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(OTHR) Sugar Daddy (TBV Rick)

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Used in 89 recipes at an average of 1.402%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This isn't your typical stovetop mango custard out of a box...it's actually your typical mango custard out of a box WITH a dab of whipped cream AND fresh mint on top. There may or may not also be a few slices of fresh mango as well. Sue me.

If you're still with me then its time for a few flavor notes:

Bavarian Cream(FW): One of my favorite creams to add to a custard. Supplies a nice thick mouthfeel without too many additional caramel and vanilla notes.

Custard(INW): If you want just a thick and creamy custard without a heavy dose of vanilla than this is the one you want.

Mango(SC): I can't get enough of this mango lately. It's so juicy and delicious I highly recommend picking it up if you don't already have it. It's basically canned mango nectar in vape form and its the flavor that needed to be in this recipe.

Mango(FLV): SC Mangos best buddy in this recipe. It really brightens up the mango flavor and almost makes one believe that this is a made from scratch mango custard 😉

Vanilla Custard(CAP): This flavoring is entirely optional. I happen to love it in this recipe but it is just as tasty although a bit lighter without it.

Vanilla Whipped Cream(CAP): This is that little dab of whipped cream on top. It's a great flavor but if you would like a viable sub that I believe makes the recipe better, FA Whipped Cream at 1.25% will do just fine. FANA has been screwing around a bit and their whipped cream with all of that tasty diacetyl is no longer widely available to most folks or else it would have been in the recipe instead of CAP VWC...

Natural Mint(INW): An amazing flavoring and the perfect mint leaf garnish for our mango custard. This flavoring is damn strong so even 0.15 would probably do just fine.

Sweetener is optional although it adds to the authenticity in this recipe.

Pretty good as a SnV or let this one steep for a couple of days if you want a bolder mango. Let it sit for a week or two for best overall results and maximum decadence.

I truly love this recipe and I hope some of you folks will too! Enjoy!

In honor of Waynes flavor review and accompanying recipe of LB Blue Raspberry(and also due to finally receiving my own bottle of the same a couple of weeks ago after my supplier had it listed as out of stock for damn near a whole year!) I figured I would share a quick and tasty recipe I've been enjoying the past few days.

I won't go in depth too much with the flavor notes. LB Blue Raspberry is the star of the recipe along with a few complimentary friends.:

INW Raspberry Malina: boosts those top candy raspberry notes to really make LB Blue Raz pop.

FLV Boysenberry: adds another dimension of candy "blue" and is an all around amazing flavor.

SC Green Apple: I have tasted green apple in many a blue raspberry candy/slush/popsicle and for good reason, as apple is a great friend of the raspberry and it really completes that candy blue raz profile and adds a unique flair to the recipe. By the way this flavor should NOT be subbed for other green apples unless you love the taste of acetone...it is awesome and if you don't have it I highly recommend picking it up.

WS-23 because summer

Sugar daddy sweetener because it's the best damn sweetener out there albeit a bit on the weak side so 1% is not that crazy for a candy profile such as this. Of course you can alter to suit your taste.

There you have it, a damn satisfying blue raz that is simple and extremely tasty. Hope you all enjoy!

Mango is my absolute favorite fruit and I love mixing with it and trying to find that perfect mango vape. If you are a fan of mango and looking for a great summertime recipe then give this beauty a mix.

I wanted to try something a bit different from my usual recipes and my new bottle of FLV Black Tea was sitting on the shelf looking lonely so I thought why not?

Id10-t tackled this profile quite a while ago with a simple and pretty tasty mango iced tea recipe, however, I felt it a bit too linear and a touch harsh on the throat. Not to mention FA Black Tea, although not horrible, leaves a lot to be desired.

I decided I wanted the mango part to be more along the lines of a nectar/puree, so I used a combo that I have really been digging lately, FLV Mango at 1% and SC Mango at 2% is low enough to let the other flavors shine through, yet provides a nice full mango nectar. If you don't have SC Mango yet, do yourself a favor and buy it! It is an amazing flavor and my current favorite. Its only downfall is that its susceptible to a bit of fading after a few days so it is best as a SnV. FLV Mango is there to bolster the SC and contribute some of its brighter citrusy top notes.

FLV Black Tea provides a nice sweet and mildly complex tea base and has become one of my new favorite flavors. 1.5% provides a good level of tea flavor to the recipe. Bump up to 2% if you would like the tea to be a bit more apparent.

CAP Hibiscus is another great flavor and it pairs very nicely with the mango, adding a nice twist to this recipe. 1.5% brings the flavor up enough to compliment the mango and black tea while providing a nice syrupy sweetness to the profile.

TFA Strawberry at 1% is mainly here to ensure this recipe is as smooth as silk. Also, strawberry is a wonderful pairing choice for mango and even at a fairly low 1% compliments the mango and hibiscus wonderfully.

I add 1.5-2% WS-23 30% but if that is too much please feel free to take it down to your preferred level.

I have really been digging Ricks Sugar Daddy sweetener since I started using it. In fact, I don't use anything else anymore because this stuff is amazing! It's about the same potency as TFA Sweetener so I don't believe 1% is absurd by any means but feel free to sub your preferred sweetener or remove it completely as the recipe is fairly sweet on its own.

I enjoy this recipe right off the shake but if you let it sit for a day or two, the tea and hibiscus will pop out a bit more as the mango fades slightly.

I really hope that some of you are able to mix this up ☺ It's a perfect vape for summertime cocktails on the patio or just lounging in the sun.

After many trials and errors this recipe came into light.. I am a huge chocolate and banana fan so I might as well add it to a crepe recipe I had set up way before I even had the flavors.. Both Australian Chocolate and Glamour Chocolate make a nice base.. Glazed Donughnut adds a little depth to the Crepe.. Everything else just comes together..

Many thanks to everyone from DIY Downunder FB group for the name of the recipe.

So my first tea and I think it turned out just right. I do think the Stixx Mixx Tea's are fairly easy to work with and the flavors are pretty spot on if you are a tea drinker like myself.. You play with the percentages that work for you.
Boysenberry is a nice spring / summer flavor to get you out of the winter blah's
Shisha Strawberry is a nice fresh strawberry to add to the strawberry within the tea
Raspberry as a booster to tie all the flavors together.

Sometimes simple is best.. I mix with the Keep It Simple Stupid mentality most times and this recipes takes the cake of keeping it simple, Everything about this recipe is clean and fresh with the meringue to add depth.. I really love using the Strawberry Shisha by Great lakes as it is so close to the juice of the strawberry and the WF Pear is just one of those flavors that make you say DAMN quite a bit. This makes for a great shake and vape or a max 3 day steep

My first try at any type of a coffee mix.. The Chocolates blend very well with the Hazelnut.. Sugar Daddy best sweetener to use in this mix as it is the most realistic sugar.. 7 Days should blend it well.. BUT tastes amazing off the shake..

Based off the Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafer..
Nice light refreshing flavor mixture hints of vanilla and wafer..
Super simple mix for many new mixers to try out..

Nice Canadian holiday pie.. gooey pecan goodness in a vape.
Both of the pecans play off each other with the toasted almond adding the extra hint of smooth nuttiness with the Biscuit, Fried Dough. Golden Butter and Pie Crust bringing up the rear for the flaky crust.. Accented with AP, Sugar Daddy and Vanilla ( Bourbon ) to blend everything oh so well.
This can be a desert vape or an everyday vape with ease...


Pretty basic recipes of my version of a Hostess Twinkie.. Simple yet good..

Flavor Notes