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so after many trials and errors this is as close as I’ve came to cream cookies by Fryd . It needs a few days steep for the deep fried pastry doe to calm down a little bit it’s still good as a shake and vape so have at it!


A thick Oreo Milkshake! Most of the recipe is pretty straight forward, the vanilla custard cheesecake is a cream cheese icing. Devon cream has a lovely chocolate note, so it adds to the chocolate and milk notes. White chocolate adds a nice meltyness to the chocolate as well.

A chocolate cheesecake with Oreo crust. As always, sweeten to taste.

Cappuccino infused pudding with chocolate cookie crumbs throughout, topped with vanilla rich whipped cream.

Pudding parfait submission for 10/21 episode. Cappuccino infused pudding with oreo cookie layered throughout. Whipped cream on top.


I picture Tom Brady sitting in the locker room after that last failed Hail Mary staring forlornly at the half deflated footballs around him, tears running down his cheeks. The only thing that could possibly end this pain is something salty and creamy in his mouth... He looks over at an equally forlorn Gronk. Their eyes meet. They both know as only two partners who have been together for what seems like a lifetime can know what the other needs. A butterscotch pudding with salted caramel sauce and oreo cookie bits!

Since the Eagles won the Super Bowl I'm making a run at a Philly favorite according to the interwebs, but no one in that actually lives in Philadelphia has apparently ever heard of, Budino. I was aiming for a rich butterscotch custard/Pudding, caramel sauce, and cookie bits, which I for the most part achieved. The cookie bits comes across as more of a chocolate note in the back of the vape, but otherwise, even off the shake this turned out REALLY well!

Most of the recipe is pretty straight forward.

I love INW Custard because you get a darned good custard with almost no steep.

FLV Vanilla Pudding is a delightful flavor, tastes like cheap snack-pak vanilla jello right away, but develops a surprising amount of depth as it steeps.

RF Cookies and cream pretty much has the chocolate cookie portion of an oreo nailed minus a little texture.

Butterscotch and Salted Caramel need to be together as much as Gronk and ol'TB. They compliment each other so well it's just meant to be.

The Soho and French Vanilla Ice Cream are here for enhancing the richness and mouth feel of the vape. The FVIC has a great sweet butter note that compliments the custard and pudding.

Whipped Cream is there for flavor, sweetness, blending, and a bit of mouth feel.

This is a moist maccoorn cookie with a slight hint of chocolate. This is my first attempt at making this. Flavor off the bat is good. I will let it steep a week to see how this recipe develops. What i am expecting is the sugar cookie to give off that nice cookie taste. The cookies and cream and a nice balance to the cookie to give it some cream with slight notes of chocolate. The Vanilla cupcake is there to give that nice moistness needed to make that it a true macaroon flavor. I added the Shisha Vanilla as it adds the vanilla that you would find in a macaroon cookie and at 1% it does not overpower the recipe but adds a great vanilla flavor with some nice sweetness. The meringue gives it just enough of the eggy flavor you need to have in a cookie. Many Macoroons have a Almond element to them so I used .5% of RF Almond, this was mainly to taste this Almond flavor against its competition. The Paradiso is the star of the show to add that slight coconut flavor of the cookie without being to overpowering on the coconut. The biscuit is thier to give the nuttiness or crunch to the cookie, I thought about using toasted marshmallow in its place, but after a steep will see how these flavors blend together. For now as a Shake and Vape it's not bad. Taste really good but the cookie is not there yet it needs at least three days to stand out and do it job in the recipe. I will update once this recipe has steeped.

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By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 10.0% Mix: 10.0% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 60 / 100

Chocolatey, creamy, and smooth. Chocolate is a little Tootsie Roll like and slightly chalky, which adds a little something extra to the cream.

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