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(FE) Hongtashan (Black Fire)

By: Flavors Express (FE)
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Used in 21 recipes at an average of 2.276%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Chocolate Cinnamon Cigar Pudding... ie CCCP. Thus, as anyone who followed hockey through the 70s and 80s would know... the 'Red Army team'. This vape is good, and not at all communist.


A clone of the juice that got me in to DIY. Didn't realize I didn't have this on ATF. Just dripped a little that I made a little over 3 months ago, and it ages just as well as the real deal. If you've ever had Indigo's juices, you probably loved them. I know I do. This was like my holy grail for DIY, and it didn't come together until I got FE Hongtashan. From all the research I've done trying to clone this, Hongtashan was the missing link. Once I tested it, everything fell right in to place.


The Tobacco Base: FLV Arabian, INW TA Virginia, TFA Red Oak. Arabian tobacco has probably been the trickiest tobacco I've ever tried to use. It was dominating mixes for me at .1%. I never completely gave up on it though because it has something that I really like about it. It's incredibly earthy, musky, and a bit acrid. Very authentic tasting. Just so fucking strong. Perfect here at .12%. The Virginia is also very earthy, but more of a grassy/hay type of thing. Along with the TFA Red Oak, it really blends with the Arabian nicely to complete the base.

The Pumpkin Spice: this recipe was a request, and when it was first requested I hit up the googles to see what pumpkin spice was all about. Found an essential oils recipe to make a pumpkin spice scent, so I just went with that. Ginger, cinnamon, clove, Cardamom, and nutmeg. All things I was already playing with for what I had planned to be a Christmas recipe. I wanted to use some other tobacco flavors to make up as much of the pumpkin spice profile as I could. Why? Because why not? Cinnamon I went with FE Hongtashan. It's got a very distinct Cinnamon note to it. It's a warm and dark flavor, which is perfect for the season. INW Falcon Eye is for the ginger. When I first tested this flavor, ginger jumped out at me. Not much tobacco, but that's ok. I just use it as a ginger flavor. NBD. Nutmeg I went with FLV Eggnog. It's got a nice spice taste that isn't too strong on the eggy part, so I think it works well here to give me the nutmeg I needed, and also help the Hongtashan with the cinnamon. It doesn't push it too far in to winter flavor territory (or at least I hope not.) The clove and cardamom kind of speak for themselves i think. I originally picked them both up for an Arrakis clone, and I've been fiddling with them quite a bit the last month. Very easy for them to get a little out of control, so I keep 'em low.

I got FA Fuji because someone requested an apple juice, and it seemed pretty popular and mostly well reviewed. I'm not a big fan of fruity vapes, but that juice turned out pretty damn good. It got me to thinking about an apple tobacco, and then it just sort of clicked- add that shit to my clone of The Duke. The Duke has everything that goes well with apple. A bit of cinnamon from the Hongtashan, a bit of caramel, the AP and caramel together mix to almost taste like caramel popcorn (when people smelled the real Duke and also my clone they say that's what it smells like), and a nice, light nutty tobacco from Tobacco Symphony. Threw in a little RF SC Almond to blend the Fuji with everything else. It's a bit of a sweeter, bright Almond that bridges the gap quite nicely between the deeper notes in the Duke base. Fuji sits right on top of it all like it was always meant to be there. It's actually messed with my head a little to where I go back to just The Duke and I swear I taste apple in there. Match made in heaven.

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