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(FA) Fuji

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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A pineapple smoothie with the tropical pineapple flavors that I have inspired by the cat himself and Coke cans revision of that recipe. Great shake and vape keeps getting better with time.


1% Dragonfruit makes the Fuji and CDS taste more like a danish with cinnamon apple filling. Without it, this just tastes like a cinnamon danish with apple slices on top.


Sour apple with that jolly rancher style watermelon from Lorann makes for a ridiculously addictive shake and vape. I blew through my first bottle so fast that I almost forgot that I made it because I was immersed in other projects. I'm glad I decided to circle back to it a few weeks later because I feel this is too good to not share.

This mix has Green Apple smacking you in the face in the best way possible as it introduces itself to you before leaving you with a smooth, sweet banana/strawberry combo and a lingering apple that beckons you back. No steep time required, but it does hang together better after 3 days.

Adjust strawberry if you feel like it, but I like it here. For more banana, try adding FA Banana @ 1-1.5%


Cactus and pear in a fruity cream custard...lol wut?!
Intense fruit flavor throughout
This is designed to be a proof of concept: Cactus can be a main flavor in a creamy custard vape. As such, change the specifics however you wish.
Give it 7-10 days to sink in that you actually decided to give this a try, evaluate your life's decisions, and enjoy before forgetting all of that nonsense.


bullshit attempt at Jack's pineapple vape

An improvement on a Seduce Juice vape, with a little more bite to the apple. Give the coconuts and cream a week to combine

A basic good tasting apple custard. Let this recipe age for 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet or EM if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

Cinnamon Churro with a nice apple blend. Age time 1 or 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

Apple cream dessert bar, A 3 week steep is necessary to put this mix on point. Shake and vape is not what this is. Drastically different after steeping, and delicious.

Max VG mix made for drippers.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 1.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

Crisp and juicy with the perfect sweet-tart snap, a very realistic Fuji apple, (I swear I can taste the skin of the Apple, and the sweet perfect fruit underneath) natural sugar flavor you'd expect from an apple without tasting artificial.

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