(INW) Gold Ducat

By: Inawera (INW)
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Delicious, aromatic tobacco supported with custard and vanilla. Good as a shake & vape, but best after allowing all flavors to fully mature. I like it best after 3 weeks or so. Sweetener is optional of course.


A little while back I got myself trapped in another Boba’s Bounty hole. It was really a dark place to be because I spent so much time trying to clone a juice I didn’t even like. So to get me out of that insane hole, I decided to take that profile, and do it how I would do it. And, more importantly, make something that I would actually like. That’s what this is.

It’s a very middle of the road recipe. No real top notes to wear down your tongue. Not too sweet. Very full flavor. There’s a dessert/bakery aspect, obviously, but there’s also some decent smoky tobacco notes. It walks the line between several different things. It has been a bit of a challenge for me to let it steep long enough to see the places it goes. Right after mixing, the Gold Ducat was pretty apparent. It had a stronger smoky vibe. After about a week the graham cracker, Butter Pecan, and Red Dates started to take over a bit more. It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a recipe, and this one has me pretty excited.

I think these people will enjoy this recipe:

  • Those that like Boba’s Bounty
  • Those that don’t
  • Those that like RY4s
  • Those that don’t
  • Those that like tobaccos
  • Those that don’t (maybe)

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a super smoky mix. I just like naming recipes after Iron and Wine songs.

This is a complex cavendish with peanut butter and caramel. Dark, mysterious, sweet, and nutty. Like David Attenborough.

This is probably the 10th version of this recipe that started simple, but became a pain in the ass. All I wanted was a strong cavendish, with a little caramel and moderate peanut butter. I kept trying to force it to work with only INW Cavendish as the main note, and it just wouldn't happen. It smells great, but it doesn't translate. Picked up FLV Cavendish, even worse. Smells amazing, but has this horrible cloying cherry in the background that is almost nauseating. So I ended up making my own cavendish, which is what I want to taste when I smell INW Cavendish and FLV Cavendish.

INW Tobacco Cavendish Type - This stayed in, because it is still a solid 'cavendish'. It's a little spiced, sweet, and smooth.

INW Tobacco Kent - This was the breakthrough. All attempts up until I realized this was what I was looking for were trash compared to the attempts with it. I love this stuff. Dark molasses, a little anise, spices, and almost burned brown sugar. It's perfect. Unfortunately though it has been discontinued. I apparently bought the last two 30mls from vaperstek, so if anyone really wants to mix this hit me up on reddit and I'll send you some. I should be able to mix a few gallons with what I've got.

INW Gold Ducat- Topping for the cavendish. This is mild and syrupy, a little bit of plum or raisin back in there, with some light leaf. I wanted those dark fruits and they come through after a steep.

FLV Cured Tobacco - Dry, nutty, and woody. I needed everything this has for the cavendish.

INW Classic for Pipe Black - Pretty much a standard for down and dirty tobacco mixes. I didn't get too crazy with it because I wanted to keep it cavendish rather than a cigar dunked in a jar of peanut butter.

INW DNB - I push it up to 1.5, but for the masses I think 1 is good. Ashtray.

TPA DX Peanut Butter - One of if not the only DX that is way more kickass than the OGs. Regular PB will work but obviously not as awesome.

DFS Holy Holy Grail RY4 - So this was the bastard that made this happen. All I get from this is caramel. No vanilla, no tobacco. Just an amazing, melted, gooey caramel. I did another RY4 that needed TPA RY4D, and I had to do something with this. It was a serious bitch to work with. Any higher and it's cloying and sticky and buries everything. Much lower and it disappears into the peanut butter and Kent. 2% is perfect and it took many attempts to get it right.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoy everything about Mr. Attenborough. It needs minimum 3 weeks, more won't hurt.



