(INW) Blueberry

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Jam Monster was never my favorite liquid, but after discovering Wonder Flavors Croissant, I had to try for the remix. That buttered croissant can easily be interpreted as buttered toast and it is the defining flavor in Jam Monster! I started with 2% but unlike most other flavors, the more you add the more present it is. As for the blueberry, I've tried just about every combo. After hearing Wayne praise HS Blueberry, I had to try it, and he was not wrong! Juicy Strawberry in this mix pairs with the blueberries very well and in this case, it adds a candy quality to the jam. I may not love Jam Monster, but the remix is delicious while staying similar to the original!


Sooo... Inawera did in fact reformulate their Lemon. I've searched high and low for a replacement and the best fit seems to be FE Lemon. It's not as potent as the original Inawera Lemon but it is very close in taste (with no off notes). Secondly I would try OOO Lemon (round candy) at 2% as it's even less potent but still close in flavor.

Another sub I often make to take it in an even more candy direction is Hangsens Blueberry at the same percentage.

This is my clone of my all time favorite juice, Seduction by Vapor in a Bottle. A brilliant combination of candy lime, lemon, and berries.

Full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6n74xv/a_beginners_clone_journey_cajolery_a_vapor_in_a


This a blueberry forward juice that has gone through months of revisions. Blueberries dropped into a bowl of sweet milk and cereal.

Original and adaptations: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/773412/Blueberry%20Cereal%20V4

This one is a very strange flavour composition - but I like to vape it to have a break from sweet or fruity flavours. It reminds me of that kind of a situation when you're enjoying some blueberries in a hot sauna and someone nearby is eating a good sweet orange, so you decide to take a bite from that too. Why the sauna ? Mix it up and see for yourself.


Gin - In this recipe, the gin is mixed with blueberry and orange and magically turns into a juniper wood flavour with no actual taste but a lingering and somewhat savoury specific smell that feels very refreshing and surprising to your palate. Resulting smell, when mixed with blueberry and orange listed below, feels like a distinctive smell when you enter a hot wooden sauna and take a deep breath. To make things more sweet - I shall use a bit of a Strawberry ripe here, so gin won't kick.

Blueberry & Orange - INW Blueberry carries strong ripe jammy blueberry flavour which, at below median percentage, I shall pair with FW Blood Orange - a sketchy flavouring, but definitely good and one of its kind. As a result - I got nice and sweet full blueberry flavour with peel and a pulp, not too jammy, but still sweet and an orange peel flavour that resulted from high percentage of FW Blood Orange used. Orange peel feels quite refreshing, especially when paired with juniper and blueberry. And INW Grapefruit when used that low will provide a substantial kick for the blueberry, so it won't feel so heavy as usual.

Try to mix it, seriously. Let your palate be surprised for a moment.

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