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(FA) Forest Fruits

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 831 recipes at an average of 2.632%.


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Inspired by Folkarts boss reserve clone, I really enjoyed that recipe and thought it would be nice with berries instead of bananas. I'm really new to mixing so I would love some feedback.

This is my version of a cold mixture. Easy to vape when you're clogged up and tasty and refreshing when you're not ill :)


I was working on a different profile for the upcoming "remix month" and happened to have FLV Mango and Peach on the desk next to the bottles of flavorings I was working with. Thought it would be an interesting combo. I am not going to break the flavors down here, read this as not even pretending to have a goal in mind with this, I thought it would be interesting and good, and it is ;)
I have only done two versions of this one just as is and one with .3% Super Sweet. I really like both versions. This version is a bit more interesting in that as you change your wattage, airflow different aspects of it will shine through. The version with super sweet seems to be a bit more in your face but more linear losing a bit of it's complexity.

Have a mix, have a vape, enjoy


This is my son-in-law's attempt at a popular commercial juice. Close enough. Besides that, I like simple recipes that manage to taste like more than they are.


Delicious grapey lemonade with a twist of dark berries.

TPA Grape Juice - sweet, juicy, candylike. Reminiscent of Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Perhaps that's why I like it so much.

RF Blueberry Lemonade Slushie/FA Lemon Sicily - good lemonade base with a touch of candy blueberry.

FA Forest Fruit - dark berries, blackcurrant, really helps push the grape in a different, but delicious direction

Koolada and Sweetener added to taste. I prefer 0.25%-0.5% koolada and 0.5%-1.5% sweetener.

Still WIP. I welcome any and all feedback!

A re-remix of Harvest by @LocoMojo and, Berry Creamy by @CheebaSteeba. I loved the idea behind both recipes and agreed that there was a marriage in the making. I found that this mix was a bit harsh at first. After a good steep, it mellows nicely and become an ADV.

Awesome box suggestion recipe. Lets see how it tastes sounds good.


Twisted Berry Blast. Ever get tired of the same old strawberries and cream? Well, I did. Here's a FA Forest Fruits twist on strawberries and cream.
CAP NY Cheesecake- Base for the whipped cream to lay on
TPA Whipped Cream- Sits on top of the NY Cheesecake to give it a fluffiness
TPA Meringue- Well....just because I like it
TPA Greek Yogurt - Adds a slight tangy aspect and fits well with the sweetness of the FA Forests Fruits
FA Forest Fruits - Well damn! It's just plan ole sweet mixed delicious
Shake n Vape

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