V1 used TPA Vanilla Custard that was a bad idea not pleasant at all. V2 is the current version. FLV Cream works very nicely along side TPA Honeysuckle & Shisha Vanilla. I wanted a strongish vanilla note so i pair INW Shisha Vanilla with INW Vanilla for PIpe. I used INW Gold Ducat for its toasty nutty tobacco (which can taste an awful lot like sun tan lotion if used to high). I used FLV Cured because it generally fits in any tobacco in my opinion.


Mixers Club June (Floral Month) Submission


Flavor Menu: A nutty hibiscus tobacco

INW Gold Ducat: Used it for its toasty coconut vibe that it has. INW Gold for Pipe is used it because it has a very mild tobacco note and I felt it would pair well with a floral flavor. CAP Hibiscus out of the 2 Hibscus’ I own I felt this would work better in a tobacco. INW Marzipan I used it add a nutty almond note. FA Meringue was used to add some sweet creaminess. INW Garuda Absolute to me is a very earthy tobacco and I know Hibiscus is used in teas which are earthy so i figured the earthiness from the Garuda would pair well.

A delicious and subtle pear flavored tobacco - perfect for the bacco novice and pro alike!

In my slow exploration of tobacco recipes, I wanted a mild, slightly sweet tobacco experience without the often off-putting "wham" of full-on tobacco.

INW Pear Tobacco/INW Pear
A mild, slightly sweet tobacco with fresh pear top notes, but just not enough pear for my liking. I boosted the subtle pear notes with with a touch of INW Pear, which is still the best pear around IMO.

INW Gold Ducat
A fabulous tobacco for tobacco virgins! The ducat boosts the pear tobacco and brings with it natural honey and nuts which perfectly marries with the pear.

INW Biscuit and HS French Vanilla Ice cream
I find tobacco recipes to be too linear and the addition of these two superstars adds that roundness and fullness to take this to the next level. this also brings a of familiarity to the bacco novices... The HS FVIC can be subbed for 1% FA Cream.


Always looking for a good tobacco with chocolate and coffee to back it up with you get a black and mild chocolate and coffee with a tad of a fig/raisin on the exhale very nice to come home to after a Saturday of working and just chill

Burr! Its Gold in here! There most be some mixers in the atmospher!

Here's another mix with my favorite tobacco, Gold Ducat. At 2% you get a dry, honey esque, dark tobacco flavor. Any higher and it starts to take over the mix and gives notes of clove/plum/raisin, which I didn't want here.

Kentucky Bourbon/FLV Bourbon- The Kentucky isn't here for its alcoholic qualities, but more for its warmth. It sits in the background, where the FLV bourbon works with the top notes of Gold Ducat. It adds charred oak top notes and a nice sweetness to the overall vape. It's not overtly sweet, but it works in the here to moisten things up a little.

FLV Red Burley- One of the most versatile tobacco's I know of. It's purpose in this mix is to add a tobacco base/accent. At 0.5% it's slightly leafy and woody. The "stick" note goes perfectly with FLV Bourbon to create something that is reminiscent of an oak barrel.

This is good as a S&V, but there will be some separation of flavors. By day 10 everything settles down and becomes one.

I want to shout out @Fear, @ID10-T, @Kopel, and @Concrete River. I'm truly thankful for the reviews and notes these guys have given the community and wouldn't have had the knowledge to make this mix possible. ✌

a tobacco recipe with mild notes of spices and pistachio


A peach, mango, vanilla bacco, that's great for a summer ADV.

I've been struggling to get INW Gold Ducat to work well in a mix for quite some time now and have finally struck gold! Shout out to Fear and his Abuela recipe where I took much inspiration.

INW Gold Ducat- this is by far my favorite single flavor vape, but doesn't always like to play nice with others. For me It's a very complex tobacco with notes of molasses/honey and dry tobacco leaves. Similar to the way a Garcia Vega cigar leaf tastes, if you were to lick it for some reason 😉. Ive tried mixing it with apple, creams, desserts, and other tobaccos, with no success until I started thinking about Abuela. How well the mango worked to moisten the vape and still showcase the other tobacco flavors. So i went to the drawing board one last time to see what i could do, and this is what I proudly came up with. Enjoy!

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