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(JF) Sweet Strawberry

By: Jungle Flavors (JF)

Used in 621 recipes at an average of 2.105%.


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When I first got my box I thought itd be cool to try a recipe with only ingredients in the box so i got a 3 day head start. Im posting now before someone else makes this profile. I know these flavors pretty well and a longer steep is not going to hurt it. When looking at the list of ingredients I enjoyed alpine strawberry standalone @1.25% and its probably something I could vape alone and be happy with. My wife even hurt my feelings when I told her to try this flavor her words were "this is the best recipe youve ever made". OUCH. I dont value her opinion on flavors anyway her palate is shot to hell..proof here https://www.reddit.com/r/mixersclub/comments/5e9b0t/couples_that_vape_together_stay_together/ I get a jammy fresh strawberry preserve off this flavor. So that mixed with JF sweet strawberry as I like jf sweet straw to just stay low and compliment the jam. Apricot low as well to just barely lend some of its peach like qualities to the strawberry. CAP sugar cookie is G.O.A.T so you would imagine naturally how the cookie, butter, biscuit can leave you with a delicious shortbread. AS PROVEN BEFORE MYSELF. THAT base is looking familar. With good reason because thats a very accurate shortbread base. Bav cream and hazelnut are just there to add not cream but bridge everything together and make it a lighter more blended feeling.

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I have a buddy who loves fruit vapes but isn't a fan of cream or bakery flavors at all. So this is what I came up with for him. Not my personal favorite but if you dig fruit vapes then this might be for you. Enjoy ✌️️


Hey there! I think I'm considering this a wrap. This is my strawberry milk recipe with an emphasis on the milk. It's full and round in the mouth. The cream is thick and sweet. The strawberry is mellow yet present.

The whole idea was a very milky strawberry and cream vape using FLV Cream and JF Sweet Strawberry. Those were the key ingredients that I had to use. Cream has this almost cool taste to it.. Not like Koolada or menthol at all. It isn't cool, but it kind of tastes so. Sweet Strawberry is one of few strawberries I can taste, and it's kind of syrupy. It isn't sickly like INW Strawberry Shisha though. Nor is it gross as all get out like FLV Strawberry. So that's that.

FLV Cream has that heavy cream, almost milky thing going for it. It's a thick cream with an ever so slight spice. I used TPA VBIC to thicken the cream and pump up that vanilla note. I threw in just a splash of Meringue to sweeten the cream into something more like milk. The TPA Bavarian Cream is there to kind of warm up and fill out the cream. JF Sweet Strawberry is a new favorite of mine and I had to use it here for its sweet, nearly syrupy taste. I found a bit of TPA Strawberry took off the sharp edge of the Sweet Strawberry, making it a little softer. The TPA Dragonfruit is just there to help bring the strawberries out a bit. It makes for a thick, creamy, milky vape with a semi-sweet strawberry taste that isn't overpowering. It's been my ADV for quite some time now, and no matter how much I vape it I can still taste it. So, there you have it! Ron Burgundy's Milk Was a Rad Choice (something I sure hope you find yourself saying after trying it!). Please leave feedback; I welcome it good or bad! Happy mixing. 👽

CANDY ROLL- I got this flavor by accident trying to find a good smartie flavor, not the candy roll i was thinking but when i tried it at 4% it reminded me of these strawberry fruit strips my wife would buy. I accused her of turning our kid into a hipster. This lays down a good base to make a more homemade version of that.

PEAR- With this pear flavor i was trying to get some of that grittiness you get from dried fruits and pear was the only thing i could think of that could convey that.

FUJI- This JF fuji is a great apple that really stands out and i wanted to get a little bit of sourness that you get at the beginning of a bite of these fruit strips, but keep it low enough to get more of the sweet apple flavor.

CINNAMON- The cinnamon at such a low percent leaves out the bakery aspect and just add a very light spice which is most noticeable on the exhale and aftertaste.

STRAWBERRIES- I wanted the sweet and ripe to come together to really solidify the strawberry on the back end and support the earthier strawberry from the sweet roll.

With a week steep you get a little bit of that upfront sourness of the apple and pear, followed by the strawberry sweetness on the exhale with a touch of spice from the cinnamon, while the sweet roll carries through from beginning to end.

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The Apple cinnamion waffle with sweet strawberry sryup drizzled on top !! Multiple fresh Apple's cinnamion waffle with some good sweet strawberry sryup to top it off ! Ripe strawberry and sweet strawberry work great together here at these percentages imo ! And the Fuji works great off the green apple by flavor west here ! With a little Ethyl maltol to sweeten up the waffle ! This all works well for me ! Mix a 70vg 30 pg .. Best after one week.. My apple cinnamon waffle with some strawberry sryup !!!..

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This a vanilla ice cream base with a hint of strawberry with a forward cinnamon apple pie filling mixed in. The strawberry is used both for the flavor and to lend it's sweetness to the apple.

The base
Imo if you are making an ice cream you need TFA vbic. The FLV cream accentuates the vbic nicely.

The TFA and JF at those percentages make a nicely rounded strawberry combo.

Apple pie filling
I tried several iterations and the main problem I had was nailing down the cinnamon to apple ratio. At these percentages we get a nice filling were you get just enough of each aspect with out getting the cinnamon to be super forward.

I give you Strapped
I was originally going to have Straple in the name but my auto correct kept wanting to change it to Strapped so I went with it.
I know the total flavor percentage is high but I tried cutting it in half and the flavor just wasn't there.

