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(JF) Sweet Strawberry

By: Jungle Flavors (JF)

Used in 621 recipes at an average of 2.105%.


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Thick, creamy Strawberry Custard.

Reminiscent of Rosemilk, without the cheesecake aspect.

You can steep this as long as you like, it really holds its flavour and just becomes more decadent.

Strawberry Kettle corn with light cream and fluff. I hope you enjoy

Im love this mix just like I love my favorite game to play...... Just the tip for a little bit!

A strawberry chewy candy born of an otherworldly realm.

This recipe uses JF Pink Burst as its base. Its the first time I've used the flavor in a mix. Nothing too out of the ordinary in regards to flavors other than that.


JF Pink Burst @ 3.0%: PB is only decent on its own in regards to its strawberry notes. It is definitely useful for the chewy candy texture it brings to the table, though. Adding a small amount of JF Juicy Lemon adds a tiny bit of sweetness/wetness to the candy profile so we don't have to use sweetener. CAP Jelly Candy is a flavor I add to any candy type profile I'm going for, regardless of whether I'm specifically looking for "jelly candy" or not.

JF Sweet Strawberry @ 2.0%: This is a candy recipe, so I didn't want to choose a fresh strawberry flavor. Sweet Strawberry is perfect for this, as its candy-like on its own, and brings its own sweetness into the fold.

TPA Marshmallow @ 1.0%: Using this for more added sweetness and for a bit of body.


A remix Method1's Lemonaids which is a remix of SlashaLO's Satyra.

This shit bangs. No subs possible. Best damn ratio of concentrates in the game. Fuck me up, fam.

ATF won't allow me to put the accurate steep day for this one, so please note that this recipe is best at about 5 days BEFORE you mix it. Trust me.


Featuring the Holy Trinity of Strawberries. A unique strawberry syrup, a realistic freeze-dried strawberry, and a candy strawberry that puts CAP Sweet Strawberry to shame.

This was a first attempt at recreating a Strawberry Slurpee. Missed the mark, still hits the spot for a sweet, refreshing summer strawberry recipe. Sharing because even though it's what you might call a failed early version, it tasted so good I didn't want to put it down. When you mix up something like that, the profile goal suddenly seems so unimportant.

Dude. Strawberry and apple is just such a good combination. That's really all this recipe does. The lemonade is just there to round everything out and bring it together with a little citrus.


Delicious, creamy spoonfuls of Strawberry Yogurt. FW Yogurt, CAP Creamy Yogurt and FA Madagascar Vanilla provide the backbone for a perfect yogurt base here. Feel free to change the fruit up in the recipe. In fact, I encourage you to experiment and come up with some wonderful versions of the yogurt. Here, I used my go-to combo of TPA Strawberry Ripe and JF Sweet Strawberry to achieve my desired fresh, but just sweet enough strawberries. Give the mix two weeks to fully steep.


This is a unique recipe that brings a nice tarty cookie flavor together with the perefect amount of sweetness and body.
Forrest Mix brings in this nice tarty flavor with not a lot of sweetness but a great flavor.
JF sweet Strawberry brings out the sweetness in the fruits to give really blend them together.
Cap Sugar Cookie to me is a must and gives off that great cookie flavor that you can only get from this flavor.
FW Bavarian cream helps to add body and is great in a cookie and really helps this pastry.
FA Vienna cream brings in a nice sweet vanilla flavor accenting off the Sugar Cookie to add sweetness as well as that vanilla needed to make a
FA Cream Fresh add to this recipe bringing in that nice tartness as well as giving off that milky Taste that you need when dipping your cookies in milk. It makes it go to the next level.
JF biscuit This flavor add the crunch to the recipe as well as rounding out to give the recipe a full body cookie crunch taste.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Awesome Box February 2017

This was created by ingredients in the February awesome box. The LB waffle combined with the JF Biscut are the base of this waffle. Then I smeared on the a dollop of butter which combines with the biscuit to add buttery goodness. Then I stacked on some fresh mixed berries with Forest mix and JF sweet strawberry. Then topped it off with a layer of whipped cream combined with meringue.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Awesome Box February 2017

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