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(JF) Juicy Lemon

By: Jungle Flavors (JF)

Used in 289 recipes at an average of 1.15%.


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So my original bloob juice was pretty popular relative to my other recipes, and just like I created v1 on a whim iv done the same with this one, with similiar results.
For this one the blueberry is much more upfront, and is accentuated by the pomegranate and the lemon. The juicy peach isnt very distinct despite the high percentage, but it alters the blueberry flavour quite nicely and rounds out the profile.

  • For more lemon, up to 1%. Can probably sub with another lemon of your choice, just keep the % low-ish.
  • If you have it, add Hangsen blueberry at 0.25%
  • Erythritol at 2% is a good idea as well

Rich Cinnamon 1 drop per 30ml for a kick. Can omit I suppose. Or dilute.

I decided I needed a Strawberry Cream, just so I could have one I guess? I dunno. On a whim I decided to use the cream base from my snickerdoodle recipe because it's a nice somewhat 'spicy' cream that uses a couple of creams I don't usually see in Strawberry Creams. It turned out good and I prefer it to majority of the SC's I've tried over the last year.

The rich Cinnamon is a drop per 30ml which will be hard to do if you make a batch smaller. I love the warm cinnamon hint but it will survive without it. The idea behind the lemon is to play off the strawberry's and give them a sort of freshness type of thing. It taste good but I have not tested without it because when I start doing that it all goes to shit...

This is my first public recipe. Also one of the first shooting from the hip recipes I created. The original was made in November '16.

This is something I whipped up after searching google for candies with jasmine and tea in them. I can't find the actual food recipe I found but my ingredients were used to reflect what I have on hand and what I felt replicated them.

On the exhale it has a nice smooth milky green tea flavor, on the after taste its a milky caramel flavor.

I actually did vape about 10ml of this the few days after making it and it was good then but obviously after 2 months in the cabinet, I can say a steep brings it to life.

I've never done notes before be gentle.

Beginner Blending Live Mixing concoction. The idea came from DrunkLord aka Jerry aka Barry aka Dairy's request for a strawberry-pineapple La Croix recipe. In here, I avoided the obvious idea of using TFA Pineapple because the mix of TFA Dragonfruit and CAP Golden Pineapple creates something far more sweet and rounded out. My use of TFA Strawberry Ripe, TFA Strawberry, and JF Sweet Strawberry creates a lovely strawberry note that has the best blend of authentic strawberry notes with that candied strawberry syrup. The use of FA White Wine imparts the mouthfeel, throat hit, and flavour of a sparkling water to further link it to the La Croix counterpart. Using the low percentages of FA White Peach, JF Juicy Lemon, and FA Lime Tahiti Cold Press just creates a bridge of citrusy notes that not only boosts the fruit notes into an even better place, but also gives a little more body to the sparkling water element. If you're missing summertime during this cold front of winter, mix this up, kick back, and remember the sunshine.

Art by me. See more at http://www.matthew-kocanda.com


Like those desserts from Chick-Fil-A, this tastes like lemonade blended with milk, cream with an added hint of vanilla


A surprisingly realistic vape. Nice lemon cookie flavor with sugar on the exhale and remaining ever so lightly on the palate. Good as snv, improves with age.


I used Fa marshmallow to bog down the cream. Also used toasted marshmallow for the top of the meringue and it works well. Fa custard for some body and extra lemon. Ive been after this profile for a while and this version is exactly what I wanted. Only 3 days to age which is a plus as well but does get better over time. DO NOT MIX!!! I have no idea why I thought this was good, I just remixed it and its just soooo bad. But, if you did mix it give it the zero out of five stars that it deserves.k thnx bye


Steep time: 3-7 days
Started off as a lemonade, but the Inw raspberry ended up giving it that nice candy property and I was instantly a fan of the combination. The Jungle lemon really boosts the tartness of the lemonade dramatically and rounds out the vape. I can't seem to put this one down during the summer months. Very sweet and refreshing.

Can be vaped after 24 hrs with decent results, but I recommend letting it sit for a week to really meld that raspberry into its intended balance.


A recreation of this delicious cinnamon banana granola baby food that my son and I both love.

Yeah, I'm weird. Deal with it.

Art by me : http://www.matthew-kocanda.com


Super rich, creamy cheesecake with just the right amount of lemon. Minimum of 1 week steep or the anise in Nonna's cake will be way too strong. Mellows out after that; boosts the lemon and overall thick creaminess of the vape.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 4.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 1 days Difficulty: 25 / 100

This is a nice, natural, sweet lemon flavor. It's not necessarily tart, or bitter, or acidic; just a straight up sweet lemon flavor. It's almost reminiscent of those lemon drop candies, but less artificial tasting. I can see this working very well in bakeries, candies, and beverage flavors. The first place my palate wants to take this is like a lemon meringue pie. I've tried this at 1%, 3%, and 5%. 3% seems to be the cap, 1% was a little too weak, and 5% I didn't get anything extra out of it than I did at 3%. This flavoring oughtn't need to steep as it's a fruit, seems to be low in acids, and has an inherent sweetness about it.

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