(RF) Blood Orange – SC

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Blood orange & Coconut Ice Cream

Building blocks:

RF SC Blood Orange is a very realistic blood orange, not to sweet and full of flavors and is the main profile in this mix
RF SC Coconut really contributes to this mix, i added 1% to give this ice cream mix an exotic taste while it bridges nicely the Ice Creams combination i used.

RF SC Vanilla Ice Cream and TPA VBIC are the ice cream foundation mellowed and sweetened with a touch of FA marshmallow .

What you get after a decent steep (5 to 7 days) is a very rich and mellow blood orange flavored, ice cream vape, complex enough to satisfy all orange and ice cream lovers out there.

inhale: fruity and fresh blood orange with a soft coconut aroma.
exhale: the real deal, a soft creamy and fruity combinations of all the ingredients

1 drop Super Sweet per 15ml

Enjoy this very tasteful vape.
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