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(FA) Oak Wood

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Used in 502 recipes at an average of 1.02%.


43 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A Simply Beautiful Shake N Vape Tobacco...Shines After a Few Weeks
Cuban Cigar Dipped in Jamaican Rum with a light note of Coconut

Amazing All Day Vape!!
Butter Pecan RY4
Your opinions are deeply appreciated.


This recipe is based on my original recipe Dune. https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/57961#dune_an_arrakis_remix_by_kindground

Here I've replaced the clove and cardamom with a baked apple and cinnamon. I left the honey because it fits and seems like it's part of the tobacco base.

This needs to steep. Those FLV tobaccos are going to fade out around day 4 and come back around day 10. Give it time!

Spiced tobacco blended with whiskey-soaked oak wood and topped with smoke and ash.

Black Jack Tobacco is a nice medium tobacco with hints of liquorice. It's a little lacking in the fullness department, so I used the bold taste of Black for Pipe to boost it up. Clove isn't too strong at 0.5% and it adds a spice friend for the liquorice.

INW Whisky is a flavor I've really fallen in love with. It's quite strong, so even at 0.75% it is very noticeable. I'm amazed at how Oak Wood seems to have "soaked" up the whiskey and created a booze-infused wood taste.

Black Fire and DNB add smoke and ash respectively. These two flavors pop up in tobacco recipes for a reason- they're delicious!

A remix of sorts of my Native GOD recipe. Added some cantaloupe! Native GOD was originally created to be a tobacco base in an apricot tobacco I was working on, but I ended up going a different route with that one, but the base was good enough to stand alone. But now I have decided to fulfill its destiny and throw something fruity on top of it, and now it really shines.

The cantaloupe isn't very in your face, so if you want it a bit fruitier, bump that up a bit.

Sweet Paan e-liquid based on Paan shisha flavor
I came up with this recipe when I noticed that there aren't any noteworthy interpretations out there which brings the Asian sub-continent's traditional chewing tobacco to an e-liquid. Original Paan is made up of mixture of herbs, spices, tobacco and sometimes dried up fruits and nuts which are wrapped over with betel leaves and consumed as whole. My interpretation is based on the shisha/hookah variant which is much more palatable.

Mixing notes:

1 drop of MTS Wizard per 15ml is optional
You CAN technically achieve similar taste without Rose, Oak Wood and RY4 (and shake and vape!) but they won't round off well to give the floral tobacco-ish notes after steeping
Clove is a personal preference and not that necessary, it gives a pungent spiciness to complement the sweetness of Anise.
After mixing let it breathe for a few hours


It's a different take on RY4. Smooth creamy vanilla, adds warmth and body. Red Burley is the best for being accepting of most accompanying aromas, oakwood adds a nice woody note, and well graham cracker and zeppola...can't really go wrong with that combo as a bakery note.

After doing a few tests with playing around with the percentages, I find myself coming back to the original recipe and preferring it to other versions. If you want a bit more of a graham forward taste, add in 0.75% FLV Graham Cracker, but other than that I pretty much like it as is.

photo credit: BaboMike Feminine Penis via photopin (license)


This is a woody tobacco that leans towards pipe that is spiced with clove and cardamom and sweetened with a touch of honey. This is my remix of Cloud Alchemist's Arrakis.

I got 7 leaves trying to figure out how to get close to another mix I was trying to replicate. I got this and 2 things popped into my head:
1) This isn't the tobacco I was looking for
2) This is a tobacco I should have looked for

This is a tobacco blend that is very aromatic and a great base for an analog cig. Problem is, its pretty wet, more of a cigar consistency with a cig taste. So I decided to dry it out a little. Oak wood does this very well. It also pulls the sweetness that I get from 7Leaves back a some as well, but its still there slightly. The oak blends nicely with the earthiness of 7Leaves as well. Most people feel that oak wood is a low % additive, and I feel a little different. It is underutilized and used too low. Once I got the oak wood in there, I wanted a little bit more wood notes and wood spice fits in nicely. It subtly adds a little more wood notes to the mix. The red burley is added to actually pull the 7Leaves into the wood a little better, and to add even more earthiness to the mix.

This ended up being a great analog cig for those looking for it. Its pretty aromatic and has that ash at the end of the exhale as well. Its got great flavor, so give it a try.

Give it about a week for everything to come together. I feel around 4 days though is a good time to try it out and go from there. It seems to get drier as time goes by. I am finishing my 30mL of it right now, and it steeped for about 3 weeks.


This all started looking a lot different. In the beginning, I was going for a nutty/woodsy/earthy vibe with a hint of tobacco. Tested that one, and it just wasn't doing it for me. Contemplated for about half a day, and decided with all that oak, it might be good to char it a bit and get some more Tobacco in the mix. I wanted to keep a bit of the nutty vibe, but not quite as desserty as INW 555 Gold, so I went with just a pinch of AP and Tobacco Symphony. Then a bit of Garuda to bring some sweeter Tobacco notes to the mix.

Shake and vape is a bit heavy on the Black Fire, but I expect that will settle down quite a bit in the next week or so. The oaks with the Black Fire is quite nice though. It's got the intensity of black fire, but it feels a bit fuller.

The oaks eventually take the lead after the Black Fire settles down. It has a very satisfying bite to it.

Flavor Notes