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A thick,sweet,creamy,decadent strawberry milkshake thatโ€™s worthy of a throne. Notes to follow in due course when I have time but for now,enjoy!
This recipe has taken some inspiration from Platinum Blush created by the @developed lads! Please check there recipe out and if you mix this please leave a rating and short review for other mixers to see. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’™

I've been meaning to rework this recipe for a while...the original is still to this day one of my favorites.

Comes off harsh as a shake and vape but that does steep out after a week.

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A classic Strawberry and cream.

This is vapable as a shake and vape, just be aware that there are sour notes present when it has not had time to steep. This fades after 24 hours but for best results give a week.


This is a recipe that if you have the ingredients you need to mix this up in my opinion this is absolutely delicious. Here is what I used and why:

The crust: I used cheese cake graham crust tfa and cookie by flavor art for the tart crust.

The fruit toppings: I used a combination of flavorah strawberry cream I absolutely love this strawberry its extremely strong and a great strawberry flavor if you don't have this give it a try you won't be disappointed. It is the one must have strawberry by flavorah I also used a little strawberry "red touch" by flavor art it helps mark it a more authentic strawberry flavor. The kiwi I used kiwi double by tfa this isn't a very authentic kiwi flavor but what it lacks in authenticity it makes up in just a good tasting flavor it's kind of kiwi and kind of not but it's definitely delicious.

The cream cheese custard filling:
I used a combination of cream cheese icing by loranns and cvanilla custard v1 Capella and vanilla whipped cream by Capella and it seems to give it an almost perfect creamy custard cream cheese type filling.

In my opinion this is one of my best recipes to date. I literally have vaped this for three days in a row and I almost never vape the same flavor for more than one day. I will say the kiwi is not the most authentic kiwi available but it just turns this into a work of art I don't know what it is about kiwi double that I like so much it just works in this recipe. So at the end of the day if you have all the ingredients then you need to mix this up and give it a shot because I think your going to be pleasantly surprised. HAPPY 4th OF JULY 2017

Well this is a recipe that kind of built itself. I got lemon cookie super concentrate from real flavors and wanted to make a recipe that is built around the lemon cookie. Well after a little research I came up with the perfect recipe to help make lemon cookie sc shine. It blends very nicely it is good after one day but its at it's best after 4 days. It has a lot of flavors in this recipe but the ends justify the means. In other words this recipe tastes so good it is worth using all the flavors as listed in the recipe trust and believe you won't be disappointed.

Well I figured I would put out a recipe using strawberry lemonade super concentrate by real flavors because they did a promotional deal and were giving away this flavor for free last weekend so there is probably quite a few people in the community who have gotten this free concentrate. To say the liest I was excited when I smelled this aroma itnsmells great the strawberry smells so fresh and vibrantni just had to make a recipe with this flavor immediately after I smelled it. So here is what I landed on for a finished product a nice refreshing strawberry honeydew melon lemonade when I smelled strawberry lemonade I instantly thought it would be good with honeydew also a super concentrate by real flavor and I wasn't wrong its a perfect match. I used both strawberry lemonade and honeydew super concentrates by real flavors at 2%. I didn't want the honeydew to be the main part of my lemonade I wanted it to play a more not a supporting role more of a back note or a booster for my strawberry so I boosted the strawberry with Strawberry "red touch" by flavor art. I feel that "red touch" strawberry adds a perfect boost for the strawberry lemonade by real flavors. Last but not least I boost the overall lemonade because first and foremost this is a lemonade recipe and without adding this pink lemonade by capella you would not have a lemonade at all the lemonade would have been non exsistant. Once you add pink lemonade by capella I feel this lemonade is complete feel free to add sweetener if you want but it is sweet enough for me. This recipe is for sure shake and Vape certified I caped 30ml in the first 24hours and it was great but after it had a day and a half to blend it was even better. A very good spring/summer time vape in my opinion give it a try and let me know what your opinion is feedback is crucial in us as mixers improving our craft so if you try my mix please review it. Thank you and enjoy. Oh and the strawberry lemonade is a super concentrate not the vg ones but it wasn't an option yet I will change it when its added . If you don't have honeydew don't sweet it its good without it also.


FIRST NOTE @queuetue has now added Purilium. Purilium Condensed Milk. It is a fantastic addition to any cream/milk/dairy mixers collection. Buy that stuff.

Not too many notes

The melon combo with Cactus and Honeysuckle is a direct adaption of my Honey Sucker recipe but playing around with JF Honeydew. I changed the strawberries up a bit in hopes that I could taste them more. But alas, it is a sweet hint of pinkish berry for me. Which is nice.... Thanks to @thadentman beta testing this I know that the combo works for "normal strawberry tasters."

The combo of Purilium Condensed Milk with Shisha Vanilla is a delicious take on a heavy dairy on the front milkish cream. Accentuated by my undying love for Shisha Vanilla.

Capella Super Sweet, the recipe needed a bit of kick in the sweetness department. The balance on it is great and I did not want to add extra EM with TFA Sweetener. Actually I tried it and it lost a good bit (to me) in the complexity department.

The profile is supposed to be akin to a bubble tea, without the roach eggs. No one thing is supposed to take main stage on this one. Just a balanced melony, fruity, milky creamy vape.

Every good Strap on has to have a pair! Or, in this case, a pear.

I'm actually shocked that I haven't seen this yet.

In the interest of keeping the strap on craze going, here's my contribution.

A re-remix of Harvest by @LocoMojo and, Berry Creamy by @CheebaSteeba. I loved the idea behind both recipes and agreed that there was a marriage in the making. I found that this mix was a bit harsh at first. After a good steep, it mellows nicely and become an ADV.


Been trying to get this recipe right since September, At first I tried making it waay to complex and it was not working out through a steep. Then I sat down and thought all this profile is really is a dry vanilla cake that is thick with some strawberry vanilla frosting...thats it!

Fa Pandoro= A thick vanilla cake that's is very in your face with a ton of mouthfeel and daap
Flv Frosting= A sweet vanilla frosting that normally has a slight throat hit but not n this recipe at all
Fa Red Touch= Freeze dried/ frozen strawberry that you would use in a fruit blended shake... my all time favorite btw
Inw shisha strawberry= I believe this flavor to be a somewhat authentic strawberry that sits on top of a watermelon base.

How does it vape? On inhale you get the strawberry vanilla frosting But on exhale at first you get that thick rich cake and then the frosting. Leaving that strawberry vanilla frosting sugar lips that stays in your mouth. If you vape this in public don't be surprised if people around you know the exact profile your vaping... It's happened a few times already.

This recipe was so difficult to nail down and a steep time of 10-14 days is needed THIS IS NOT A SAV!!! So make as much as you possibly can i'd say at lest 180-300 mls you will thank me in the long run. So... If you like cake pops from Starbucks this recipe is most certainly for you. Enjoy!

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