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(FLV) Pink Guava

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Little Bit of Paradise Tea
Brief Description:
This citrus forward fruity black tea vape. I have been wanting spring to start here in NYC so while dealing with the snow outside, I was dreaming of sipping something like this on a hammock somewhere sunny and warm.
Hibiscus (CAP) 3% / Black Tea (FLV) 1.5%:
The tea is a lighter element to this mix. I like the Black Tea flavor tho its really close to a sweetened tea. I wanted to help back it up and make it blend better with some of the citrus elements found in Hibiscus.
Pink Guava (FLV) 1% / Pineapple (INW) 2% / Lychee (FE) 0.75%:
The Pink Guava is definitely the more dominate note. One of the things it boost this recipe to make it feel more like a tea is upping the astringent element drinking tea provides. Black Tea already does that some. I have been wanting to find a good recipe to use this Lychee flavor in for a while. Its an excellent lychee flavor. Its pretty strong even in lower % so be careful. Since this was a bit sweeter than I wanted, I then used Pineapple to add a nice tropical citrus. Came out delicious. The flavor will stick to your coils for a little bit.

I tried this right after mixing it and was pleasantly surprised how close it felt to drinking a tropical fruity tea. After a few days, it really blends together well and mellows out enough that it isnt as much of a guava punch to the tastebuds.

Do yourself a favor.
All flavorah concentrates mix. Go max vg. With nicotine you can pull off 95% or more depending on your strength. Make big white clouds again like it’s 2017 :)

Needs steep. Very sharp on the tongue for the first couple of days. Takes time for the flavorings to blend with the thick shit. Your mileage may vary with added pg. Still. It’ll be better with a few days on the shelf. If you wanna go even softer, try it with 1% tpa fresh cream or even .25% flavorah sweet cream, but TPA’s is pretty fucking stellar at smoothing out sharp edges.

What you get? Pink Guava with an authentic peach backnote.

Part of my point blank series of single or dual flavor recipes. I don’t consider sweetener a flavor. I consider it a requisite. :) More simple recipes coming.

This is a refreshing tropical cocktail.

Wf sour watermelon candy and Fa kiwi work as the light sweet base.

Flv Pink guava has an alcoholic guava taste. It is extremely strong so I used a ridiculously small amount. It doesn't get lost or overpower everything else.

Wf, starfruit and jackfruit add a nice tropical body.

Pur. Watermelon cotton candy adds sweetness.

After smelling TPA Pomegranate I knew it was a key part of the original Bombies recipe. This is my first attempt at recreating this recipie, and i'm very happy how it came out. While not really accurate, it's quite delicious.

A dry, heavily aromatic sandalwood tobacco with grapefruit and vanilla accents. It's sharp, distinct, and fairly well balanced for dealing with an aggressive and distinct sandalwood. This works okay subohm but that sandalwood can be a whole lot to deal with. I prefer it mixed 50/50 in a MTL tank, preferably with a heavy dose of nicotine salts. It helps me from strangling people while I try to find my inner peace. This settles down a bit on a 2 week steep and is probably essential for a subohm type of application, but honestly I've done this after 3 days in a MTL tank without any real ill effect.

This recipe ties together a lot of preoccupations for me.

It was originally conceived as a way to use FLV Wood Spice. It's a really accurate take on sandalwood, but a bit outside of the normal spectrum of flavors in vaping. Trying to figure out a way to use it, I ended up staring at aromatherapy pairings. Turns out lt's used with citrus a lot, including grapefruit.

FLV Pink Guava is another obsession of mine. It's a bit unhealthy. It has some sweeter, fruitier body but the top notes taste a whole lot like Cascade hops with a distinct kind of grapefruit thing going on. And vanilla, why not? I like vanilla with grapefruit and it actually works really well against woody flavors. I was struggling with other vanillas, Vanillin was too bland, and most of the other vanillas bring a lot of cream baggage. But then Flavorah dropped their vanillas. FLV Vanilla Bean is like a darker version of vanillin. Still dry, but darker and more robust than straight vanillin.

I basically had an aromatherapy pairing going on. But it didn't vape all that well. It needed some more dry body. So... why not use tobacco as a base? FLV Cured had some light sandalwood notes going already but was a pretty strait-laced not particularly aromatic tobacco. It was also an opportunity to make an aromatic tobacco that wasn't a big damp mess.

Shoutout to mixers club and cokecan for suffering through earlier versions of this. The input I got was invaluable. I kept on tweaking. The original percentages on cured and pink guava were a bit too delicate and the vanilla wasn't coming through as strong as I had I hoped. Enter FLV Smooth Vanilla. It's a pretty staggering price point, but it's a nice, smooth vanilla with a good body thats also ridiculously concentrated. And I had it. So I threw caution to the wind, added it, and ended up here.

And I picked "The Prayer" for a name because I'm insufferable. This also tastes a lot like incense (in a good way I hope, but the comparison is definitely there.) I've just been praying I could get these flavors to work together.


Unlike Ample, this is almost exactly like an IPA. This is very close to one of my favorite session-able beers, the Founders All Day IPA. Surely an ADV. Great right off a shake.

This isn't quite ready yet, but I think it does taste like a refreshing grapefruit and pink guava juice. I taste a nice sweet pink guava on the inhale, with a bright grapefruit on exhale. The throat hit has a nice burn that isn't overwhelming, and I have been Vaping this OTS and loving it. This is my first mix I can really describe as juicy. I wanted something refreshing and easy to mix for the mixers club's January 2018 "detox" submission.

Screwed Carambae is my alternate take on the new Canadian e-juice, a blend of Grapefruit, Citrus, Blood Orange and Guava.
This one is to die for 2...
I'm a big fan of So Sour so good by Inawera, but it's not in the ATF-database. So you could use a drop of your best Lemon instead, here I've entered Italian Lemon Sicily to add another CAP-flavor. Definitely order/use So Sour so good by Inawera though.

Grapefruit (CAP) @ 2.4%
Pink Guava (Flavorah) @ 0.5%
Sweet Guava (CAP) @ 3.3%
Blood Orange (FA) @ 0.5%
So Sour so good (Inawera) @ 0.3%
Super Sweet (CAP) between 0.25% and 0.75%

Enjoy & comment please.


Losing sucks. But losing to someone you respect and forming a friendship out of it isn't such a bad thing. This is my tribute to Concrete River: The man, the myth, the mustache. I set out two months ago to make something delicious that didn't taste like anything in existence. This is the concrete river way and also my penance. I don't think any singular recipe has given me as much trouble as this one. I had to don my Concrete River skinsuit and it took over two months of pivoting, tweeking, and crying in defeat. I have a newfound respect for the Concrete River mixing style.


A floral forward vape for the summer, with some dark floral spices and bright fruit to lift it up towards the end.

Summer's Wallow

What to do, oh what to do.
I don't know
There's Nothing to do, oh nothing to do,
Yet so many things to do...

What to do, oh what to do,
There's Nothing I want, nothing I want to do.

What to do, oh what to do,
There's so many things I need to do,
but nothing that I can do.

What to do, oh what to do,
There's so many things, too many things,
But maybe I can do.

Artwork courtesy Google Search via https://fineartamerica.com/featured/swallows-in-summer-trudi-doyle.html

Inspiration from Springtime by /u/HocusKrokus, Kawayan by /u/RuntDastardly, and the floral episode of NOTED

Suggested Soundtrack: Chariot, by Beach House

Recommended Drink: Lime, Seltzer, Wodka, Cactus Pear (or other bright fruit)

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