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(INW) Gold Ducat

By: Inawera (INW)
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Used in 161 recipes at an average of 2.092%.


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I've been playing with this recipe for about 6 months, and I've finally got it tasting like I envisioned. It becomes a rather luxurious vape after a minimum 3 week steep. After that, it really showcases the rich taste of INW for pipe flavors. If you're a tobacco head, plan on making double what you're already considering, as you'll notice it goes quick,

If you don't have the original version of INW Gold Ducat, Gold for Pipe is a decent sub, however if you have something smokier and less sweet, give it a try at the same percentage.

So, I wanted this to be tobacco forward, and I ended up bringing the Black for Pipe a LOT from where I originally had it. The for pipe combo here really sets the tone of the mix. I also had originally used Gold for Pipe, but decided Ducat made it a little smokier and dirtier. Gold for Pipe was almost too sweet for the tobacco profile I wanted. FA Oakwood added another level of depth to the already dark and rich tobacco with it's subtle woodsy notes.

The custard part had always been CAP VC, but no matter the percentage, it just needed something else. That's where CAP Butter Cream came in. It was neutral tasting enough, and gave the custard base a bit more volume.

This is MY perfect RY4. Caramel and tobacco heavy. Medicine Flower and FlavourArt caramel together at this ratio is the perfect RY4 caramel to me. This needs to steep for sure!

I've updated this to use JF RY4 Double (3%) instead of DIYFS Holy Holy Grail RY4 (4%) because I feel like the simplicity of the JF works better. Holy Grail has a lot going on already. Feel free to still use Holy Grail or even TFA RY4 Double (3-4%) if you like.



INW is changing their formulation for Gold Ducat. Shame. I've had this one locked up for a while longer than I should have.

The FA Caramel and TFA Brown Sugar are just added little bonuses for this recipe. Leave them out if you prefer and enjoy a solid pipe tobacco taste with notes of honey and syrup. Steep time based on your preference. To me, its OK overnight, but it does get better after a week, two weeks, and so on.

More on INW formulation changes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/61mszy/inw_leaked_reformulations/?st=j0rda07p&sh=c08555ad

I think this tastes like a cheesecake drizzled with honey wrapped into a mild dessert tobacco.

TFA Mild Black and TFA Black Honey were my first tobacco flavors besides ry4 double. When I first mixed those 2 up I thought they tasted like the Backwoods Sweet and Aromatic cigars that I used to really like. I immediately thought they would go together really well for a dessert cigar.

I wanted the 2 tobacco flavors to shine though with out being overwhelming. Honey black brings a very honey forward light tobacco and the mild black brings a darker deeper tobacco flavor. The INW gold ducat rounds out the other two tobaccos nicely. None of these flavors are in the realm of cigars you'd find in a humidor, more like ones you'd find in a gas stations but lend themselves well in this recipe. At these percentages each is able to come through while allowing the other flavors to come through.

Now I have always liked vanilla cigars but I knew the vanilla would need something to bind it to the tobacco flavors so I went with cheesecake.

I don't think the cheesecake, graham cracker clear, vanilla swirl would make a good base for most recipes but in this it works without getting overly complicated as its still primarily a tobacco flavor.

This is the first recipe I used holy vanilla in and it really works well in here, especially paired with the vanilla swirl. The vanilla is there but plays in the background.

I started off going for a more tobacco forward eliquid. This ended up having a more subtle tobacco flavor and more of honey cheesecake with tobacco notes. I'm really happy with the way this turned out even thought it's not exactly what I started out for. But in the words of Bilbo who also liked a good toke "You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"

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