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(FA) Usa Pleasure (cola)

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Vanilla Cola

To get an idea of what this is I would describe this more of a vanilla Pepsi sort of profile but still not exact to a Pepsi or cola but edging more towards that Pepsi side of things.

FA cola and VT cola team up to create a good cola base, VT creaming soda is the vanilla and adds that effervescent fizz feel, sweetener and coolant to complete the profile.

As you can see, a pretty simple mix but successful in satisfying me towards my vanilla cola target.

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Here is my take on “kola cubes”

A Red Cola flavoured hard boiled sweet covered in sugar.

I suggest diluting the FLV red cinnamon down to a 10% dilution in PG make it more workable. ATF does not have red cinnamon 10% dilution in the database.

FA blackcurrant adds another side to the fruityness needed to differentiate between a drink and a candy and also adds a bit of that jammy/jelly mouthfeel

Molinberry pink raspberry adds that tart red fruit with a non-realistic candy like taste.

The tart and sour Just pushes everything over to a candy profile and tarts it all up very nicely.

Cherry Cola. I only used the super sour to give a bit of a fizzy sensation. You don’t really need to use it if you don’t have it. I just like it there.

Nice refreshing can of coke with a hint of ginger & lime.


This recipe is a return to childhood and those Haribo's Fizzy Cola Candy we had.
Cap jelly candy 4% and TPA Sour 3% together to give that jelly sinthetic gummy flavour.
Fa lemon sicily help sour to be more vivid.
Fa cola pleasure is the exact cola taste of those candies of my childhood, 2% is the right amount.
I know Cap super sweet at 0.75 may be scary, but guys these are candies from the 80's, not healty surrogate of the new millenium, you know what I mean!


A very simple but tasty Vanilla Cola.
I pushed the FA Cola as far as I dared and gave it some FA Marzipan to push it further. INW Shisha Vanilla is fantastic, it’s strong enough to infuse the Cola with a lingering vanilla through the vape.
Super sweet to get closer to the sugary authenticity of a Cola, and WS-23 for the ice cool beverage effect.
Didn’t attempt to add any ‘Fizz’ type flavours as to my knowledge they don’t work too well and I didn’t want to risk ruining the flavour.


My newest spin on cola. A refreshing spicy cola vape to enjoy as the summer draws to an end.

This recipe tastes like a liter a' cola you got at the drive through that's been sitting for about 20 mins; right as it's super refreshing, slightly effeversecnt still, and diluted with much needed water (ice). The FA cola obviously carries most of the flavor, gaining a nice cherry body from the marzipan and using the ice to bring the flavor into a refreshing territory. One drop of Rich Cinnamon/30mL gives just an extra touch of spice and effervesence to promote the flavor of the only cola for true refreshment, Wolf Cola: Splash in to the beast.

Delosi Ice -- Original cannot be sub'd in my opinion, as it appears to be unique among other coolants with it's mild coolness, lack of flavor, and dilutant qualities.

Inspiration from Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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