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Further building on my Applebumm pie , and experimenting with different flavors and combinations to find that perfect match

Hey Mixers, Been awhile since I put a bakery out , but after a long hiatus, I decided to work on my Ms Applebumm Pie.
I did some research on Crust and pairings and tried to close in on an even more authentic apple pie tasting vape.
My original recipe was heavy on the FLV apple filling , giving it a McDonalds style apple pie flavor , which IMHO is heavy on the cinnamon notes, in this recipe I wanted to get closer to a nicely balanced mix with everything working in harmony and nothing really over powering the mix.. What I get on the Inhale: Cinnamon very hinty, then as the vape settles on my tongue I taste the apples and hint of cinn and sweetness, on the exhale I get the whole enchilada and the golden flaky crust with a hint of a butter note. In this mix I was really working on the Crust aspect with what ingredientsi have on hand , and chose : INW Biscuit - for its flakiness and butter notes, TPA Cinnimon Sugar cookie- to help with the Cinn note and some grittiness to add with the texture, and TPA AP for a darker bakery note I used the AP very sparingly to avoid the " Frito affect". For my Filling as always my favorite FLV apple filling ….no explanation needed as I have raved about this flavor in previous recipes… as well as MB Eden Apple another awesome flavor if you aren't using Molinberry flavs by now your late…. Lol… and one of Waynes Favs FA Fuji Apple another Must have in any flavor aresenal- this flavor just adds some sparkle to the other apples in this mix .. All three are a power combo… please enjoy this recipe as much as I do …… Love yah guys and gals KEEP MIXING…..


Well for Starters FLV hit it out the park with the Apple Pie filling Flavor, it is pretty spot on for a Hostess or McDonald's Hot apple pie filling or Very close to a Krispy Kreme Apple filled doughnut...... this flavor is amazing i tested it @ 4% and wanted a little more of that sweet filling so i added another % to it .and im glad i did... all it needed was a good baked pie shell to round it off , as i do not have any pastry bases i had to make my own ,So i chose the following as my pie crust base : FLV Graham cracker,Cookie Dough and INW Biscuit..IMHO it has all the elements of a flaky pastry crust and that coupled with the FLV Apple Pie filling made this recipe absolutely divine.. I really hope this gets the looks it deserves it is a very good and simple recipe ....ENJOY!!! DK91

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In collaboration with Labworks. This is a beautiful full bodied green tea with hints of peach and apple. Enjoy.

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I was try to go for an authentic preserve type Blueberry in this recipe and I believe the HA AND MB Paired together achieves this the MB has sweetness that goes all the way thru the flavoring it could most definitely be a single flavor mix all by itself, the HA BB is the opposite it has a tartness on the draw and gets sweeter thru the pull.I also added MB Eden Apple for alittle juiciness and to brighten up the blueberries. . So I chose FLV custard and fresh cream(FA)
As my custard base in future mixes I may add some CAP custard for its egginess and to make the custard fuller... But for now it's still good wanna see where the FLV ends up in a week or so
Added a small amt of super sweet to smooth out the edges

So I was supposed to join stars & clouds Pippa live and friends for a 3 flavors race. Of course I was late to the show because daylight savings time ahhh..... Hopefully I made up for it with this delicious mix. Ejoy everyone!! The Mb Eden Apple takes it to the next level. 😋

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