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(JF) Sweet Strawberry

By: Jungle Flavors (JF)

Used in 621 recipes at an average of 2.105%.


46 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A english fave an a american fave combined ! For a simple recipe im loving this at the moment !
Great combo an loads of flavor wihout over doing any %s A sweet blackcurrant rancher with a touch of strawberry
Have made loads of versions of this with different fruits an this is defo my favorite
Few notes

Play nicely together these 2 without taking to much of the front note loving the JF version which is a bit more sweety/candy style an works well with the more subtle cap version ! i didnt want a INW sickly kinda strawberry wanted it to just an add to the Blackcurrant an support it

Love this version super tasty soon as i tasted it i instantly had a ribena mix in mind ! Nice an full an has a bit of depth to it

Great to pair with fruits ive used similar recipe with watermelon, apple an bluberry an it gives a good base that is easy to work with ! Tried many different %s but 5 is my fave ! 6+ an it can almost become harsh an slightly chemical

Helps to smooth the FW candy with the strawberry an blackcurrant an pulls a bit of sweetness out !
As its a sweet i like 1% sweetener but you guys try what works for you

Steep 2-3 days. Mix at 70VG / 30PG. Based on Wayne Walker's STRAWBERRY YOGURTS, this is my go to strawberry yoghurt. I replaced CAP Sweet Strawberry with JF's, because for me, it has much more flavour and is just the perfect strawberry syrup. I've also added CAP Marshmallow for creamier and sweeter mouthfeel. FW Hazelnut combines so well with FA Caramel and adds another depth.


A cocktail that's half piña colada, half strawberry daiquiri, and all good. This one's for you, Thadentman, and if it doesn't meet your expectations, let me know and I'll go back to the lab again. It needs about 3 days to come together. If you add Koolada, go a little easier than you normally would.

A piña colada with strawberries? YES! Add Koolada to taste and give this one a few days to come together.


Shake and vape as is or add Koolada for a frozen cocktail.


This has become one of my favorite shake and vape recipes. It started as a clone but strayed so far from the source that it became it's own, completely original, much more delicious recipe. Reminiscent of Pop Rocks but with a more authentic fruit flavor.

Long steep time on this one takes at least 10 days for the Cherry Pie and the cream to come together.

So the previous version of this was way way way too long for a lot of you to get a grip on so I took This one and beat it around a little until it was just right , I'm gonna Slip it back into play here and hope that the ones that couldn't Jump on before go ahead this time and take MY LITTLE CACK out for a spin . This is a very sweet berry cactus lemonade that is straight forward and to the point check it out and let me know what you think. Don't worry I'm fine with MY LITTLE CACK so criticism is welcomed !

My version of a strawberries and cream, however, I let the banana really shine instead of punching you in the face with strawberry notes. Pairs nicely with a hot cup of coffee.

Art by me : www.matthew-kocanda.com


Strawberries and Cream may be way overdone, but I think this stands out enough to share it with everyone. Delicious strawberry milk taste with hazelnut and sugar cookie thrown in there for body

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