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I couldn't think of a clever name so I thought of a cool one. None Shall Pass sounds a lot better then Apple Cinnamon Strawberry Iced Cookie. So that's the profile. I used the basket ingredients with enough percentage that they would be noticeable and to my surprise it actually helps this recipe. I added the biscuit from Jungle flavors to get my cookie and it worked wonderfully. I boosted the ripe strawberry with jungle flavors sweet strawberry and added FA meringue to give me that iced topping effect. So there you have it this profile is an apple cinnamon cookie Sweet strawberry icing. It's a very tasty recipe with no enhancers I hope you all enjoy it. (((((Mix 70/30 with a 4 day steep))))))

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

So, the basic profile is honeydew/pear with a touch of strawberry. I felt it needed some additions.

I added the honeysuckle, I am not sure why really. I was vaping it and thought damn man, honeysuckle would be perfect here.... So, there it is. At 2% it is there enough to shine through and even complement the other flavors in the profile. Earthy Sweet and slightly floral, but not overbearingly at this percentage.

I added the honeysuckle, I am not sure why really. I was vaping an iteration of this and thought damn man, honeysuckle would be perfect here.... So, there it is. At 2% it is there enough to shine through and even complement the other flavors in the profile. Earthy Sweet and slightly floral, but not overbearingly floral or earthy at this percentage.

Pear, I am using TPA here, mostly because I have a lot of it :) There are other pears, better pears, less overpowering, sweeter, etc. This was more of a convenience thing for me. It works, sweetens and does everything it is supposed to while bring a good solid pear note to the mix. A mix of INW Pear and FA Pear would maybe be a little nicer, if there was less going on in this recipe.

Cantaloupe/Honeydew... My longest running favorite melons are TFA Honeydew and LA Watermelon. This was not a place for watermelon. TFA Honeydew needs a little help to flesh it out a little bit, this is where Cantaloupe comes in. I did at one time use TFA Cantaloupe for this but then CAP came along with theirs and it just blows the others out of the water. Anyways, perfect use of it here.

Strawberry, I thought about omitting this one all together and going for a darker berry profile but strawberry just works so well here. I am really liking either CAP Strawberry Sweet or JF Strawberry Sweet these days. Both suffer from muting over a few weeks, both are really sweet, syrupy and "bright" which is where TFA Strawberry comes in, it is a little more artificial tasting, but it can really boost and flesh out a strawberry in the right mix. Also, this may just be me but it seems to me to fix some of the muting that JF and CAP S Sweet as well as TFA Strawbery Ripe suffer from over a longer steep.

INW Cactus, why the hell cactus? WET, that's why, this profile screams mouth full of wet fruit and INW Cactus delivers on that. I have been playing around with the percentage on this also, maybe nice to shine through? Maybe nice to peek through? I kinda like it where it is, not enough to notice CACTUS but enough to be WET.

Sweetener... I try and use as little as possible. To be quite honest I do not put it in every batch. I also sometimes just use CAP Super Sweet in this, at about half or less of the 1% shown.

Really love my sour skittles but you can feel your teeth rotting away as fast as you eat them so wanted to nail a vape that gave me a healthier option
I wanted to have it so you got a hint of all the top notes left in your mouth after you vaped it !
After 7 revisions an a big juggling act im really pleased how it vapes ! You get a different taste as you vape an a nice sweet mixed fruit exhale thats sweet an kinda refreshing !
Had alot of problems with that sour after twang I tried all the usual suspects TPA sour 20% , FA Sour wizard , Malic acid an citric acid as well as trying various citrus concentrates an few lemonades in lower %s

Few notes

CAP ITALIAN LEMON SICILY / FA LIME TAHITY - These 2 i wanted for there citrus sour taste that are a main note in the sweets ! Kept them high to be an over riding taste in the vape ! The lemon is a bangin candy lemon perfect for this an FA lime is a great fit to the real taste of sour skittles 4 % an 1.75 worked out about right ! so there my green an yellow skittles !

TPA GRAPE CANDY / INW BLACKCURRANT - Purple i wanted to combine these 2 as i wanted that back end to taste of the INW concentrate as i get that from the originals ! Grape candy is a sweet easier flavour that fits on most berry fruits an just adds another dimension to it ! The INW is a strong one so didnt need to overdo the % on that compared to the Grape

FW BLOOD ORANGE - Tried adding other oranges in but FW is such a good bitter orange thats pretty sweet an zingy so felt that it could hold its own on team orange ! It gives that bitter grapefruit just in the middle of the vape an as its not hugely strong lays nice with the other citrus notes

CAP &JF SWEET STRAWBERRY - Love these 2 together the candy / sweety JF is bangin an cap just plays well with them adding a nice sweetness needed for the actual sweets but also pulls the other fruits in together an a slightly higher %

FA SOUR / MALIC ACID - Tried alot of combos but to get tongue curling sour you have to add so much of them it just mutes the shit out of all these delicate fruits ! Settled on 1 % FA which i find much better than TPA an .5 of malic acid (do not overdo this one as it mutes the shit out of it an ruins the recipe i found )

TPA MARSHMALLOW / ETHYL MALTOL - just adds that overall sweetness an the center part of the skittle which is kinda sweet but tasteless an the EM rounds it all together plus pulling a bit of extra sweetness From the fruits

Job done an hopefully some of you


This one pairs two flavors that really like to show off in order to create a bright, sweet, tropical vape. The strawberry and watermelon balance and sweeten these floral fruits.

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