(TPA) Apple Candy

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First post on here. I start with a 500 ML batch of 12.5 ML Nic, 467.5 ML VG and 20 ML distilled water. I love sour apple belts so this is my attempt at a similar flavor and I've found it very enjoyable. Its a sweet fruity flavor. Note the Apple(tart Granny Smith) by TFA is actually Apple(Tart Green Apple) by TFA.

this recipe is a really weird one. i was drunk and i wanted something sour to smoke so i tried this and it worked. i hope you guys like it. it smells really sour but when you smoke this mix it wont taste that sour but it will taste perfect. please give me your review about it if you mix it

Slight adaptation of a clone I found on elr here http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1559375? That is pretty spot on. It's a really good sour green apple jolly rancher flavor, that I really like with a good bit of cooling. Feel free to omit the cooling for just a spot on swamp thang.

It's great on a shake and vape and pretty much no real changes to me after an overnight steep, only a tad smoother (though it is pretty smooth off the shake) due to the ethyl alcohol in tfa apple candy.

Delicious blend of berries and blue rock candy. Still a WIP but very close.


I've been chasing this flavor profile for a while and haven't hit anything i felt was 'it' until now. This is meant to be reminiscent of those blue-razz candies from days of yore, the kinds that tasted of blue razz-berry from my childhood. Anyways, enjoy, create, let me know what you think!

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