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(OOO) Cream Milky PG

By: One On One (OOO)

Used in 170 recipes at an average of 1.962%.


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The milky undertones is upfront at first, nice and milky fruit loops.

Tastes like a damn fine bowl of fruit loops that doesn't require a steep.

This is the one guys!!! The cinnamon toast crunch recipe you’ve all been longing for! The best of the best and last but not least (S&V APPROVED)! This recipe will blow you away (no pun intended) it’s 10/10 on authenticity and 10/10 on flavour. There’s no subs on this recipe I’m afraid, I spent hours perfecting it and narrowed it down to these flavours for a reason.... get ready for a CTC harmony all up in you and please leave a rating and review so others can see. Happy mixing guys 💙 HAPPY VALENTINES 💙😘

Blah, blah, blah, blah, something about flavors....Lumi doesn't do descriptions


Bad Bird is: Berries, Cereal, and Milk. This is a take on a crunch berry cereal but with more of my own twist on a berries and cereal with milk. No substitions, mix as is and enjoy. please leave your review. Best after 1 week steep

Chocolate + Mint + Ice Cream = A very simple mix to enjoy during the holiday season.

“Remember, the mind is your best muscle. Big arms can move rocks, but big words can move mountains.” – Rocky Balboa


RYNGZ: starring Froot, Sweetened Multi-Grain Cereal, and Milk.
Meet the lucky friend of unlucky. To me this is the closest to real froot loops and milk with no power of pine sol. This is as to date as close as I could get to authenticity. Kids havent tested it and your mother probably does not approve.
No substitutions, just mix it up as is and enjoy!
Cap Fruit Circles: Froot Type Blend Flavor
Tpa Meringue/OOO CMU: Milk
Fw Sweetener: Sugar

Yellow frosted cake served with vanilla ice cream.


I love vaping cakes almost as much as I love eating them. OoO golden sponge is a wonderful cake concentrate IMO. Its is a moist and very dense plain cake that has no off notes and very easy persuaded in any direction you so please. Great mouthfeel but maybe even a lil too plain thats why i added some Cap sugar cookie and flv frosting to kinda sweeten it up.

Hashsling on the discord was talking about how he ran out of holy vanilla and was tryna figire out what flavors were in there. I believe he is onto something with it being mostly bourbon vanilla and cream cheese icing, amongst other things. This ingredient was already in this recipe but this kinda made me understand why holy vanilla alongside flv frosting would create such a delicious vanilla frosting.

Vanilla Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream tfa vbic, but that would have been too easy no?. Been loving the combo of milky cream and condensed milk in any milk based cream im trying to create.

Added some Polar blast for that cold ice cream feel.

Im really diggin this recipe and i hope you guys do as well. Their is definetly complexity but still straight forward enough that it doesnt distract from the profile. Its simply cake and ice cream :)


I have been chasing a "Peach Milk" to replicate Oak Farms Peach Milk. This was one step along the way. While it kind of falls short on the "Peach Milk" target it is a really good Peach Smoothie type vape.

Peach Milk is still a target and I am closer than I was before. I also hit on two other peach cream type vapes that I will probably be dropping at some point along the way. Different enough to be interesting and stand on their own.

OOO Cream Milky Undertones PG is a must have if you like milky recipes. By itself it is part way between Half and Half and Whole Milk
FA Cream Fresh, to bring some "even more dairy, and that specific cream note it brings on a steep"
Shisha Vanilla, because I love vanilla and INW shisha vanilla brings even more creamy notes with it, and a good vanilla never did a peach, milk or cream wrong.

The combo of INW Peach and JF Peach team up for a really good syrupy note. A realistic peach, but not the fruit, more the organic peach reductions you can get in syrup form.

Subs, yeah, none really.

Steep time. I like to mix large and observe the changes in mixes even after I have been mixing it for a while. This is really best after 14 days when the creams do all their magix and come together completely. It is also nice after 6 days or so. FA Cream Fresh is an awesome flavor, but it is definitely "odd" when fresh is fresh. Placing the steep time at 7 days but do as you wish. If you are a peach fan mix large and test it along the way to observe the changes.

For that cold cold, add Koolada, WS-X of your choice or FA Polar Blast to taste. .5% FA Polar Blast is a very nice addition to this.


Yet another remix of @ID10-T 's recipe Strap-on

I need FA Watermelon to be paired with another melon, also a strawberry hard to taster, soooo....


Sweet nectar milk this is good!!! My goal for this recipe was to make a honeysuckle ADV. It's always been one of my favorite flavors that i could never really get to work the way i wanted it to. At 8% the honeysuckle has a little bit of harshness but also has a very sweet nectar quality that i wasn't getting enough of at lower percentages. I went through a ton of different creams and found that some got rid of the harshness but most of them muted the honeysuckle flavor too much or just didn't pair well. So in my search for the least muting cream i think it was Thadentman that turned me on to the milky undertones. Seems to be a really good neutral milky cream flavor. I can tell this flavor is going to be a staple in my recipes for a while. It's sweet, creamy, and pairs perfectly with the honeysuckle. Bavarian is my go to light cream so a small amount of that and marshmallow smooth it out a bit more and add to the sweetness. Ends up being a very sweet and smooth vape, i can finally add honeysuckle to my daily rotation!!!

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