(RF) Almond – SC

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I got FA Fuji because someone requested an apple juice, and it seemed pretty popular and mostly well reviewed. I'm not a big fan of fruity vapes, but that juice turned out pretty damn good. It got me to thinking about an apple tobacco, and then it just sort of clicked- add that shit to my clone of The Duke. The Duke has everything that goes well with apple. A bit of cinnamon from the Hongtashan, a bit of caramel, the AP and caramel together mix to almost taste like caramel popcorn (when people smelled the real Duke and also my clone they say that's what it smells like), and a nice, light nutty tobacco from Tobacco Symphony. Threw in a little RF SC Almond to blend the Fuji with everything else. It's a bit of a sweeter, bright Almond that bridges the gap quite nicely between the deeper notes in the Duke base. Fuji sits right on top of it all like it was always meant to be there. It's actually messed with my head a little to where I go back to just The Duke and I swear I taste apple in there. Match made in heaven.

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