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(INW) Custard

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct

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Made for kindground mixathon. Notes to come after the steep. Standby

It's my effort for a blueberry custard..Hope you mix it and enjoy..Give it a try mates..!Thank once more

It's a semi tobacco with hazelnut cream.Hope you enjoy it..!Thanks in advance

Red Team Mixer's Showdown 6/2/19 Eyemakepizza, Silky, Jaximus_1

The Golden Ticket to a proper Pudding. A thick blend of candied berries swirled into a velvety rich vanilla pudding. So good you'll lick the walls of the bowl clean!


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A Pair of Pears Custard Pie
A simple recipe made with a pair of pears 🍐

WF Ripe Pear SC is a sweet, ripe, juicy pear. Pair this with MB Shape Up Pear, which offers a realistic pear with plenty of texture and taste, wow a terrific combo.
INW Custard with WF Creme Brûlée Cookie SC work great together for the custard base and to create the pie. Top this with some OOO Powdered Sugar. Delicious 😋. I did add .5% of FLV sweetness, feel free to add sweetener to your preference.

An exquisite, delectable and moreish recipe that is made with finesse and restraint.

I have always been taken by the lovely complex sweetness that Rosemary offers. From the first time I blanched that first sprig and caramelized it in a modest pot pan meal with kipfler potatoes & a tender lamb shank carrying all that flavour, I was in love. While I understand that may sound pretentious, flavour has always been my passion.

Now, unfortunately there isn't a lamb concentrate and even if there was, it wouldn't transfer into a pleasant eLiquid in my opinion. However the the complex sweetness of rosemary has me so besotted that I felt it was worth trying to find a profile where it can work in an eLiquid.

After experimenting and researching many recipes, the pairing of rosemary with lemon contrasting against a bakery was by far the loveliest.

Thank you to the loveliness of Inawera's Rosemary concentrate, this was made possible with incredible authenticity. It needs to be to be used with restraint to ensure you don't over power a recipe with herbaciousness. Restraint is key and using it in balance with other concentrates is essential to ensure that gorgeous complex sweetness shines light through a recipe. In my opinion 1% would be the highest point I would take this concentrate to avoid it from offending.

In this recipe I have utilized the new "Lemon Squares" concentrate by Wonder Flavors which gives a perfect baseline of dense bakery with slight & light sweet lemon tones.
I enhanced the bakery by complimenting it with a little Flavorah Pastry Zest which offers some authentic biscuit base bakery tones along with some convincing lemon zest.
The Loranne Cream Cheese Icing was also used with restraint to balance the tones of the lemon & to get a little bit of sweetness, as well as bring some lovely texture into this recipe.
To help balance this recipe and assist with a fullness through the middle of this profile, I used the reliable INW custard. It also helps to smooth off some edges of the high notes.
I took a little calculated risk to use OOO powdered sugar as a sweetener here. It works as that type of sweet dust you get on those higher end cafe bakeries and comes in a little after a good steep.
The real hero in this recipe is of course the the Inawera Rosemary. It is so authentic and has played a lovely complimentary role that makes this recipe as unique as it is beautiful . Offering that complimentary unique sweetness has simply worked this into a delectable all day vape.

IMO this is a very pleasant and enjoyable vape on a single coil RDA at 60W with a SST single coil at 0.2 ohm

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed creating this little recipe, but let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

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Ok so this was my first foray into the realm of Custard. I decided I wanted to make a Clafoutis, which is basically a dessert with cherries and custard with a bit of a crust to it.

Everyone knows cherries are a bit of a bear, so I didn't want to bite that off with my first custard. I decided to go with a Pluot Clafoutis. A pluot is a plum/apricot hybrid. VT Blood Plum/FA Apricot make the pluot and the liquid amber helps to add that "cooked" vibe. The shisha vanilla is what it is, a vanilla accent, the FA cookie makes a light crust. I used a OOO Powdered Sugar to add a sprinkling of powdered sugar. That last part is the custard which is the main part of this profile. I started with INW Custard, but I felt it was too weak. Not creamy enough and not enough body. I asked @alfredpudding for help and as usual, he was game. He suggested I add 3% CAP NY CC, which @ediblemalfunction uses in his Custard. This was the missing piece, I'm really enjoying this right now.


Why bother spending 2 bucks for 10 skimpy fuckin 'lozenges' when you can vape it for the exact same effect (and flavour mind you). The most iconic Aussie cough drop known to man. Get in ya jarmies, grab a box of tissues, chuck on a movie, get this recipe india and you'll be feelin top notch.

The eucalyptus & mint dies off pretty quick, just add a few drops to your bottle when this happens.

Another dinner lady clone... I’ve tried so many and none were spot on so I started a recipe of my own. I’ve reworked it a few times it’s getting closer. Hope you enjoy

Finally discovered that the infamous V-GOD Silver vanilla profile was: custard! (plues some vanillin, and a ton of sweetener). This is no clone, it is way better (checked with buddys) and the tobacco is really present.
This (INW) Custard lets the tobacco shine, with different accents that make it interesting on each vape.
(FLV) Cured and (FLV) Kentucky give it the spice and smoke
(FLV) Red Burley adds tones of dark, sweet cocoa
(FLV) Connecticut Shade is an intense, full tasty accent (do not overdo or it reigns all!)
and (FLV) Native is the sweet connection to the vanillas.
(DFS) Holy Vanilla delivers (specially for the slightly vanilla blind, like me!)
(INW) Custard is the hidden ingredient, which loses its desert profile to support the tobaccos brilliantly.
Vanillas need to steep, tobaccos are great on SNV but will evolve pleasantly. Give it at least 4 days for 70% VG so it all blends well.

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