chefs write recipe descriptions. Get to the point. Trying to get my sugar fix

Cherimoya tastes like banana and pineapple. Just exploiting flv. I like it. Tropical. Hope u enjoy

Add your sweetness as u wish. I added 10 drops stevia

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