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(NN) Menthol Crystal 10%

By: Nude Nicotine (NN) - Buy Direct

Used in 35 recipes at an average of 1.399%.


1 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This recipe is designed with menthol flavor in mind. It can be vaped without it but i don't think it is as good. I didn't test it with just mint (i don't have any), that could work too.
It is meant to be refreshing for the hot summertime.
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CAP Cucumber has a nice fresh cucumber salad flavor which is refreshing on it's own. same goes for
TPA Watermelon. it's not a candy like watermelon but a more authentic and fresh one
Golden Pineapple is meant to enhance the freshness and juicyness. I tried different things here but liked this the most. you can switch it for FA Fuji @ 0.5% which works well also (but of course a little different).

Edit New Version: I added a little Flavorahs Cucumber and Wild melon to boost the flavors without making it much drier. To make up for it i raised Golden Pineapple.

Old Recipe:
CAP Cucumber 5%
TPA Watermelon 2.5%
CAP Golden Pineapple 0.75%
Menthol: 0.33%

Flavor Notes