(TPA) Jamaican Rum

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I don't actually think this is a dessert found in Jamaica.

Flavors speak for themselves in here. I add 1 drop shisha peppermint per 30ml to have it balanced against the lime. Could add more if you want it fresh but it's a damn potent flavor. Sweetener to taste, I like SS at 0.25 in this since the Carmel in here is already my approach to that sugar cane in a Mojito. Enjoy.


This is a dark smooth tobacco vape close to a cigar style of tobacco needs to steep but worth it

Blood Orange Champange - VTA Along with the Tangerine SC - WF adds a perfect effervescences feeling in the vape.
Island Mango - WF with Sweet Coconut - FLV and Passion Fruit - FA Gives off a nice body and slight sweetness to the mix.
Jamaican Rum - TPA gives off a slight rum base.
Soursop SC - WF will tie it all up with hints of Pineapple, Banana and Tartness to give it a fine tropical feeling.

This is a very interesting mix of flavors and each bring something so different yet so right to the mix.. I tested this mix on various products including as follows and not in any order.. MTL @40w, Dripper with dual coils @Mechanical Device, Dripper with single coil @75W using RDA ( Recurve ) with single coils and restricted air holes @Squonk Device.
This could make a very warm summer day feel like you are on a sandy beach with your toes in the water...

The flavors will pop in all the configuration I mentioned and I do think it will pop in a tank as well..

This candied banana vape takes me back to the day of being a kid and going to the fair and indulging in all the snacks.

This was the recipe that has kept me and my lovely wife off the stinkies for years now. When I first started vaping I wanted a flavor that tasted like a cigarette not a Strawberry, It's been 4 years and I now enjoy all types of juice, but you still have to have something to pair with the morning coffee and this Tobacco recipe can stand it's ground with any coffee.

Relax poolside with cucumber and guava. Get naked and give no fucks.

A refreshing summertime vape that tastes like pure vacation.

This is a dark tobacco with notes of vanilla and caramel...

Close your eyes, lay back, and take in the ocean breeze as you enjoy this topical vape

This is a proper gentelmens vape it tastes excellent just like my nuts

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