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This recipe is delicious without the JF strawberry sweet but the JF strawberry sweet definitely boost the strawberry it makes this mix so much better . this is just a simple strawberry pink lemonade but it’s fucking good this is something you would find on the shelves and E liquid store. happy mixing. you can lower the super sweet if you’d like .

Good as a shake and vape . gets better as time passes . this is a clone of a (Blue sour patch kid ) leave a review . much love keep mixing fam !


Poppin Purple Lemonade is a delicious prickly pear lemonade drink from Red Robin.

This is my rendition of a cherry/ lemon-lime type gummy worm with some sweet and sour sensations.

LB Sour Gummy was used for a candied cherry, some gummy-ness, and a little bit of sour

FW Rainbow Candy or Skits Candy was used to get a good lemon-lime taste and to get some sugar texture

Cap SL Rainbow Candy is used to bring a fruity body to the mix and to help other flavors transition

FA Fuji Apple is used to enhance the top note and maybe add a little sour

LB Sour is used to enhance the overall sourness

This is a great shake and vape but really blends well after 3 days

This is already sweet enough for me, but I’f you would like an even sweeter mix then I’d recommend 0.25% -0.5% Cap Super Sweet

Enjoy and please comment and/or review

Liquid Barn's Blue Raspberry is a solid flavor so it doesn't need much, if anything.
I like it with a little sour & sweet for an even more candy type of thing.


This is my first recipe I tried to make. Now all my friends want this and can't get enough of it. If u like blue cotton candy then try it!!!! Enjoy

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