(OOO) Strawberry (Sour Belts)

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Sour Watermelon Berry Punch Hawaiian style. Sweeten to taste, better without sweetner though.

So I get these sour apple and strawberry candies from work and wanted too try my hand at it and it came out awesome as always give it a mix boys and girls

This is a very simple combination of flavors. The strawberry is completed drowned out by the blue raspberry candy and the sour belt remains making a delicious blue raspberry sour belt. Add koolada to taste for a nice icy vape.

This is a Remix of Naked 100 Berry Belts. I set out to make a juice similar to theirs and come to find out , I like my version better.
On the inhale you get the Strawberry/Forrest Fruit w/ a splash of Lime. On the exhale you get that gummy candy belt. I am not the best at notes, so mix it up you wont be disappointed.

Here's a great strawberry belts candy recipes. One on one's strawberry ripe really made this recipe shine and in my opinion might be the best strawberry flavor out there. This recipe has great mouth feel and a short steep time. I hope you all enjoy

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