(LB) Cherry Blossom Tea

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A refreshingly unique blend. You get a darker cherry with some light floral notes, dunked right into a delicious southern sweet tea. Floral's are not overbearing and this is not medicinal as you would think. It is slightly floral so some may confuse the two, but this is a delicious vape!! I add 1 drop cap ss per 10ml, sweeten to your liking!!

This is good as a shake and vape but as always i recommend a short 3 day steep.


Ok, so it doesn't have the actual purple flavor of INW Grape. It's actually red (cherry flavors) plus blue (blueberry) to get to purple.

It's vapable SnV, but give it time and it develops to a sweet candy blend of cherry and Elderflower. It might need a touch of Hibiscus to blend them more completely, but very enjoyable as is.

Ever since tasting LB Cherry Blossom Tea, I've been wanting to make it work. I hate it on it's own but there's something interesting about it. I've tried adding biscuits and creams before with meh results and went with addition fruits and cream this time. For some reason I don't mind as much when I MTL vape shitty juice so I went for a MTL version first. I think it came out fantastic. I added 1 drop of SS for the 15ml bottle I made.

It's pretty good off the shake, but after sitting over the weekend, I think it's really good.

Just tried some flavors together and was surprised lol, stupid tens words B S

This was made for a DIY Down under face group mixers challenge which was 2 main flavors and an additive . if you are interested in joining the monthly challenges you can find the DIY down under group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/diydownunder/

I actually love this type of challenge since it really makes you think about the flavors you pick and is a very different style of mixing then layering multiple flavors - liquid barn or capella flavors are ideal for this type of challenge since they are pretty true to their profile across a range of percentages and work well as the main flavor notes in recipes. So this was obviously inspired by SPRING.

LB Cherry blossom is a lovely light cherry with some tea notes at 3 %. If you are looking for a stronger tea flavor then this would benefit from a another black tea . You can increase the percentage to 5 - 6 % if you want to pull the cherry more forward.

The LB vanilla mint works well here since i wanted a slight menthol/spearmint and vanilla back note. But must be added at a significantly lower percentage then the recommended 15%

The honeysuckle adds the creamy sweet body and floral notes and brings the cherry and vanilla mint together .

Created a nice floral bouquet of a sweet herbal tea. Kind of a changeup from my normal approach. I may modify further in the future, but it is a very enjoyable alternate profile mix.

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