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(PUR) Watermelon

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 371 recipes at an average of 3.922%.


32 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Just a simple Shake and vape Strawberry watermelon. Taste awesome off the bat. No steep required. Mixed at 65/35pg love this shit.

So Last night I was Drinking. I was on my sixth beer and standing over the Toilet doing my business when I thought I want something fruity and tarty to vape. So I threw a 15 ml of this together. It was so good after a quick shake, or that could have just been my drunkenness! I wasn't so sure so this afternoon I said let me taste that recipe I made last night again. oh my god was my first impression, the flavors mixed together were outstanding; just bursting Onto my palette with such and intense feeling of fruit, melons and tart. This truly was just the perfect vape I've been searching for. Made at 65/35Pg. Steep time 1 day, HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT AT MUCH AS I DID. Feedback would be appreciated.

This is a very unique tasty Melon recipe FW Apple provides a nice tart note that really brightens up the melons. The blue raspberry from Real Flavors is just a really good flavor and brings in a nice sweet but tangy flavor that bursts this flavor to beyond it limits adding such a great amount of flavor. Inw raspberry is a strong flavor but used at very low percentage adds just a great dark raspberry note to the recipe. This truly is just a sweet melon that will keep your mouth begging for more all day long. No steep required definetely a Shake and Vape that has the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness. Steep 3 days and the flavor is absolute bliss. Try it you won't be disappointed. Simple but great. Mixed 65/35PG if you like it sweeter add .25-5 FLV Sweetness or Cap Super sweet


hashslingingslashur suggested adding "a fruit like strawberry, pineapple, or maybe some lime" to his delicious Jango recipe, which is worth a mix on its own but seems especially well-suited for use as exotic tropical base to build on. I've been playing around with some combinations of Jango and other fruits off and on and this is the first one worth sharing. Sweet, ripe mango with bright, juicy watermelon.

This is a nice Sweet Melon based vape Recipe. The Purilium watermelon is very candy like and a great flavor on its own. FA watermelon to me gives more of that authentic watermelon taste. FLV wild melons adds a bit more of all melon flavor without being to overpowering at .75%. Added the Vanilla swirl to give it some creaminess as well as juiciness so the recipe is not dry. The FA Custard adds just a bit of citrus to the mix and really blend well with these flavors. No added sweetness is necessary as ITS ALREADY PRETTY SWEET. Good off the Shake steep 3 days for best results.


Melons and cream. The shining star in this recipe is of course the TFA Honeydew even at just over 1%. PUR and LA watermelon help to round out the melon base in the recipe to make it a more FULL and natural melon vape. LA watermelon is such a great tasting and strong watermelon aroma, alone it is more of a candied melon, so I use the PUR version here in conjunction to help soften the LA watermelon up a bit and make it more of a natural melon. FA cantaloupe is the foundation of the melons here. It just works, it seems as if its holding up the honeydew, and watermelon in a way that it is filling in any gaps and lower base notes that the other melons are lacking, giving us more of a full, wet and well rounded melon. The whole goal of this recipe was to create a delicious melon and cream vape, using a cream note that was a little lighter and not overly heavy but not to light either. The final verdict was CAP Marshmallow as a main cream note for obvious reasons while also using FA meringue and FA whipped cream to fill in the cream and give it a fuller mouth feel and vape experience. The cream is a lighter type of cream, which is what i was aiming for. Mix it up and feel it out. If you like it, leave a review. Thanks and enjoy!


Lushice was the very first recipe I tried to make/clone, as it was one of my favourite eliquids before DIY. I went through about 10 different watermelon concentrates and none of them really lived up to any of the premium watermelon eliquids I had tried. Watermelon has kindof been my white whale, but iv finally nailed the profile with purilum watermelon (and also delosi watermelon in my other recipes)

This clone is simple, but surprisingly accurate. It tastes exactly how I remembered it, however maybe a little less sweet so as not to ruin my coils. Ideally sweetener should be at 1%.

If you havnt gotten PUR watermelon yet id highly recommend it, its the best candy watermelon out there hands down, much better than Lorann's. Delosi watermelon is also amazing and very versatile, as it can be used both in candy recipes and as a natural watermelon. Check out my strawkiwi-malone recipe for a banging watermelon jolly rancher profile, using delosi watermelon.

This is tied to the Watermelon homework assignment. I've been working on a version of this for a bit, and just got it like I wanted it. The homework timing was a happy convenience. This is not the traditional coconut-heavy snow cone tiger blood, I actually wanted the watermelon up front.

TPA Coconut: I used this instead of coconut extra because I wanted the watermelon to be the star of the show. This lends just enough coconut flavor to know it's there.
TPA Dragonfruit: Accents the strawberry and adds a touch of juiciness to the mix
TPA Strawberry: I didn't actually try any other strawberry flavors for this. My worry was that any other would either be too sweet, too strong, or too pink for this. I may do a version of this with Straw Ripe just to see what happens.
PUR Watermelon: This is the watermelon I've been looking for. Sweet and candylike without the qualities that annoy the hell out of me in TFA watermelon. I did a batch of this with CAP double watermelon as well and it was okay, but this tastes better and more well-rounded to me.


This is my take on a strapon juice. My whole plan was to take the best watermelon, strawberry and apple I had and mix them together. Thankfully it turned out really good. If you don't have PUR watermelon you could sub in LA Watermelon at a higher percentage as they both have that candied watermelon feel. The marshmallow and meringue are just there to add a little depth to the fruits, this isn't a "creamy" recipe at all.

I hope you like it.

A nice refreshing Stawberry, watermelon, lemonade. Just perfect for the hot summer. Enjoy this with your favorite beverage. Great as a Shake n vape.

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