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(FA) Shade

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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for flavor pro challenge this is my take on that photo = WSW is not on here so I put white wine but it might be champagne - cant tell - okay one week out tested it - it's harsh but tastes nice - I think I really do not care for cooling agents. Made me cough. Will give it a few more weeks.

Going out for drinks tonight?
that's the mix you wanna take with you!😎

This is something I always wanted to perfect in an e-liquid as I have always had a love for Apple Pie Moonshine. When Flavorah came out with Apple Filling and Apple Pop I mixed them with FA Apple Pie and FA Fuji originally. However, when I discovered PUR Country Apple I thought immediately after trying it that this would probably replace FA Fuji in my Hillbilly Pop recipe. Here is how I built this recipe.

The base is
FVV Apple Filling
FLV Apple Pop
FA Apple Pie
PUR Country Apple
FA Amber (for that nice fermented apple touch)

Some body for the recipe

CAP butter Cream adds some body and helps smooth out the pie portion of the recipe

Supporting and and polishing the recipe

FA Whisky of course adds the alcohol note that makes this recipe authentic. I tried other types but FA Whisky seemed to carry that note well.
FA Shade helps to separate the apple from the alcohol and helps to smooth out the recipe.

I really enjoy this and find it to be a very interesting e-liquid to vape on. It's pretty accurate and those who like the alcohol type vape will probably
enjoy vaping this as much as I do. It sure is different than most other e-liquids I vape.

To note, FA Shade can be left out but it makes the vape a bit harsher but a bit stronger. Sometimes I use it and other times I don't. If you try this recipe
I suggest trying it first with FA Shade and then once without. You can SNV but I normally give at least 3 days for the Whiskey to settle down a bit.

A cherry oak pipe tobacco. Pretty simple.

A while back @matthewkocanda was talking about a cherry oak pipe tobacco that someone used to roll for him (or something like that.) Thought it sounded like a fun thing to try out, so I mixed this up, and it’s pretty gosh darn good.


INW Western: I hated it at first. Probably my fault for testing it at 5%. Got rid of it a while back and picked it up again more recently, but this time tested it at .5%. Muuuch better. Instantly became my favorite “western” flavor. Leathery tobacco with some cocoa notes.

WF Vanilla RY Custard: Can’t really say I get the “custard” part very much, but it is a good vanilla with just enough of an RY kick to be satisfying.

Those two flavors are what I really wanted to be the focus of this recipe, and I think I got them to work pretty well together.

Decided to give it a little southern twang, so I went with some Kentucky Bourbon because other bourbon flavors hurt my throat a little bit without a decent steep.

The Am4a is there to add a bit more depth to both the cocoa notes in the Western and the booze notes from the bourbon. The best way I can describe it is a cocoa liquor with some mystery mixed in. It’s unique and keeps things interesting.

Red Oak just doing its thang to give some oak to the bourbon and it plays nice with tobaccos.

FA Shade has an interesting top note to it with a bit of a less aggressive tobacco taste. I needed some more top notes because it was mostly only getting the tops from some of the Am4a, and that one is still more hearty than it is top heavy.

During last months i have been experimenting with tobacco flavors that i have in my stash(and i really have a lot),which are not very popular amongst tobacco mixers.The results of these experiments are sometimes good and sometimes they end up in the sink.When i think that something is good enough to go on public,i upload it.The only reason i upload these tobacco mixes is only one;i don't really care if they become popular or whatever,at the end mixing is just one of my hobbies.But,for what is worth,a public recipe with these flavors might be a good start for someone for further experiments and more good results.
FA's Shade is a good tobacco aroma,slightly sweet and really smooth.mixes well with cigar aromas and also gives that necessary cigarette-like note.INW's Sunset Virginia is a tobacco aroma that has a slight walnut note and a little of dark chocolate.TFA's Toasted Marshmallow adds sweetness,but also gives a toasted accent and a thick mouthfeel.INW's shisha vanilla doesn't really need any introduction,it mixes really well with desserts,bakery,tobaccos,you name it.one of the best vanillas out there
Enjoy and experiment!

simple tobacco taste,cigarette like but not that ashy.shade provides a slightly sweet aftertaste,but that's all.no vanillas,no creams; simply tobacco.inspired by this recipe on elr http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1244942/Old%20Habits which is really heavy and ashy

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