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Yet another Apple Pie. I used a combination of apples. I used Liquid Amber, Butter Cream, Salted Caramel, Super Sweet, and the Cinnamon, (from Caps Cinnamon Danish Swirl ) to make the sauce. Biscuit, C.D.S., Graham cracker clear, and Zeppola to make the pie crust. Enjoy Y'all

This here is a straight forward, authentic, and simple profile ! RF (SC) Apple smells just like a candy apple flavor, so it was the prefect choice here! TFA bubble gum is a great straight up pink bubble gum flavor, it makes up the inside of the green apple sucker. CAP Super Sweet helps make that Apple pop and sweetens the mix perfectly ! Shout out to AKA Krucial (Barrett) as we were hanging out one evening and checking out some of my new flavorings that I hadn't really played with yet, and I let him smell RF Apple and right away he said to me that smells like a perfect candy apple, and that it would make a great Blowpop. So I took that and ran with it. Here's we're I arrived at.. Go mix it up and leave your feedback!!!!!! Thanks !!! SK!!!!!!

Ya gotta put me on.
Steeping for 2 weeks works best.

Apple Crumble Custard (brandy inside)
Sweet and lightly brandied apple crumble pie with a wealthy cinnamon custard and cream topping.

Got the idea when i was making my Boozed Apple Pie Shots you can find this here -->Got the idea when i was making my Boozed Apple Pie Shots you can find this here --> https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/46176#boozed_apple_pie_shots_by_sejouced

This time i wanted a more crumble type of apple pie but with the addition of a custard.
Because i was testing few of the newest RF SC aromas i came up the idea to use RF SC Apple Crumble with some support from RF SC Apple and include the very smooth RF SC Cinnamon Custard. I decided to swap the FA Whiskey from the previous recipe with the RF SC Brandy to infuse the apples/crumble with a sweet and brandied note.
Brandy can be made from any fruit such as wine/grapes (Cognac) or plum (Slivovitz), or apple (Calvados)

Building blocks::

RF SC Brandy to infuse the apples and give them a sweet brandied taste
'Solo tested at 2.5%, the recommended.maximum, steep 3 days.
This brandy got notions of grapes, it is very aromatic and sweet, i sense nuts, dried fruit, caramel, honey, vanilla, a little zest of orange and spices such as cinnamon.'

RF SC Apple Crumble the foundation of this recipe.
'Solo tested at 2.5%, the recommended.maximum, steep 3 days.
I compared this to the RF SC Apple pie version, in this RF SC Apple Crumble i sense nuts and cinnamon and burned sugar'

RF SC Apple added to support the crumble and to provide an extra layer of apples.

RF SC Cinnamon Custard, very velvet and smooth custard with mild notes from cinnamon and eggs.
'Solo tested at 2.5%, the recommended.maximum, steep 3 days.
Creamy with very noticeable cinnamon but not disturbing, eggs, sugar, taste more like a pudding'

FLV Cream to add a smooth structure to the custard and round it of.

Steep 3/5 days or more

Apples macerated in whisky and baked with a lovely crusty taste and fluffy cakey bottom and topped of with cream.

RF SC Apple and RF SC Apple Pie paired for perfection, very sweet and rich apple taste in a light crusty jacket.
FA Liquid amber adds some needed acidity to the apples.
To give the mix a fluffy cake feel i've added some JF Yellow Cake
FA Whisky was used for a light oak wood, grain and malted taste to the already sweet mix of apples.
FLV rich cinnamon (2drops/10ml) added because i feel that the RF SC Apple Pie does not have cinnamon or at least i couldn't taste it.
FA Vanilla Bourbon and FLV Cream rounds this mix off

steep at least 8 days, blame this on the whisky that needs to blend with the other ingredients, FA Whisky have a dry and rather earthy taste, it need the time to blend with the mix!

inhale: apples and a lovely taste of whisky
exhale: round vanilla and creamy apples with a cinnamon afterbite

Very addictive dessert/bakery vape, you've been warned :-)

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