(TPA) Berry Crunch

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Fruit Loops with a twist of dragon fruit in a bed of thick milky cream.

I played around with a bunch of different creams and custards before landing on 2% FA Fresh Cream here. It provides a nice dense mouth feel and a sweet milky base for the cereal to sit in. After a couple weeks, the fruit and cereal flavors still hold strong, making for a nice sweet cereal vape.

Give it a few days for the fruitiness to calm down, after that it just gets thicker. The fruit is fairly intense here, feel free to back it down if preferred, but at these percentages, it really makes for a nice ADV with full flavor every time, even through a steep.

This is a take on the classic looper clone. To sweeten you can use either FA Meringue or use the same percentage of Cap Super Sweet. Both are good, I have been loving the meringue version, it adds a slightly tamer sweetness. You can also change it to Max VG, the lemon and sweetness comes out more.

Just another cereal. This time fruity flakes in a form of creamy bar.

*Brown Sugar Extra was used in this recipe.

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My personal take on a Crunchberry. I personally use this mix in higher nic MTL vaping.

This is my version of eciggity loopy fruit not to much lemon with a smooth cream or milky finish.

I just reliezed while making this public. That a ton of people are doing this haha i thought i had an original idea for the past week (steep)
Anyways. This is damn good. Give it a try. And please like comment and shar.

Crunch berry creamy cheese cake
Im going to work the sweet cream out of this mix on v2
This profile is heavy on the cream and fairly light on the cereal part but all around delicious.

This is my second attempt at a loops recipe. Im very happy with it, tastes like left over fruit loops milk. Could still probably be refined, percentages might be to high for some peoples taste. So feedback always appreciated. I went all out on trying to go for that cereal milk taste with the HAZELNUT ALMOND MERINGUE and CREAM FRESH. Not sure how necessary the BERRY CRUNCH is, was trying to get a bit more dry crunch but don't know how much effect it had over all. I actually used FRUITY RINGS but couldn't find it in the drop down menu. FRUITY RINGS is a great flavor, at high percentages it's super grainy or you can turn it down and put it behind a bunch of cereal milk to really enhance it's unique cream profile.

Thanks :)

So fruit loops seem to be getting popular again. This is one I've been working on for about 3 months. And it's fucking delicious. Fruit rings is important. It's much better than TFA fruit circles. I know it seems high, but it was important to keep it up front, and not letting it get drown out by the other flavors, while still letting them come through during the steep. On top of this, adding TFA berry crunch is going to give it more complexity instead of just lemon while keeping the cereal element there. Strawberry ripe is doing the same, adding a little more fruit to the mix. Metaphor was the diamond in the rough on this one. For me, fruit loops isn't just lemon. I get alot of orange out of them too. Metaphor lends that orange flavor, and the cakey notes to it help with the cereal texture. This was not the same without metaphor. And it made it perfect. The mixture of creams works great and gives it a sweet milky taste. I used FW VBIC because it is a little creamier, sweeter, and less harsh then the other 2. Sweetener is there, because, it's a sugary cereal. This doesn't put it in the too sweet category, just the perfect amount of sweetness, that really helps tame the lemon, and balances all the flavors together. This is a 2 week steep minimum and best after 3. Before that the flavor will be a bit weak, and the creams won't really come out. Hope you enjoy!


Just an easy good twist on a standard cereal flavor. This is a good shake and vape. I was inspired by the juice that the guy from ambitions vapor on you tube is always vaping. And i have obviously been on a cheesecake roll I have made a lot of cheesecakes lately lol.

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